GuangZhou Subway Experience

Guangzhou is one of the top 4 metropolitan cities in China.  So happen I have the chances to visit Guangzhou recently and I think worth for me to write something about the city especially the heavy and packed subway system.

In Guangzhou, the subway station also name as Guangzhou MTR station.  Please bare in mind, Guangzhou government is improving the public mass transfer system, and I am pretty sure, this city will have more subway line in near future.

GZ Subway System Map

GZ Subway System Map

Guangzhou Subway System

Every city’s subway has their unique logo to represent the subway system, this implies to Guangzhou subway.  Guangzhou subway is something like the horn of goat.  Next time while you are in Guangzhou, please keep an eye for this subway logo.

Guangzhou subway started the service around 6:30am in the morning till 23pm, for exact operation time table for individual subway, please refer to Guangzhou MTR website.

Currently Guangzhou is having 8 subway lines lay across the city.  Subway differs than the railway.  There are several railway stations in Guangzhou city and all the railway station is well connected with the subway station.

Guangzhou is the largest city of southern china, the population in Guangzhou city already exist 20 million people.  The city requires a comprehensive public transport system in order to insure the transportation system in the city.  Subway system is designed and constructed in order to fulfill the moving requirement.

Passenger at GZ Subway

Passenger at GZ Subway

In my personal experience, Guangzhou subway is always packed with people almost regardless of time.  During the peak hour such as office hour before 9am or after work at 5-7pm, you may even have difficulty to squeeze in the subway station.

Purchase the Guangzhou Subway Ticket

For foreigner like myself, I always purchase a single trip ticket instead of multi-pass ticket.  Look for the ticket vending machine and select the station you what to go.

The screen may looks a little small and mess at first glance, but once you give the screen a touch it will further zoom in the station for more accurate destination station selection.  Thank you to the latest touch screen technology.

Select the number of ticket you want to buy in case you want to purchase more than 1 ticket.  Insert the RMB (RenMinBi) either coin or note in the vending machine.  Take your ticket token and change.

Exchange Terminal at

Advertisement board at GZ Subway

Advertisement board at GZ Subway

Guangzhou Subway

Guangzhou subways have many subway exchanges station which able for passenger swapping from one subway line to others.  Please pay close attention on the “rotation” symbol which indicates the exchange station.

Even the exchange station is clearly indicate in the subway map however passenger may need to closely follow the instruction in the station so that you could reach the other subway line.  More over, passenger may need to walk substantial distance before you could reach the other subway line.

How to Estimate the Time Taken in Guangzhou Subway

Everybody knows subway is a more reliable public transport whereby we could reach the destination within the time we set.  However sometime we need to predict when we can reach the subway destination, having a good prediction is necessary so that we could plan our appointment properly.  From the experience I have from Guangzhou subway, here is how I am coming out the time estimation:

  1. Subway takes 2 minutes transfer from 1 station to the other;
  2. Every interchange station will take 5 minutes;
  3. Allocate 5 minutes for aboard and another 5 minutes for departing.

In other word, if you are traveling from within a subway line across 5 stations, you may need total 20 minutes in the subway before you are moving onto the ground.

Hope you could have a primary understanding about Guangzhou MTR subway system and hope that this article will help you if you want to travel in this city.  Be prepare, Guangzhou subway station normally is very pack.

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