How to Differentiate D24 Durian and Musang King Durian

Musang King

Durian has becomes more popular fruit nowadays especially having more supporter from China.  Due to the increase of demand and the support from agriculture industry, more and more durian species has been marketed.

Musang King durian definitely is one of the most popular durian in Malaysia market.  The creamy feels, unique aroma and yellow colour flesh definitely is one of few best delicious durian species.  This species also gain high popularity from durian lover.

For time being, Musang King Species is the most highly rated durian species.  We believe with agriculture technology, other delicious durian species will definitely comes into our knowledge.

Since Musang King is so popular in the market, do you really know how to differentiate Musang King species from others?  Today, I am going to list down the key character for Musang King so that you could identify this species from D24 durian.

Which one is the Musang King durian?

Please take a look at this photo, could you tell me which one is the Musang King king durian?

Which on is Musang King
which one is Musang King durian?

Characteristics of the Musang King Durian

Significant Pantagon Pattern

We all know that the flesh of the Musang King durian is yellow, fleshy and has a uniquely rich aroma. These are the descriptions after the durian being tasted.  How could we distinguish the Musang King durian while the durian has not been opened?
You could identify 2 major characteristics for Musang King durian:
1. Durian shell pattern. Viewed from the bottom, the Musang King durian always comes with a pentagon pattern, this is because you could locate clear 6 shell pattern.  Compared with the D24 durian, the D24 durian’s has insignificant shell pattern.
2. The shape of the durian thorn. The base of the Durian thorn of Musang King is relatively large. It can also be said that its thorn is relatively large, while the thorn of D24 is dense and sharp.
You could always refer to both Musang King and D24 durian while reading through the characteristic.  It will definitely help you to understand better and faster.

Characteristics of Musang King Fruit

Durian Seed

While the Musang King durian is peeled off, the yellow thick flesh is presented to you. After tasted the Musang King durian, you could further examine the species:
3. Durian flesh and taste. I won’t explain much here. Everyone can distinguish D24 and Musang King Durian by their own taste buds.
4. Durian seeds. The seeds of Musang King are relatively small and flat.  Hence the flesh is thicker, whereby the seed of D24 durian is round and bigger.

The selection of Musang King King or D24 Durian

From my personal experience, both D24 and Musang King durian have their own flavour and aroma taste, Both are the species I like.  Although the reputation of D24 has gradually been replaced by the Musang King durian, but D24 durian is still a delicious variety. Perhaps a large portion of the durian products currently on the market are made from D24 durian flesh.
I personally suggest that you use an open mind to taste the durians from Malaysia regardless of it species. Every durian has its own taste and aroma

I love to know your experience about eating durian, and you are welcome to write down your experience in below column.

Pineapple Fruit

Pineapple is a delicious tropical fruit in Malaysia.  Pineapple has a broad world-wide market either in fruit or food.  Many people know Malaysia is famous in durian fruit, such as Musang King, D24 species, but pineapple also slowly picking up in the export market.  There is an article published in Star newspaper, it reveals Malaysia is exporting pineapple to China start from year 2018, and the trend is increasing.

General Introduction of Pineapple

Pineapple is an ellipse shape fruit with fruitlets, or eyes.  The rough surface is green in colour and will turn yellow-brown after the fruit ripe.  The fruit is rich in sugar content as well as tender texture.  Pineapple also a good source of nutrient such as Vitamin C, Manganese as well as dietary fiber.

Pineapple is a sweet fruit with minor sour taste.  A ripe pineapple will release a decent sweeten odor which cover a small space.  Pineapple is a fruit suitable plant in black soil, a soil with high humus.  Johor has the largest pineapple estate in Malaysia.  With the latest organic compost and soil management strategy, we are seeing more estate throughout in Malaysia is able to plant pineapple fruit.

Pineapple Species

There are many pineapple species in the market, here are a few famous species: Moris, Moris Gajah, Yankee, Gandol, Sarawak, N36 and MD2MD2 pineapple is the species with export capability.  As we aware, many pineapple planters have converted to MD2 species.

MD2 pineapple is having high demand in Middle East and Asia.  This species is having long shelf life and also able to withstand longer shipping time.  This will give planter better income.

Pineapple Products

The pineapple fruit is so delicious and entrepreneur has developed various pineapple productsDole is one of the famous pineapple product manufacturers.

We can see many pineapple products in the market, this include

  1. Canned fruit
  2. Juice
  3. Jam

Furthermore, individual also use pineapple as part of the ingredient in dish.  You can see pineapple widely used in cake and food too!

Planting a pineapple fruit takes 13months from seedling to harvest.  Having a large scale planting requires comprehensive knowledge and support.  We welcome our reader could write to us if you want to find out more about pineapple fruit and planting.

Visit PVA Sponge Roller Factory

I was invited by DST Technology to visit one of their PVA Sponge Roller factories located in Taiwan.  This is a relatively old building with at least 40 years history.  However their facility, knowledge and control system is one of the best PVA sponge roller factory which I ever seen before.

PVA Sponge Products

There are many applications for PVA sponge roller.  We have seen the PVA sponge roller being used in industry cleaning, household cleaning, medical application and personal use.  In this factory, the PVA Sponge Roller products mainly used in wafer cleaning, HDD substrate cleaning and TFT, LCD cleaning.  2 products really impressed me most; the first one is nodular sponge roller and follows with the 3.2m long PVA sponge roller used in TFT panel cleaning.

PVA Sponge Roller Process

Many people have been interested to know the PVA sponge roller process especially the know-how on manufacture the consistent quality sponge roller.  I did discuss with their researcher about some formulation control unfortunately I have to keep the conversation within our private group.  However, the key criteria for making a quality PVA sponge roller are the foaming process.  In order to achieve high quality PVA sponge roller products, the manufacturer has to ensure the PVA sponge is having appropriate foaming.

There are many factors affecting the foaming result, an experience manufacturer will judge the foaming result by their sense, such as hand feel, visual.  In modern technology, we could measure some process parameters such as temperature, viscosity, hardness, in order to determine the foaming quality.  Among all those parameters, hardness is the most important parameters.

The PVA foam will be pour into a dedicate mold for getting the PVA sponge mold.  The entire mold shall keep under a temperature control room for 12 hours in order to ensure PVA reaction process is completed.

After 12 hours reaction time, the sponge shall be released from the mold.  The sponge release process is carrying out at a control room with minimum exposure to the environment.  The sponge shall be fully inspected and cut into the dimension length as needed.

The product shall send to Class 100 clean room for sponge cleaning.  After cleaning, the sponge will directly pack the inner layer in the Class100 clean room.  The second layer packing bag shall pack in outside packing area.  To ensure better packing condition, there are using Nylon bag as the outlet layer bag, they also insert Nitrogen and desiccant pack within the layer.

PVA Reaction and Foaming

As I mention earlier, the foaming is the most critical part in PVA sponge roller process.  What is about the foaming process?  The foaming process is the reaction process within PVA material and aldehyde.  This is not top secret recipe within the industry, the challenge in this reaction process is about the cleaning process on removing the Formaldehyde within the products.

DI Water Cleaning and Waste Water Disposal

Through our discussion, I learned that they are using 18Mohm DI water in cleaning to ensure product quality.  More important, the waste water will be treated in a water treatment centre and store before disposal.  The treated waste water will be passed to qualify water treatment plant for disposal.  This is the most impressive part and commitment shown.

I have visited other PVA sponge manufacturers, most of the manufacturer directly discharge the waste water into drain without proper water treatment process.  This is really worrying me as the waste water content high level of Formaldehyde which will bring direct impact to the environment. You can learn the treating waste water containing Formaldehyde here.

For PVA sponge roller with insufficient cleaning will expose to high level content formaldehyde residue in the products.  The high level formaldehyde will direct impact to product quality which always been neglect by many users.  I am very proud as DST Technology has brought up this topic sometime ago about the impact of Formaldehyde on PVA Sponge Roller.

This is a very simple and brief visit.  It covers brief presentation about company profile, technical discussion and line tour.  The entire process completed within 2 hours.  I am very impress with their PVA sponge roller knowledge, commitment to achieving quality product as well as environment commitment.

Visit Wee Pallet, A Pallet Manufacturer

Donnguan Railway Station
Dongguan Railway Station

Today we have the opportunity visit a plastic pallet & drum manaufacturer, Wee Pallet.  This is the first time I am visiting a plastic pallet factory.  I am putting up some info for sharing with our reader about my observation, however, I am unable to put up some info in this article as I have to respect some confidentiality within the visit.

Basic Arrangement For the Visit

Visit Date: 9-Oct-2018
Factory: Wee Pallet
Location: Dongguan China
a) Shenzhen – Dongguan (ShiLong Station) by train
b) Dongguan – Factory by car, about 25min journey

Wee Pallet Factory Setup

Wee Pallet located in ShiJie District of Dongguan Town.  Dongguan is the famous manufacturing centre in Guangdong Province, many factories is located in Dongguan.  We take the train from Shenzhen Luohu Railway station, reach Dongguan (ShiLong) Station in 40min. 

Wee Pallet Process

Wee Pallet is a well establish factory with several expansion throughout the last 10 years.  Currently they have several processes within the plant:

1.  Plastic Material Crusher.  Any rejected blue colour HDPE plastic pallet will send to crusher and mix with black colour dye.  In other words, new material is colour in blue and all the recycle part in black.

2.  Injection Mold.  They have the injection mold capability up to 4700MT.  This force is sufficient to manufacture the plastic pallet effectively.

3.  Blow Mold.  Blow mold is used for 200L drum manufacturer as well as special blow pallet. 

4.  Printing.  Wee pallet is capable in silk printing capability.  They could print any word on the pallet or drum.  For more demanding customer, they could also perform gold colour ambroid printing.

Plastic Pallet Reinforcement

During the visit, we notice Wee Pallet having a dedicated process for inserting metal bar in the pallet.  The metal bar becomes an very effective re-inforcement structure to strengthen the pallet.  This re-inforcement structure becomes an essential element especially the pallet is used to stack up heavy material, such as full drum.

A heavy pallet which used to stack up on the rack may even have to insert with more metal bars for improving bending moment.

200L Drum

This is the common drum suitable for storing liquid solution.  The drum is manufacture with the blow mold process.  The drum is blown up with hot air during the process.

Because of the blow mold process, there is a small hole for air discharge.  The hole will be reserved even in product stage.

Plastic Pallet Acceptance Criteria

We also been introduced about the pallet acceptance criteria.  The pallet will be examined and check by visual check.  Here are the acceptance criteria for pallet:

1)  Damage

3)  Crack

4)  Contamination

All the reject pallet will be putting aside for further disposition.

We are very impressed about the pallet manufacturing process.  During our visit, we also notice Japan visitor.  The Wee Pallet tour guide is very knowledgable guiding us throughout the visit.


2018 Malaysia Cub Prix – Teluk Intan

The year 2018 Cub Prix Teluk Intan Ride is coming!  The whole town is talking about this event which held on 1-2/Sep.

Teluk Intan is just a small town, however, every year we welcome Malaysia Cub Prix.  This year the track is set at the stadium in front of the town council, Speedy Padang.  The track has been isolated and guarded so that motor knight could have peace of mind while showing us their talent.

Cub Prix Setup

Speedy Padang.  A grand podium with the beautiful sound system has been set up in the football court.  There are still many motor relevant counters in the stadium, such as Petronas, Yamaha, Maxxis, even Onexox too!  You can have a nice walk, a photography corner that makes you willing to spend time.

Motor Racing Track.  The track is set around the Speedy Padang.  A 8ft tall metal rack has set around the racing track of Speedy Padang, this is to ensure the safety of the motorist.  At the corner area, bumper and cushion also in place to minimize uncontrollable turning.

Viewing Stage.  A dedicate stage has been in place, it faces the roadside so that almost no blockage for viewing.  However, you have to pay RM30 in order to enter into this marvellous viewing stage.

Where to Pack My Car

As usual, we anticipate there will be many visitors in Teluk Intan for 2018 Cub Prix even.  Besides the local resident, many motorist teams, cub Prix lover or follower will also crowd in this small town.

Even though we foresee there will be a lot of visitors, you still have to get your vehicle park appropriately without causing additional burden on other road users.  There are several parking spaces you could consider:

  1. Bandar Baru Commercial District.
  2. Jalan Sekolah
  3. Jalan Ah Cheong
  4. Jalan Market

No matter how closely you park your car, I bet you have to walk for 5-10min in order reaching the track.  Be prepared walking under the hot sun!

Enjoy 2018 Cub Prix @ Teluk Intan

Many readers may not be a motorist fan but no harm to enjoy the moment.  Meanwhile, I also anticipate with the event, many people will know more about this small town and bring prosperous moment too!

Sit back and see how the motorist performance for these 2 days events.

Some photos about Cub Prix Event

Cub Prix Event fan
Cub Prix Event fan

Motorist in Cub Prix Event
Motorist in Cub Prix Event


Souvenir for 2018 Cub Prix
Souvenir for 2018 Cub Prix

3 days Guangzhou Trip

This is my 3 days Guangzhou trip arrangement.

Day 1. Travel from Shenzhen to Guangzhou by latest China High Speed Train

Depart Station: Futian Station
Arriving Station: Guangzhou South Station
Time Lapse: <50min

Guangzhou Panyu Distric Changlong RuYue Hotel (如悦酒店 – 大石地铁站)

Visit Location:
1) Chime Long Circus

1) Guangzhou MRT Depart at Chime Long (长隆地铁站
2) Follow Exit E
3) Take the shuttle service to Chine Long Circus.

Day 2. Wondering in Guangzhou City

Same as Day 1, Guangzhou Panyu Distric Changlong RuYue Hotel (如悦酒店 – 大石地铁站
Place to visit:
1) Sun Yat Sun memorial hall
2) Yue Xiu Park (越秀公园), the 5 Goat Statue
3) Beijing Road for shopping

Day 3. Sun Flower Park

This is a beautiful Sun Flower Park and good for 3 hours

Place to Visit:
Sun Flower Park

Guangzhou South to Shenzhen Futian Station by High Speed Train.


Must Have Before Shenzhen Trip

I bet you are reading up our review about visting China Shenzhen, here are the things you should not miss out.

  1. Carry your Smartphone.
  2. Prepare RenMinBi in advance.
  3. Download Shenzhen Map here.
  4. Download Shenzhen MRT layout with station name.
  5. Book mark the website
    • Shenzhen Bus Line.
    • Shenzhen MRT line.
  6. Shenzhen Bus/MRT Public Transport Card
  7. Install DiDi Pickup Car App.
  8. Payment Gateway.  Add some money in either payment gateway.
    • Wechat wallet      AND/OR
    • Alipay

So far so good.  Have a nice trip.

Visit China Shenzhen in Year 2017

Visit China Shenzhen is never been an obsolete topic.  China Shenzhen is a metropolitan city located in southern part of China.  I had been written several blogs about Shenzhen city since our blog started several years ago.  Today, I would like to put up some latest update about this city.

China VISA

For most country, you require to apply China VISA before you entering China.  This apply to Malaysia citizen too.  Please kindly read our related blog about applying China VISA in Malaysia.

Shenzhen International Airport

Well known budget airline, Air Asia has setup a 3 direct flight from Kuala Lumpur to Shenzhen.  I always prefer the flight depart at 4:40pm in KL and arrive Shenzhen around 9pm.  After immigration check and collect luggage, you will lead to the beautiful Shenzhen airport arrival hall.

Transport from Shenzhen Airport to City Centre

You have several choices moving to Shenzhen city and surrounding transport hubs:

  • Taxi
  • Pick up car service (Di Di Car)
  • MRT
  • Express Bus

Personally I prefer taking Shenzhen MRT.  There is one MRT entrance after you come out from the customs check point.  Take the moving down left and you will lead to the MRT entrance.

About 45min, the MRT will lead you to the FuTian Transport Hub.

Futian Transport Hub is the largest underground transportation hub in Asia.  You could get MRT connection, High Speed Train Connection throughout China.

If you are arriving Shenzhen airport after 11pm, you are most likely miss out the last MRT.  I would recommend you take the ordinary Red” Colour Taxi to the Shenzhen city.  Transport fare around RMB150 include RMB10 highway toll.

Moving within Shenzhen city

Shenzhen city is well cover with public transport.  You could go to almost any places by:

  • MRT
  • Bus
  • Taxi
  • Pick up Car Service

Get a Shenzhen Tong card(深圳通) and top up RMB50, it is good for you to travel in MRT and bus in the city without bordering about preparing coin.

Site Seeing in Shenzhen

Blogger has their own must visit list for this topic, I have my too!  Here are my sites seeing list in Shenzhen city.

  • Tong Men. This place mainly for clothing.  Many ladies can find their preferable fashion here.
  • Hua Qiang Bei. This is the place for people who want to get electronic gadget.  Even though e-commerce is getting popular, but it is another type of experience to see, feel all those parts yourselves.
  • Futian Book City or Children Palace. Book city definitely is good for books and leisure.  You can get Startbuck here too!  Preferable go on evening.  Spending an hour or two in the book city, having dinner and wondering around in the square.
  • Shekou. Shekou is good for leisure.  Just wondering around in Shekou during the evening and having dinner is a good choice.
  • BijiaShan or LianHuaShan. Both park located in Futian district, and quite an easy hiking trip.  Plan a decent hiking session in Shenzhen definitely a good choices too!  Spending an hour walking in the park enjoying the Shenzhen city view.

Weather in Shenzhen

May to Oct consider hot weather in Shenzhen.  You may experience Taifeng(hurricane) at this period too!

Walking under hot sun is not a good idea especially at the afternoon.  The hot sun will definitely stop you going out.

Plan your trip wisely so that you could spend the whole afternoon in the aircond shopping mall.

Food to Eat in Shenzhen

Shenzhen covered with 20million population from all over China.  You could find many cuisines here.  You could or you should try the below:

  • Tim Sum. The Tim Sum in Pavillion Hotel is one of my favourite Tim Sum restaurant.  Don’t be surprised if you have to queue up for 1 hour during pick hour.
  • SiChuan spicy food.
  • Hunan food.
  • North-East dumpling.

Unique of Shenzhen

There are several new concepts in Shenzhen, put some effort to experience those innovative business platform.

  • Sharing bicycle platform.
  • Pick up Car Service (Di Di Car). Something like Uber.
  • The convenient of Wechat and Alipay payment gateway. You could go shopping with smart phone.
  • Spider web MRT system and bus line.
  • The speed of High Speed Train

Even you spend a week in Shenzhen, there are still many places you will definitely miss out.  Don’t try to over stress yourselves while travelling especially during the hot summer day.  Make it a free and easy kind of trip and I bet you will make the second trip to visit Shenzhen very soon.





Sharing Bicycle Platform In Shenzhen

In China Shenzhen, sharing bicycle is getting popular.  Population in Shenzhen city currently is having another choice to fulfill transportation needs.  The city is well equipped with convenient public transport such as MRT, buses, taxi.  However there are some short distance blind spot within housing estate which people had to rely on walking.

With the help of latest technology and innovative move, I had seen 4 companies in China has setup a sharing bicycle platform business model start from year 2016.  With minimum rental charges, you could just occupied the share bicycle and start moving within the city freely.

Company with Sharing Bicycle

The concept of sharing bicycle is not new concept however the concept gets exploded with the help of latest mobile technology.  Currently I notice 4 companies participate in Sharing Bicycle Business Platform, namely Mobike, Bluegogo, Ofo and XiaoMing (小鸣).

Please have a quick glance some summary.

How to Enjoy Share Bicycle in Shenzhen?

4 bicycle sharing platforms are independent to each other.  This means you have to register in individual platform before you could enjoy the sharing bicycle.  After you register in respective Bicycle Sharing Platform and pay the deposit, you are required to top up a small amount for the rental for every cycling.

Once you everything set, now you are on your way to enjoy the sharing platform.

  • Looks for Bicycle
  • Scan the bar code to unlock the bicycle
  • Bicycle on the go
  • Park the bicycle and lock it

Once the bicycle is locked means you had stop using the sharing bicycle.  The system will automatic calculate the amount for the service.

What is Unique for Sharing Bicycle Platform?

I did hear about the Sharing Bicycle such as within a university campus or society.  Those sharing platform are having some limitation or constraint before the public sharing bicycle becomes available.  A few technologies are applied in the platform:

  • Popularity of Mobile APP
  • GPS positioning
  • Internet Coverage
  • Solar cell system
  • Bicycle design especially more reliable material and build quality

More important, Shenzhen has high population living in the city and they need the share bicycle platform to ease their short distance transportation needs.

Unfortunately public asset be abused by some people, this also found in sharing bicycle platform.  I list down some common abuse founded in Shenzhen:

  • Bar code being scraped
  • Bicycle is discarded without caring
  • Spare part being removed

Sharing Bicycle Platform definitely is a new business model, it definitely will have to improve with people more awareness, ethic and caring behavior.  On the other hand, the sharing kind of business model may eventually lead the market to setup a personal credit-ability scorecard.

I am here to see what is the market may adopt after the sharing bicycle business model is established.

Visit Guangzhou JYX Company

Guangzhou JYX Industry
JYX Logo

From time to time, I had invited to visit some factories in difference country.  Today, we are going to talk about Guangzhou JYX factory.  Hope with this simple briefing, our reader could gain some understanding about the company of Guangzhou JYX.  Guangzhou JYX currently is supplying the base, chassis, bracket mounting for ASHRAE industry.  They also provide AHU design too.


Basic Introduction of Guangzhou JYX Factory

Guangzhou JYX factory is located in Panyu District, Guangzhou China.  It is about 1 hour car journey away from Guangzhou airport.  Below are the details for the company:

  • Company Name: Guangzhou JYXGeneral Manager: Mr. Chen Yue

    Tel#: 86-133 8000 6659


    Business Nature: Machinery manufacturing, welding, Air Handling Unit Design and Manufacturing.

    Company Form: Year 2011

Guangzhou JYX was started-up since year 2012 with only welding ability.  I did visited the company while they just a few months old.  During my first visited, they were introducing their tools, setup, processes as well as some quality issue to me with a frankly manner.  I did share with them about my experience especially from a professional manager stand point.

Guangzhou JYX Ability

Guangzhou JYX equipped with basic machinery such as sawing, lathe, milling, bending, stamping and welding machine.  Currently they are the appointed manufacturer for tooling, bracket, chassis and structure base.

Most of their customers are related to Air Cond industry and currently they are working with other customer from various industries.


JYX Future Development

Since year 2015, Guangzhou JYX has setup a design department.  I am very impressive about the software tools they use such as Autocad and Pro-E.  With the design ability, Guangzhou JYX has re-drawing all the engineering drawing for all the parts and product they currently produce.  They also standardize the components and process so that all the WIP is properly manufacture and achieve standard.

Guangzhou JYX also engages with AHU design centre providing design services for them.  They had designed several series of AHU (Air Handling Unit), they are very proud as their design has been adopted by the market even not branded as JYX.

Apart from the ASHRAE industry, JYX also working with lorry transport industry to provide standardize components for their maintenance job.

I can easily recognize Guangzhou JYX has shown significant improvement since they start up in Year 2011.  They have improved their manufacturing ability, process setup as well as the talent to broaden up the commitment in ASHRAE industry.

After my visit, they had invited me to re-visit them next year to further visualize their latest status.