2014 Chinese New Year Celebration

Today is the day of 7th for 2014 Chinese New Year, I would like to write something about this Chinese New Year as this is a great celebration.  I did remember a previous article about 2013 Chinese New Year, now it comes for 2014.

Something about 2014 Chinese New Year.

Chinese Almanac.  Base on Chinese lunar calendar, this year is “Jia-Wu Year”(甲午年), year of Horse.  Base on Chinese Almanac, the Horse year only started since 4-Feb-2014, please do not confuse with the new year day.  That means, any new born baby deliver before 4-Feb-2014 should classify as year of Snake instead of Horse.

House Decoration.  Red lantern and colourful LED are used for Chinese New Year Decoration.  But we are low profile as usual.  We still keep the furniture but with new window curtain.  Mother purposely buy this but I do not think this colour match for new year event.

New Year Song.  Our neighbour is turning on their speaker in maximum volume to sing everybody the new year song.  No matter you like it or not, new year song is an unique character in Malaysian celebrating their Chinese New Year.  In many country, such as China and Hong Kong, I do not remember they have such as great song.

New Year Eve 30-Jan-2014

2014 CNY Celebration Fire Cracker

2014 CNY Celebration Fire Cracker

Ladies.  The new year eve is always an important event for Chinese family.  All the family members are accumulating in the early day for preparing foods and praying.  The ladies siblings gather in the kitchen working under the guidance by the captain, mother.  This is the best time to share experience with each other.

Children.  The kids are walloping around the house, here and there.  The children are always separate into 2 groups, big boy one group, and the remaining fall in small kids.  No matter how they are happily playing around like nobody business.  New year is one of the best seasons for them.

Man.  Man is always sitting together for sharing experience what was happening for the pass year.  We did held a small meeting and father announce good news for us.

Praying.  Many Chinese family still organize ancestor praying as an important activity.  We pray as well for thank you the kindness and blessing from our acestor.  More important, the acestor has shown us their philosophy about live through their practical life.

Gathering Dinnes.  No doubt, this is the important show for year.  The ladies prepared a full table of delicious meal for dinner.  This year we have many delicious dishes instead of steamboat as last year.  We enjoy the meal a lot while mom was wondering how she want to cope for coming year.  Let see.

Fire cracker.  Fire cracker is forbidded for many countries and city, same as Malaysia.  However, we still be able to see the people celebrating new year with fire cracker.  Our family practice the same too!  Big boys always lighten the fire cracker with the small kids follower.

1st Day Chinese New Year.  31-Jan-2014

Greeting.  As usual, the first thing we wake up is to greet everyone we see “Gong Xi Fa Cai”.  This is to wish them for making a great prosperity in the year.  You see, we love money or prosperity more than any other things.

To be honest, I want my kids to greet me not only “Gong Xi Fa Cai”, but also “Earning a pale of Gold Everyday” (日进斗金)!

Breakfast.  I am not sure how about other family takes their breakfast during the 1st day of Chinese New Year.  For us, we take long-life noodle.  This has been the norm for our family since I remember.

Year 2014 HSBC

Year 2014 HSBC

Ang Pao.  Also name as Red Packet.  I am seeing many difference type of Ang Pao package, you can see more via this Red Pocket Summary.  Giving Angpao to children one of the happiest moment for everybody.  The kids will receive Red Packet after greeting to uncle and auntie.  The small kids always open the Ang Pao immediately and pulling out to dollar note as show off.  This is not advisable as usual.

Poh Piah.  This year as usual, father insists to have Poh Piah for lunch.  I love the food a lot as this is a healthier food with less oil.  Perphas, this also try to ease our stomach before the coming heavy dinner.

2014 CNY Celebration - Lion Dance

2014 CNY Celebration – Lion Dance

Lion Dance.  Lion dance is very popular in Malaysia.  We have the lion dance in the afternoon to wake us up with some noise.

Gathering Dinner.  We gather in restaurant for dinner, together with uncle and auntie as usual.  According to father, the dinner gathering not only an appreciation after a year of hard work but also to shows appreciation to the ladies after they had cook us delicious and colourful meal for the pass few days.  Father bare the dinner cost.

2nd day of Chinese New Year, 1-Feb-2014.

In traditional Chinese practice, this is the day for the married women going back to their born family.  We keep this practice as well but with slight modification.

Perhaps we visited my mother’s family in the morning before we are seeing our in-law.  As usual, I am always be prepared for the big family gathering.  Ang Pao was exchanged among the families.  With no surprise, my daughter came back with a full bag of Ang Pao.

Having lunch gathering with cousin at the 2nd day reached the highest mood I have for Chinese new year event.  The new year feeling start fade since then.

I always felt exhausted during the afternoon on the 2nd day of new year.  I do agree we need some rest to rejuvenate after 2 full day events.  With no surprise, the Chinese new year is always a hot season in Malaysia, no matter how you turn your air cond, you still feel hot.  Lucky this year I got a PVA towel to cool myself.

3rd day and onward


Chinese consider the first 15days are the new year mode.  We could celebrate the new year within the period.  However the celebration is getting slower as many people already returning to their own routine life.

Children also be prepared for school and I am also start returning email like nobody business.

We all know year 2014 is a challenging year.  After the celebration, this is the timer for us to start plan and work like a workaholic regardless you like it or not.

Hope we have another great celebration for coming Chinese New Year of 2015.  See you all.

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