Bai Tian Gong

Bai Tian Gong Preparation

Bai Tian Gong Preparation

Bai Tian Gong(拜天公) is one of the remarkable events for most of the Chinese religion during the Chinese New Year celebration.  According to Chinese Almanac, the Jade Emperor, Tian Gong, birthday is located on the 9th day of Chinese New Year.  The praying activity started on the mid-night of the 8th day.

For Hokkian ethnic, the family always prepare for this Bai Tian Gong event, this include parents.

Prepare for Bai Tian Gong

Home Made Ang Ku

Home Made Ang Ku

Foods.  Ang Ku(Red Tortoises Pastry), Mi Gu(Steam Bun), Huat Kuih (Prosperous Cake) are the common foods for Jade Emperor.  The cake or tasty cake are selected because of the prosperity pupose.  Some of the family pray with roasted pig but we pray with fruits and cake.

To show the respect to Jade Emperor, the foods are all wrapped with a red colour ribbon.

Mi Gu (Bun)

Mi Gu (Bun)

Joss Stick.  We buy dedicate joss stick for Bai Tian Gong purpose.  We do see people use those giant joss stick to show their deepest appreciation for the event.

Tian Gong Table.  We have a dedicate Tian Gong table serving the event.  It only used once per year.  Father took out the stored Tian Gong table and clean it, he did it all by himself.

Gold Paper

Gold Paper

Gold Paper (金纸).  Mother had folded several pattern of Gold Paper for the event.  We use to prepare a lot of Gold Paper during old day, but now the quantity has reduced and controlled.  I think she was too tight up for all the paper folding.

Sugar Cane.  Sugar cane is a MUST for Bai Tian Gong Event.  This is because sugar cane have the same slang of bringing in gold.

Bai Tian Gong Events

The Bai Tian Gong event was carried out at the house corridor.  Father start washing and cleaning the floor during the afternoon.  The Tian Gong table was placed in the middle of the corridor and lay up with the red Tian Gong curtain decoration.

2 sugar cane with leaf was tighted at both side of the table.  The foods and fruits are all properly placed.

While the clock turn to 12 mid-night, parents started the praying follow with us and young generation.  Father start putting up the big joss stick to thank the Jade Emperor.  After the praying, we gather the Gold paper and burn to Jade Emperor.

As usual, we light up the red fire craker for celebration.

Other Activity for Bai Tian Gong

Fire Cracker

Fire Cracker

Fire cracker is very common at Bai Tian Gong event.  The fire cracker is not only limited to those red cracker which given loud sound but also the those beautiful cracker.

There are also many Kong Ming Teng light up in the air.  Unfortunately I do not have photo to share.

At once I was in Klang during the Bai Tian Gong event, I think Klang has even greater celebration.

This year Malaysia launched Welcome Visit Malaysia Program, the Bai Tian Gong Event should be one of the high light for tourist, it should be a remarkable one.


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