Must Have Before Shenzhen Trip

I bet you are reading up our review about visting China Shenzhen, here are the things you should not miss out. Carry your Smartphone. Prepare RenMinBi in advance. Download Shenzhen Map here. Download Shenzhen MRT layout with station name. Book mark the website Shenzhen Bus Line. Shenzhen MRT line. Shenzhen Bus/MRT Public Transport Card […]

Visit Guangzhou JYX Company

From time to time, I had invited to visit some factories in difference country.  Today, we are going to talk about Guangzhou JYX factory.  Hope with this simple briefing, our reader could gain some understanding about the company of Guangzhou JYX.  Guangzhou JYX currently is supplying the base, chassis, bracket mounting for ASHRAE industry.  They […]

Apply China VISA in Malaysia

China becomes more famous in modern regime, this apply to Malaysian too. Every year, there are a lot Malaysian citizen visiting China for various purpose, such as tourist, visiting relative, working abroad, etc. Apply China VISA has become common in today life. Obtaining a China VISA still consider relatively straight forward. As long as you […]

My trip to Johor Bahru, Singapore & Melacca in 2014

Recently I have a trip to Johor Bahru and Singapore for site visit and customer courtesy visit. What an amazing trip as I am not been to Singapore for several years. Journey I was taking a flight from Penang to JB via everyone can fly airline, Air Asia. It takes me about an hour to […]

Know Teluk Intan

Teluk Intan is a small town located at southern part of Perak State. This small town was getting enormous attention for many Malaysian due to the recent re-election held in 31-May-2014. However there are several high light in Teluk Intan which should gain attention through-out the country. Tourist Spots Leaning Tower. The leaning tower definitely […]