Pineapple Fruit

Pineapple is a delicious tropical fruit in Malaysia.  Pineapple has a broad world-wide market either in fruit or food.  Many people know Malaysia is famous in durian fruit, such as Musang King, D24 species, but pineapple also slowly picking up in the export market.  There is an article published in Star newspaper, it reveals Malaysia […]

3 days Guangzhou Trip

This is my 3 days Guangzhou trip arrangement. Day 1. Travel from Shenzhen to Guangzhou by latest China High Speed Train Transport: Depart Station: Futian Station Arriving Station: Guangzhou South Station Time Lapse: <50min Stay: Guangzhou Panyu Distric Changlong RuYue Hotel (如悦酒店 – 大石地铁站) Visit Location: 1) Chime Long Circus Transportation 1) Guangzhou MRT Depart […]

Sharing Bicycle Platform In Shenzhen

In China Shenzhen, sharing bicycle is getting popular.  Population in Shenzhen city currently is having another choice to fulfill transportation needs.  The city is well equipped with convenient public transport such as MRT, buses, taxi.  However there are some short distance blind spot within housing estate which people had to rely on walking. With the […]

How to Remove Coconut Fibre or Coconut Coir

Teluk Intan to Bagan Datoh area is the main coconut plantation in Malaysia. Even though most of the plantation is planting oil palm tree but there still have some coconut plantation. There is a Coconut Institute government sector located in Bagan Datoh. Coconut has many species and application. One of the reason we are buying […]

Getting to Know Sanding Sponge

I was looking for a sand paper the other day in a hardware shop.  I want to use the sand paper for removing some stain marks and corrosion marks on a metal column before applying metal paint. Now, we have more choices for stain removal.  I was introduced for a sanding sponge for surface stain […]

Optical Shop Grand Opening Ceremony At Penang

Last week end is an enjoyable weekend.  I was participating an Optical shop grand opening ceremony at Penang island.  This optical shop is Marco’s Optical, name after his owner name. I was in Penang last week for attending an appointment at customer site.  So happen to be informed that my cousin son is having an […]