Fuji Stop Motion Film Supply

Fuji has just announced they will stop supply motion film start from year 2013, the reason is a digital has come into the role.

Fuji Stop Motion Film Supply

Fuji Stop Motion Film

My Experience about Fuji Film

I have several 35mm camera that be part of my hobby many years back.  Kodak and Fuji used to be the 2 iconic film producers for many photography lovers including myself.  Many years back, I started my photography hobby with Kodak film than slowly move to Fuji film after tried out the Fuji Velvia50.

Fuji Provia (RDP III) is the film I used most for my general landscape or trip photography.

I used to the film speed, colour retention and having confident what this Fuji film can give me before I am pressing the shuttle.

I do use Fuji Velvia100 on and off, however Fuji Provia is my 1st choice film cartridge in my bag.

Why Fuji Stop Motion Film Production?

In the press release, it said that Fuji going to stop the motion film production, however in the article it never stated if this also affected the 35mm camera film.

Even though discontinue or stop of motion Fuji film is not surprise to me, but I do feel sad while reading the news.  Digital era has come into pace even faster than many people expected.  Just look around us, people is equipped with various digital cameras instead of 35mm camera.  SLR has been replaced with DSLR, the market share for 35mm film is slimming.

Who kill the Fuji motion film production?  Technology or the user?

What other alternative we have after Fuji Stop Motion Film Supply?

Grain size or granular is kind of the intimate feel for film lover.  Fuji Provia is having the finest grain size among all the films available in the market.  I really love to see the enlarge photo printed from Fuji Provia film.  The red colour is well retain without over saturated.

I am not very sure what will be the alternative we have after Fuji stop motion film supply, probably none.  Instead of crying for the missing, why not enjoy the current moment.

As a human, we need to learn leaving with dismiss, this include the cease production for Fuji motion film.

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