Penang Pekaka House for Sale

I came a cross a Penang House for sale at Pekaka Gelugor area, the middle end lot with area 照片14442600square-ft.   This is a double-story link house with 10ft width space with the neighbour.  If you think a house is just for swatching TV and sleeping, definitely you have missed a great portion in life.

To me, a house is a place to enjoy the transcient moment, it also a place for sharing.  This Penang house for sale which I came across is not a big house, but it has most of the function corner that everyone love.

The Garden of the Penang House

Penang Pekaka House for Sale
Penang Pekaka House for Sale

This house owner plant a green fence along the wall, and they also maintain the green grass to make the house aliveGreeny view is the selling and most attractive point for the house.

If you enjoy and appreciate green scenary, this is definitely one of the Penang house you do not want to miss.

Call Eugene 016-4219349 for arrangement.

House Kitchen Backyard

Many people agreed kitchen is the place for the wife to enjoy cooking, but

Fishing pond
Fishing pond

do you ever think about an appropriate place to enrich the meal?  Ask yourselves when was the last time you have picnic?  The back yard for this house is the most decent place whereby you could have picnic everyday, if you want.

Imagine you could even have your breakfast and read today newspaper with the under the breezing wind.

Yam leaf corner
Yam leaf corner

Another Garden View for this Pekaka House

There is a newly planted corner in the house, the big yam leaf is very attractive.  The yam actually was planted in a vase which not grow very well.  After migrate to the ground and fertilizer with organic fertilizer, the plant tree just boom up.

Do you see the greenish leaf?

Internal Renovation for this On Sale Penang House

The wall in the hall and rooms are cover by beautiful wall paper, windows come with mosquito net.

Apart from there, the window for this house be covered with beautiful curtain.  All curtain are difference that shows the owner really appreciate their moment for staying in the house.

This defintitely a Penang house which currently for sale you do not want to miss.  Call Eugune 016 -4219349 for viewing.

Beijing Cough, A New Syndrome

“Beijing cough” as it called, has been circulated among foreigners for over ten years and recently was hit by foreigners in common and the terms beijing cough also being printed in the travel guides. Simply put, “Beijing cough” is a acclimatized similar reaction, some people came to Beijing will get to cough, and cough disappear naturally after left.

For people living in Beijing does not seem realize that “Beijing cough”, while the capital of this country is affixed such ridicule label, it will reflect not only environmental issues.

Beijing cough” is a syndrome of cough
In July 2012, an Peking/Beijing traveller came to Beijing as an exchange student to pursue master degree. Initially, Lyon, an United States citizen insists on running five kilometers every morning around schools. A week later, he found himself involuntarily cough, perhaps cough few times during the day, more severe during midnight.
In conversations with friends, Lyon found that a lot of Peking traveller who just came from the foreign, will experience during the similar cough, severe symptoms especially in December to April. Friends reminded him goes out  by wearing masks, further more, not advisable to jog in the early morning along the road.

Beijing Cough, isn’t a new terms
Beijing cough is a dry chronic cough symptom.  Since year 1990, we have read reporter about the words “Beijing Cough”.  In 1990, Rotary International, the magazine published an article, wrote: “The industrial countries have a major air pollution in urban phenomenon, has spread to the world very common …… respiratory diseases caused by air pollution in Beijing, is known as the ‘cough’. “

While most people do not know, “Beijing cough” this concept, but Ma Jun, director of the Beijing Public Environmental Research Center, Beijing Academy of Environmental Sciences Atmospheric, director Peng Ying Teng environmental experts are no stranger to this argument.

Beijing Union Medical College Hospital, chief physician of Respiratory Medicine Wangjing Lan said, “Beijing cough” can be considered a disease, an airway hyperresponsiveness, subject to certain stimuli occurred contractile response to the airway, cough, chest tightness, and asthma.

The dry pollution is the root cause of Beijing Cough

The climate is dry. “Beijing is a temperate monsoon climate, low rainfall, and Peking Winter is really too dry!” Said Peng Ying Teng, environmental experts, from 1961 to 1990, the average raining in December was 2.3 mm, Shanghai was 34.7 mm, Guangzhou 23.5 mm, while New York was 86.9 mm, 79 mm for London, Tokyo, Japan, is 39.6 mm. The Concorde Professor Wang Jinglan said, Beijing is particularly dry winter and spring, is a high incidence of respiratory diseases, to some extent, also induced cough.

Air pollution. Pang Ying Teng, environmental experts said that China’s air quality gap with the developed countries, especially the concentration of respirable particles. The air quality affects the human respiratory system.  Beijing cough syndrome could means the people may not suit to Beijing air.  Coughing also a manifestation of self-cleaning ability of the respiratory system.

Monitoring of Air Quality

China has started an air quality particulate count monitoring scheme, one of the criteria is monitoring the PM2.5 level.  This means amount of 2.5um particulate in a cubic air volume is measure and calculated.  A report dated on 13-Jan-2013 shows a Beijing PM 2.5 reach 900mg .

Counter Action for Beijing Cough

Beijing Cough PM2.5 Monitoring
Beijing Cough PM2.5 Monitoring

Beijing in winter and spring is the heating period, many places requires a lot of coal-fired, and then generate a large number of air pollutants such as sulfur dioxide, particulate to the air.  The air quality will be worse than in other seasons. Concord Professor Wang Jinglan added: “The winter and spring fog, harmful substances in the air easily impact on the respiratory tract, causing discomfort or illness.”

In order to reduce the Beijing Cough syndrome, the China government already started several measures on improving the discharge of air quality in , control of coal firing in house hold area definitely is one of the measure.  Currently many discussion is on going to find the replacement substance for coal.  Green renewable energy definitely is one of the selection.  Apart from solar, wind energy, we also seeing biomass pellet such as efb pellet or saw dust pellet could be one of the alternative for overcoming the environment issue.

Putting Beijing Cough into history should not be the only respsonsible for the Beijing China bureue, it is all about us, our awareness of improving air quality.

Oil Palm Products

Oil palm is one of the important agriculture plantations in Malaysia.  There are many oil palm products can be seen in the market.  Malaysia all the while is the major crude palm oil producer or exporter country before the neighbour country Indonesia over takes her status.

The reason Malaysia and Indonesia is expanding in palm oil sector is because there are many oil palm application being developed for the pass 30 years.  Coconut and rubber plantation were the 2 main agriculture plantation in Malaysia but has been out beat by oil palm estate.

Crude palm oil is used to be the main and only products for palm oil process.  Now, the palm oil process has expanded into more sectors.  If we are paying close attention, we should notice that product from palm oil has invaded in our ordinary life, such as EFB pellet in biomass sector, agriculture as organic fertilizer, landscaping and even household fibre mattress.

Many people may not aware the huge application and products variation which originated from oil

Tenera Oil Palm Species
Common Oil Palm Species

palm.  In this article, we would like to reveal what are the oil palm products for oil palm or it derivative.

Let us discover what are the few oil palm products in the market

1. Oil palm species.

Before we are dwelling into the products, I would like to share with you about oil palm specis. There are many variety species of oil palm tree.  Tenera and Pisifera are the 2 important oil palm species that give better palm oil extraction yield.  Most of the newly planting estate select from these species or it derivative for better growth and oil extraction.

The advantage for these 2 species is that the oil palm fruit comes with thick fresh fibre which rich content of palm oil.  The kernel is relatively smaller from the cross section image.

2. Main oil palm product – Crude Palm Oil

Crude palm oil is the major product from oil palm.  Crude palm oil is also the commodity can trade in market.  Currently CPO price is moving downward, many rumour saying this is because of Mr. Robert Kuok is shifting the base from Malaysia to Indonesia.  However we are not the insider to comments this but from the FBMPALMOIL chart, we can clearly see that the trend is moving downward.  For interested reader, you could read more technical analysis report for crude palm oil.

The crude palm oil shall goes through refinery process becomes the edible oil.  Perhaps palm oil is one of the most popular edible oil for the world.

3. Oil palm product contributing heat – Palm Kernel Shell

The hard and black in colour shell is a good source of contributing heat energy.  In Malaysia domestic market, the palm kernel shell is used for biomass burning to retrieve heat energy.

The Calorific value for Palm kernel shell is around 4500kcal/kg.  The calorific value is lower than coal but has enough to become a good source for biomass renewable energy.

4. Oil palm product with rich fibre – Palm fibre

Palm fibre from empty fruit bunch (EFB) used to be the discarded commodity from crude palm oil mill.  Not much application for the early stage.  Since past few years, the EFB has been salvaged and used for biomass burning as palm kernel shell.  The calorific value for EFB is much lower than palm kernel shell.

The EFB also goes through series process to retrieve fibre.  The long fiber will be used as fibre

EFB Pellet as Renewable Energy
EFB Pellet as Renewable Energy Source

mattress.  This oil palm mattress product has dominated huge market share in China.  This is the oil palm product that growth very fast for year 2010- 2012.

Another application for palm fibre is going through fermentation to become organic fertilizer or organic compost fertilizer.  The organic compost product can be used in almost all type of soil.

5. New oil palm product sector – EFB Pellet

EFB pellet is the new commodity from palm fiber, it also classified as oil palm products.  The short fiber which original unusable for fibre mattress will manufacture becomes EFB pellet.  The short fiber will be dry and compress becoming EFB pellet.  The EFB pellet can be made in 6mm or 8mm diameter, and 30mm in length.

EFB pellet could be used as a substitution of wood pellet or saw dust pellet.  We are seeing more industrial biomass boiler adapt EFB pellet as a burning resource.

Malaysia become EFB pellet manufacturer because the country is reached in EFB fibre.

The product from oil palm is enormous.  In this article, we only raise a few of oil palm products that commonly seen.  We believe more application of oil palm should have developed.  Not surprise to see more oil palm products in near future.

House for Rent at Kampar

Kampar House for Rent

I am seeing the needs for house rental at Kampar, and lately I come across a Kampar house for rent.  Kampar is located in lower Perak Malaysia.

Kampar House for rent
Kampar House for rent

Before North-South highway in commence 20 over years ago, all the car travel from North Malaysia to Kuala Lumpur need to travel across Kampar city.  Several years ago, UTAR university open it branch in Kampar, this welcome another surge for more population moving into this city.

I had come across a house for rent at Kampar which I think worth for money.  Here are a few summary about this house.

Kampar House for Rent – Location

This is a double storey terrace house with land area of 22*70ft.  This terrace house comprises of 4 rooms, 3 bath room, 1 living hall and kitchen.

This house is strategically located between UTAR and Kampar Bandar Baru new township, a safe and peace neighborhood.  The house could access to Tesco within 5 minute driving distance and 7 minute to Kampar old town.  The house is 15min walking distance to the UTAR College.

This double storey house is newly renovated, equip with bed, furniture, cardboard, ceiling fan and cooking facility make the house in ready stay mode.  The kitchen also equip with washing machine, stove and cabinet for cooking purpose.

I have come across several rental houses in Kampar unfortunately most of the cleanliness and staying environment is not up to standard.

Kampar house  - room
Kampar house – room

Kampar House for Rent – Furniture and Layout

  • Fully equip.

    This Kampar house is very best either student or family living.  The house comes along with washing machine, refrigerator.  The living room furnishes with table and chair so that we could have a lot of activity in this spacious living room.  Every room equip with bed and cardboard.

  • Spacious and not congested.

    Kampar house - kitchen
    Kampar house – kitchen

    The location of the house is facing an empty space and not crowded.  Tenant can always have the luxury for spacious life style.

  • Good air ventilation and windy.

    Kampar is a place renowned for good air ventilation, this benefit also apply to this house.

  • Reasonable Rental.

    Rental is an important factor while come to house rental.  Taking location, furnish and environmental into consideration, the rental should be very attractive for tenant.

Who is the Best Suitable Rental?

UTAR College students are best resident for renting this house.  Close walking distance and decent living condition make the student could more focus in their study and ready for next career plan.

This house also best suit for family staying.  Newly renovate and equip with standard facility make this house easier for rental without a lot of hassle.


For any interested party who wanted to rent this Kampar house, please kindly contact call 016-5599263.

My Best Android Tablet Review

I spot an Android Tablet on the shelf and ready to write a review about my best Android tablet.

Best Android Tablet Review
Best Android Tablet Review

It has been awhile tablet PC invaded in our live, eventually I am getting my very first and best 9.7-inch Android tablet.  In this review report, I am going to share some of the main features for this best Android tablet.  The model I am getting is Max-M1.

Review 1. System for Android Tablet

Apple IPAD is having one of the robust iOS system and leading the touch screen table pc market.  Many consumers dream about Apple product.  However, the world need another alternative, this is how Android OS come into place.  The Android system is belongs to Google mobile OS, and it has largest market share.

Samsung tablet is using Google Android OS system.  The Android tablet PC which I currently buy is using Android 4.0.4 version.

Review 2. Screen Resolution for Tablet

The screen resolution is the major concern I have on this tablet.  I do not want to stare at any tablet with low screen resolution as this going to torture the eye-side.  The touch screen resolution is 1024*768.  More over the surface touch screen for this table pc is made of 4:3 all angle IPS glass, which is the same as Apple IPAD product.  This touch screen tablet consist of 10 points conductive screen

I love this Android tablet at the moment I spot this unit, it stand out become the best from the market.

Review 3. Processor Speed for Android Tablet

This model is build with Dual Core Cortex A9 chip with 1.6GHz frequency.  The tablet pc consist DDR3 series 1G RAM.  This makes this Android tablet having a best movement effect during the operation.  The image flow with my finger movement whiles my finger moving around on the touch screen.


  1. Camera

    .  The tablet comes with front and rear camera.  The front camera should be the must have item for those IM lover.  I should be using this front camera more frequent than the rear camera.  Unfortunately the front camera comes with 1.3M Pixel whereby the rear camera is 2.0M pixel.  Anyway, camera is not my main concern as I have other gear for photography purpose.

  2. Storage memory

    .  The unit comes with 16G storage memory, it is able to support up to 32G via the external TF card.

  3. Battery Capability

    .  7.4V with 4000mAh Li battery makes the tablet could last for several hours.  I just got this unit be fully charge up yesterday evening, and has been using for 56minutes with 75% battery left.

  4. Movie Support Format

    .  RM, RMVS, AVI, FLV, WMV, MKV & MP4 are the entire supporting format.

  5. Image support format

    .  JPG, BMP, GIF format.

  6. Wifi & 3G

    .  The table comes with Wifi but not 3G available.  However this Android tablet support the 3G dongle in case I need to use 3G function.

Review 5. The best extension capability for Android Tablet

The best part for this tablet is it extension availability.  I would like to write more about this extension review unfortunately I could only do it in other review.  By large, this table is having several extension, HOST, USB, HDMI, TF & ear phone.

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This is my very first Android tablet.  The review is mainly focus on what I am looking at while buying this best Android tablet.  TQ for your time reading my best Android tablet review, appreciate leaving comments after reading this review about my best Android Tablet.

Fuji Stop Motion Film Supply

Fuji has just announced they will stop supply motion film start from year 2013, the reason is a digital has come into the role.

Fuji Stop Motion Film Supply
Fuji Stop Motion Film

My Experience about Fuji Film

I have several 35mm camera that be part of my hobby many years back.  Kodak and Fuji used to be the 2 iconic film producers for many photography lovers including myself.  Many years back, I started my photography hobby with Kodak film than slowly move to Fuji film after tried out the Fuji Velvia50.

Fuji Provia (RDP III) is the film I used most for my general landscape or trip photography.

I used to the film speed, colour retention and having confident what this Fuji film can give me before I am pressing the shuttle.

I do use Fuji Velvia100 on and off, however Fuji Provia is my 1st choice film cartridge in my bag.

Why Fuji Stop Motion Film Production?

In the press release, it said that Fuji going to stop the motion film production, however in the article it never stated if this also affected the 35mm camera film.

Even though discontinue or stop of motion Fuji film is not surprise to me, but I do feel sad while reading the news.  Digital era has come into pace even faster than many people expected.  Just look around us, people is equipped with various digital cameras instead of 35mm camera.  SLR has been replaced with DSLR, the market share for 35mm film is slimming.

Who kill the Fuji motion film production?  Technology or the user?

What other alternative we have after Fuji Stop Motion Film Supply?

Grain size or granular is kind of the intimate feel for film lover.  Fuji Provia is having the finest grain size among all the films available in the market.  I really love to see the enlarge photo printed from Fuji Provia film.  The red colour is well retain without over saturated.

I am not very sure what will be the alternative we have after Fuji stop motion film supply, probably none.  Instead of crying for the missing, why not enjoy the current moment.

As a human, we need to learn leaving with dismiss, this include the cease production for Fuji motion film.