About Fever or Flu

My family was encountering severe flu on end Nov, it takes us several weeks for recovering. The flu starts from my daughter complaining sore throat which even cause her unable to swallow. The flu virus spread to all family members within a week.

A doctor was visiting us during my son fall into high fever, he furbished us with many relevant knowledge during his consultation and diagnosis to my son. After our recovering, I have putting up some time to summarize some knowledge which I learn about fever. This is how this article being created.

Are you in Fever?

Normal body temperature is for baby: normal baby arm pit temperature fall in the range between 36.0 ℃ -37.4 ℃. However there are slight differences for spring, autumn and winter. The average temperature of three different seasons is 36.6 ℃ in the morning, 36.9 ℃ in the afternoon. During the summer season, the body temperature will raise to 36.9 ℃ in the morning and 37 ℃ in the afternoon. In some occasion, especially during summer season, 50% of a baby arm pit temperature may raise up to 37 ℃. Although the body temperature is higher than other season, through observation, the baby did not have any abnormal conditions. So a slightly high temperature of the baby is not necessarily symptoms of fever, the baby’s parents has to make judgment base on the actual case.

We also notice that the baby arm pit temperature may fluctuate due to other factors. For instance in the evening, the baby’s body temperature tends to be higher than in the morning. While baby eating, crying or after exercise, the body temperature will temporarily rise. If the baby wears too thick clothing, the temperature will rise too. If your baby has this modest fluctuations in body temperature, as long as he is in good condition, mobility and no other signs and symptoms, generally should not be considered sick.

What Body Temperature Consider as Fever?

The baby consider as normal while the baby arm pit temperature fall between 36.0 ℃ -37.4 ℃. When the body temperature raise above 37.5 ℃, at the range 37.5 -38.4 , this consider as low fever stage. When baby arm pit temperature rise above 38.5 , this considers high fever. At this moment, medication has to apply to the baby or send the baby to hospital for treatment. In occasion, the baby tends to have recurrent fever during the evening or night time.

Parents have to pay attention while the baby experience high fever. If high fever not handled properly, it will cause adverse effect to the baby, such as epilepsia which could lead to child death. In addition, high fever will cause electrolyte imbalance, dehydration which leads to acidosis. There are several hazardous for children high fever:

  • High fever cramps: Generally children below 6 months or more than 6 years-old shall not encounter high fever cramp. Only 2-5% of the children from 1 – 6 years-old may encounter high fever cramp. Cramp normally occurs when a sudden surge in high fever, the high fever cramp mostly will happen once. If the parent able to handle properly, the high fever cramp shall not affect children’s health. However, repeated or persistent high fever cramps can cause cerebral hypoxia and brain damage.
  • Brain damage due to high fever: In general, fever shall not affect body organ as the fever is the natural reaction from the body to resist inflammation further damage the body. While the temperature raise above 41 ℃, the protein in the body will further breakdown into other substance, this causing cerebral edema, the child may death because of encephalopathy In this scenario, we have to take immediate action while a child’s fever raise beyond 40℃.
  • Dehydration: During summer season, moisture will evaporate more via child breathing and skin evaporation than any other While during fever stage, every increase of 1 ℃ temperature, the body will evaporate 0.5ml of water per kilogram of body weight per hour. The body will lose much more water especially we are taking the fever medicine and may cause dehydration. Dehydration will affect body metabolism and blood circulation (dehydration itself can cause fever for infant), and also cause acidosis. Therefore, children must be encouraged to intake more water while under fever stage, in some cases, doctor may instruct for transfusion.
  • Hypernatremia or hyponatremia: During early fever stage due to dehydration, blood’s sodium concentration raise, will cause dry mouth Patient may feels very thirsty, irritability, unconscious or even cramps. Heat will rise even higher. After several days of fever, the patient may encounter poor diet, hyponatremia, tiring or even unconscious. These symptoms common happen on malnourished infants.

Other Symptoms during Fever Stage

Cold hands and feet during fever stage: During baby fever stage, the baby body temperature regulation is poorer; this will cause the hands and feet cold symptoms. This is a normal scenario and parents need not worry too much.

Causes of cold hands and feet while baby fever: During fever stage, cold hands and feet are the symptoms for fever. This symptom normally happens on child below 3 years-old. This is because the baby (especially infants) has less blood circulation at the finger and feet.

In addition, the development of the baby’s nerve system is not yet perfects, blood vessel may contract and lead to less blood circulation on finger and feet.

Some parents do not understand this situation, when they found cold hand or leg, they misinterpret the baby is getting a cold. The parent even tightly wraps the baby with thick blanket. The baby’s body temperature unable to disseminate and the temperature will rise higher, this will lead to high fever or fever cramp.

Baby having fever and cold hands symptoms: Parent could give the baby drink warm water, maintain good indoor ventilation. Cold hands and feet are usually symptoms of fever. If the baby body temperature does not exceed 38.5 ℃, apply physical cooling maybe sufficient. When the body temperature beyond 38.5 ℃, medicine should apply to avoid develop into bronchitis and pneumonia. Visit doctor and perform blood test, to check whether there is any inflammation.

Rash after baby fever:

Children acute rash, also known as roseola or rash, is caused by a viral infection. It can occur throughout the year, especially common see in spring and autumn season. Children acute rash incubation period is about 10-15 days. Although it is a contagious disease but consider is may not be widely spread as measles or chickenpox infection.

Children acute rash mainly happen in infant between 6-18 months-old. The rashes will just appears within several hours, meanwhile comes together with a body temperature rises at 39 to 40 . Patients with high fever may associate with early severe seizures, with some slight running nose, cough, eyelid edema. The patient may comes along with poor appetite, nausea, vomiting, mild diarrhea or constipation, together with throat inflammation.


Fever after three to five days especially while the body temperature reduce to normal, baby body may appears various reddish rashes, the rash will start from chest and abdomen, and soon spread to whole body. The rash in medicine called “fever rash”. The fever rash is having 5-15 days incubation period, there are 2 stages of following symptoms:

  • Body temperaturereaches39-40 ℃,but the babyin good condition.2) come along with febrile seizures, cough,swollenlymph nodes, earache and other symptoms.
  • 4 daysafter fever, the symptoms are:1) the temperaturequickly returned to normal. 2) small , clear pink colour rash located at head and body area, it may last for four days.

Causes of baby fever:

  1. Cold : Cold or flu is the most common diseases for baby. Cold symptoms varies, normally comes together with fever, loss of appetite, stomach upset, diarrhea, ENT problems.
  2. ENT inflammation: ENT problems often relate to inflammation by viral infection, it comes along with swelling effect. May have fever, cough, running nose, throat irritation (babies are often reluctant to eat) and other symptoms.
  3. Roseola: Typical symptoms with high fever (39 ℃ above), lasts about 3-4 days, then rash (when fever recede) will slowly disappear, leaving no scars, no other complications, parents need not worry.
  4. Vaccination: We have seen many incidents that the baby may encounter low fever after the vaccination especially after vaccination for “diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus”. We recommend baby not suitable for vaccination while having flu symptoms, this is to avoid misinterpretation during the diagnosis stage. The baby shall with close custody and observation for 72 hours after the vaccination. If any flu symptoms appear after 72 hours, the flu may not cause by the vaccination.

What shall we do while baby fever above 38.5 degree:

The baby shall go to hospital for further diagnosis and medication while the baby temperature is beyond 38.5 ℃ especially the baby has a history of seizures.

Within 1 years- old baby, preferably with drops, as drop has minor irritating to baby. For 2 years-old and above, recommend select oral antipyretics solution. Elder child could consider chewable tablets with fruit flavored.

What shall we do while baby fever below 38.5 ℃:

Baby fever below 38.5 , recommend apply with physical cooling. Parents should pay close observation, analyze the reasons of fever while performing physical cooling. Do not rush for medication as it may mislead the cause during diagnosis.

Fever is a nature human body reaction to defense further invaded of virus or bacterial infection. During inflammation, it will accelerate blood circulation, strengthen metabolism; this include enhance of liver detoxification to inhibit the growth and reproduction microorganisms in the body; white blood cells and limb cells will destroy pathogenic microorganisms to promote inflammation subsided.

Baby fever is most common and difficult moment for parents, and always wanted to find a way to reduce baby’s body temperature. In reality, parents are advice to calm down, identify the cause of baby fever, takes appropriate action reducing baby fever symptoms.

How to Remove Coconut Fibre or Coconut Coir

Remove Coconut fibreTeluk Intan to Bagan Datoh area is the main coconut plantation in Malaysia. Even though most of the plantation is planting oil palm tree but there still have some coconut plantation. There is a Coconut Institute government sector located in Bagan Datoh.

Coconut has many species and application. One of the reason we are buying coconut is for drink purpose. Most of the coconut sitting in supermarket shelf for sell are always free from it outer layer fibre. I always wonder how good or how effective the coconut fibre could be removes, because it is so thick and dense. Until I am seeing the worker peeling the coconut coir, I am very sure, this could be the most effect way.

Remove Coconut Fibre

A coconut is covered with a thick coconut fibre or coir, the thick coconut fibre shall be removed before it start shipping to city for drinking purpose. The thick coconut fibre layer has to removed in order for saving transportation and storage cost, secondly the coconut fibre also has other application which worth for money.

I had made a visit to one of the coconut factory in Bagan Datoh area. The owner bring me to his work space and storage. It is an open space factory building full with coconut and it separated parts, such as fibre layer, coconut shell and inner layer of coconut fresh.

There are total 5 workers gather at one area, they are at standing position of peeling the coconut fibre.

Surrounding them, there are several pile up of coconut fibre and removed fibre coconut. The workers are experience workers with several years peeling fibre experience. They are able to peel 800-1000 coconut per hour.

Tool for Peeling coconut fibre

The tool for removing the coconut fibre is pretty simple, just a sharp spade size tool standing on the ground. The worker will inject the coconut into the sharp spade, with a simple peeling action, the coconut fibre is separated from the shell. With 3 to 4 peeling, the entire coconut fibre is removed, the whole process takes less than 10 second.

There is no other tool involve besides the sharp spade tool.

Illustration of peeling or removing the coconut fibre

I know sometime is very hard for me to illustrate the peeling action, but it will be more easy if I could illustrate by video clip. You could see this peeling action via clicking “Peeling Coconut Fibre”.

My visit to this coconut workshop is a fruitful trip to me. I learn a lot via the short trip.

Now we already understand how the worker remove the coconut fibre, we will discuss other coconut application in other article.


SZ Window of The WorldShenzhen city is a metropolitan city located in southern China. Shenzhen name after Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou as the biggest 4 city in China. She has more than 16million population leave, work, play and stay in this city.

Shenzhen has spent 25 years developed from a small fishing village move to a metropolitan city. China government has putting a lot of effort to growth this city.

In this article, we are going to high light some places, food or events which most of the people will love to do.

Transportation System in Shenzhen

SZ MRT map
SZ MRT map

Shenzhen city is covered with comprehensive transportation network. You could access to almost any places with public transport, this include buses, taxi and MRT train. You could travel with taxi if you want prompt action. In general, transportation should not be the reason stopping you moving within the city.

Shenzhen also has very good interlink public transport system linking to other city, such as dedicate high speed train from Shenzhen to Guangzhou, Fujian, Shanghai and Beijing.

Shenzhen also having an airport cater for domestic and international flight. You could always consider flying into Shenzhen and then making this the intermediate city before moving to your next destination.

Where to Stay in Shenzhen

Shenzhen equip with many hotels. You could find the range from 5 star hotels or budget hotel base on your own preferences and budeget.

I have not much say about those 5 star hotel, but not every one has the budget to stay in 5 star hotel. However there are many nudget hotels you if you are looking for a clean bed and hot shower. You could always consider 7-days Inn.

Must Go Places in Shenzhen


Huaqiangbei in Futian district is famous for it electrical and electronic gadget. Many of our daily use electronic gadget such as smart phone, tablet, computer pheripheral, electronic device are able to locate in Huaqiangbei.

SaiGe building definitely is the high-light for Huaqiangbei, but the traffic has slowly diversify to other building, but SaiGe still one of the bench mark market place for electronic.

DongMen (East Gate)

If electronic gadget is means for man, then DongMen is for women. DongMen or East Gate in LuoHu district is a place mainly for clothes. It is a good shopping place for all latest season clothes. This is also a place jam pack with shopping people and youngster.

Foods to Try in Shenzhen city

You can find many kind of cuisines in Shenzhen, however I still strongly recommend you could try some foods here.

TimSum. This is a typical Cantonese cuisine. There are many famous restaurant in Guangdong province, same as Shenzhen. Most of the Cantonese cuisine restaurant does provide TimSum for breakfast and brunch. It always worth to try.

ChangSaMiFen. This is a nuddle shop has more than 10years in Shenzhen, Now, the shop has many francise outlet within the city. I always make a visit to a ChangSaMiFen shop in Huaqiangbei.

This article should be a never ending article, I will add in more information about Shenzhen city from time to time, hope you love it.

SZ Airport to JingTian Station

SZ MRT map
SZ MRT map

Shenzhen already move to new airport about 2 years. This new airport is definitely bigger, passenger has to spend sometime to adapt for the change.

One thing I want to high light is that Shenzhen  airport is no more directly link with the Shenzhen (SZ) MRT station. You have to catch a shuttle bus service in case you want access to SZ city by MRT.  Down load the comprehensive SZ MRT map here, pdf download.

Over here, I am going to show you some choices if you want to travel from SZ airport to JingTian station, a housing estate in SZ Futian District.

Transport Choices from SZ Airport to JingTian

There are several choices tou could consider:

  • By Taxi.  This is most convenient way to go.  It will takes about 30-45min with the fare within RMB100, the taxi driver will send you to JingTian.  Even though this is the convenient way, but be prepared to have a long que in taxi area.
  • By Bus.  There is a direct bus from airport to JingTian, this is Bus #.   You should get down at the station Chinese Medicine Hospital.  You have to walk for a while before reaching the JingTian housing estate.  Since this is the express bus, the journey is about 1hour reaching JingTian.  Be prepare for long interval especially during night time.
  • By MRT.  Most of the MRT station in SZ service until 10:30 – 11:00pm or even late.  If your flight is not too late, you still be able to catch the MRT to the city.  The whole journey will takes about 1hour 20min.
    1. Move to the yellow colour shuttle bus from SZ airport to nearest MRTstation, Hou Rui Station(后).
    2. Now you are in the Green Colour LuoHu to BaoAn MRT line.
    3. There are more than 15 stop before you reach Window of the World Station, this is the inter-change station to JingTian line.
    4. Get down the from Green colour line MRT and follow the instruction access to JinTian Line (Yellow colour line)
    5. After another 7 stop, the MRT will be in JingTian station.
    6. There are exit D, F available in JingTian station. You will find MacDonald at Exit D.

Hope you are still with me after the long explaination. You will still be able using similar method if you want to go other places in SZ.

Could I get Other Transport Arrangement?

SZ is a metropolitan city in southern China, nothing is impossible. Perhaps this city also adapting latest information to ensure it competitiveness.

There are other choices in case you want more than above traditional way of transportation. You could download DiDi Taxi app in the web, make your reservation, the driver will pick you up in the airport. This DiDi Taxi App is something like Uber but own by Tencent, one of the largest instant messenger company.

In short, Shenzhen airport is located about 25km away from the city, it is not very far indeed. The public transport infrastructure are well organize, even you arrive at late night in the airport, you will be rest assure there are still many choices for you moving to the city area.

Enjoy Shenzhen, the metropolitan city of Southern China.

AirAsia Promotes Kiosk Check In

Asia Ticketing Kiosk 1Many aviation carrier has promoted kiosk check in, same action for Air Asia, the world famous low cost carrier. AirAsia also promotes kiosk check in in KLIA 2 airport. We are seeing AirAsia is increasing passenger through out the year. Base on the pass development, AirAsia has moved from LCCT terminal to KLIA 2 terminal since year 2004, this new KLIA 2 airport is much bigger than LCCT to cope with increasing passenger.

Apart from moving to new facility, AirAsia also promotes kiosk check-in. While I am travelling abroad, I am seeing many airline carrier such as Cathay Pacific in Hong Kong also promotes kiosk check-in at Chek Lap Kok airport.

Why AirAsia Promotes Kiosk Check-In

Y-generation is the generation live with smartphone. Many information has been stored in the smartphone include flying itinerary. Instead of printing the flight itinerary, the passenger tends to show their flight booking number or ticket number to check in counter.

From my perspective, there are several advantages for using the check-in kiosk:

  • Save paper printing. Passenger do not require to print this itinerary or flight information for check in purpose.
  • Save man power. The flight carrier, Air Asia could save some extend of man power as the check-in activity is carrying out by kiosk and passenger.
  • Streamline check in procedure with minimize que time. The check-in kiosk only handle the check-in process, but not baggage drop-in. Hence the process time is shorten and faster. Passenger still have to proceed for baggage drop after the check-in at kiosk.

How Air Asia Promotes Kiosk Check InAir Asia baggage Drop Counter

Implementing kiosk check in or internet check in is definitely the trend for current aviation carrier activity.  Especially we are facing difficulty getting services personnel.  Many activities or services has been transferred to self-service kind of activity, and kiosk check-in is also part of the activity.

  • Less check-in counter. Many of the Air Asia check in counter in KLIA2 airport was converted to baggage drop off counter.  Passenger has to tolerate longer que if you want to perform counter check-in.
  • Collect charges for counter check-in.  For domestic passenger, Air Asia is collecting RM10 per passenger who want to perform counter check in.
  • Increase check-in kiosk availability and assesibility.  I am seeing many check-in kiosks located along the passenger baggage drop-off route.
  • User friendly kiosk check-in interface. Check-in with the kiosk is simple and straight forward.  Passenger only have to follow the instruction appears on the screen and with minimum data input.

Info Require for Kiosk Check-in

As long as you have the below 2 information, you are qualified for using the check in kiosk.

  • Flight booking number. You can select scaning the barcode on the flight booking itinerary or manually input the 6 digit ticket booking code.
  • Passport. You have to carry along your passport while performing the kiosk check-in. You will be requested to place your passport on the destinated place so that the kiosk will read the passport info to act as a proof for personal identify their existence.

Once your check-in is successful, the check-in kiosk will print out a nice boarding pass showing your boarding details. With this newly printed boarding pass, you could proceed to baggage drop counter before entering the immigration area.

Overall speaking, it is still very convenient using the check-in kiosk. With minimum English literature needs, you could understand the procedure and action needs in order to accomplish the kiosk check-in. Next time while you are flying via KLIA 2 airport, please pay your attention to this kiosk, maybe you want to try using this check-in kiosk too!

Apply China VISA in Malaysia

China becomes more famous in modern regime, this apply to Malaysian too. Every year, there are a lot Malaysian citizen visiting China for various purpose, such as tourist, visiting relative, working abroad, etc. Apply China VISA has become common in today life.

Obtaining a China VISA still consider relatively straight forward. As long as you do not have bad record or having political agenda, Malaysian citizen should be easily awarded with tourist VISA for 30days.

My China VISA expired last month, just several months before my passport mature. After changed a new passport, I paid a visit to China VISA Application Centre in KL to apply my VISA. As a frequent traveller, I am applying 2 years multiple entry up to 180 days staying.

How Could I Apply My China VISA

There are 2 ways you could obtain your China VISA:

I personal make my application in the Application Centre in order for me to clear up some doubt.

Information about China VISA Application

China VISA Application Service Centre has established a website for China VISA application, you could visit their website at www.visaforchina.org for information. You could fill up the info through the website but you have to print it out and manually submitted to the VISA Service Centre for application. You could submit by yourselves or through an agent.

Malaysia MRT Map
Malaysia MRT Map

The China VISA Application Service Centre in Kuala Lumpur is located at Hamsphire Office Place, Ampang, KL. It is about 7minutes walking distance from Ampang Park MRT station.

China VISA centre used to occupy the floor at OSK building, a building next to the main street. Recently the centre has moved to Hamsphire Office Place which about 200m inner than OSK building.

Material Requires for China VISA Application

China government has implemented stringent rule for VISA application. You have to submit an appropriate application with proof in order for the officer to approve your China VISA application.

For a Malaysian who wants to apply multiple entry VISA, here are the information you have to prepare:

  • Fill up the application form
  • 2” personal photo
  • An Invitation Letter with the contents:
    1. The Apply Letter should come out from China sponsor
    2. Purpose of visit
    3. Date and duration for the visit
    4. Staying address during the visit
    5. Expenses during the stay
    6. Sponsor particular
    7. Visitor particular
  • Proof of relation with the China sponsor
  • A front cover copy of your passport

Over here, I had prepared a template for Invitation Letter in Chinese literature; you are welcome to download for your convenient use.

Fees for applying China VISA

The fee for getting China VISA comes in tier format. Applicant has to pay much higher in case you want to collect the next day. If you are able to wait for 4 working days, the fare is pretty reasonable.

For a 2 years multiple entry VISA, the fare is RM178.30. You only have to pay the fee during the collection.

VISA Collection

My passport together with the application materials were scrutinized reviewed by the officer. They will counter check the info before accept your application and passport. The Service Centre will return a receipt indicate the pickup date and VISA categories.

You can always appoint a proxy to collect the passport and VISA.

Other Services in Application Centre

Since this is the VISA Application Service Centre, they do provide some extra services for the convenient of applicant. You could find the services include:

  • Photography and printing
  • File printing
  • Document photocopy

The China VISA application process is very systematic and convenient; all process is clearly stated with details requirement. Obviously China is learning and improving a lot, this could be easily felt during my China VISA application process.

An easy and convenient shown during the VISA application makes traveller more comfortable to travel in the country. I hope my summary article will ease up reader in applying China VISA, wish you have an enjoyment trip and stay in China.

Know More about KLIA 2 Airport

KLIA2 Sign Board
KLIA2 Sign Board

KLIA2 airport is the second international airport in Malaysia which I myself still deploying. Every year I am using this airport transmit to other country or city, so I am seeing some improvement which I think worth to share with the reader here.

In our previous article about Malaysia KLIA2 airport, I think this airport deserve further write up to cover some details which even a frequent flyer could miss out.

International Gate P & Q in KLIA2 Airport

KLIA2 Opening CeremonyInternational entrance located at the centre of KLIA2 airport, this entrance comes with a significant sign board which we should not mess out with domestic flight. Further more, the security officer at the entrance will double check your ticket before you entering the entrance.

In this area, you will go through

  • Malaysia immigration. Malaysia immigration officer will review your passport or other travel document. This part is pretty quick. For Malaysia passport holder, you have the luxury to go through the E-gate. For foreigner, the que is never too long!   Aboarding Malaysia is quite convenient.
  • Immigration check. You will come across kind of security check right after the immigration, however this is not the aviation security check. This is just a custom check with the purpose to ensure you are not carrying items which forbidded by the Malaysia custom. I got confuse while I start using this KLIA 2 airport. I pour away the water in my bottle, take out my computer from my back pack and even take down my belt. These actions are no necessary. You just have to let your belonging scan, and this is the deal.
  • Gate P, Q and L. This is the most critical part in Malaysia KLIA2 airport, at least from my own opinion. If you are not paying attention after the the immigration, you are most likely ahead to Gate P or Q but you are going to miss out the Gate L. Passenger who depart via Gate L, you have to keep to the right after the immigration. You will be direct to a escalator and immediately move to the underground level for security check.
  • Shopping arcade. You will welcome with various duty free shops if you are departing via Gate P. After the the shopping arcade, then you will lead to the security check.


Enjoy Coffee before Entering the Plane

If you are a coffee maniac, one of the beauties of KLIA 2 airport is that you could find coffee shop even after the security check. This means you could have a cup of coffee right before entering the plane.

If you are just an ordinary passenger who just need to fill up your water canister, you are still able to get one water dispenser in either Gate P or Gate Q. The challenge is that the water dispenser locate almost at the back end of the long walking haul. Reserve some time in case you want to fill up your water canister.

For my case, I always fill up my water canister with warm water. This really help me a lot during my journey.

Be prepare Long Walking Distance

Walking is almost unavoidable if you are taking your flight via KLIA 2 airport. KLIA airport has inter-train connected between the departure hall to the aeroplane satellite centre, however in KLIA 2 airport, you have to do this by your own foot.

Reserve sufficient time so that you do not have to rush.

TrolleyTrolley Availability in KLIA2 airport

I am kind of a traveller who carry my back pack into the plane. I always looks for a small trolley after the immigration check. In the terminal of KLIA 2 airport, the trolley availability is much lesser than other airport. You have to looks around once you go through the immigration check. I would strongly recommended you spend sometime to get your trolley.


No doubt KLIA2 airport still consider a relatively new internation airport in Malaysia, there would be a lot changes along the time. Be prepare and stay tune if you are seeing some improvement or changes while you are travelling via this airport. I appreciate you will write down your comments to share with other reader about your observation about this airport.

Experience in KLIA 2 Airport

KLIA2 Sign Board
KLIA2 Sign Board

KLIA 2 already in commence since May 2014. This latest international gateway is to substitute the LCCT terminal which has been used for several years. No doubt KLIA 2 is contemparary in design and structure, infrastructure and overall modern concept. It is good to write down something about this new flight carrier so that we could experience some change along the time.

KLIA 2 infrastructure project is delay several before it finalize and in commence on year 2014. The project has been “upgraded” from its initial design.  For the past few years, we are seeing many developments progress in flight terminal, such as China Guangzhou & Shenzhen expand flight terminal, Hong Kong is one of the busiest airport in Asia also expanding to adopt more flight. I guess this is part of the reason Malaysia Airport Management Committee also want to catch up the terminal upgrade operation.

Even though KLIA 2 is so grand, but it mainly cope for AirAsia, the famous low cost flight carrier. Whereby KLIA still remain for others flight carrier, such as MAS, Cathay, SQ.



As mention earlier, KLIA 2 is to replace LCCT, before we talk about KLIA 2, let us review what about these 2 terminals.

LCCT stands for Low Cost Carrier Terminal. From the name itself, we could quickly label this terminal is build for function.

KLIA 2 stands for The Second Kuala Lumpur International Airport. The first KLIA is operating since year 1997 and in year 2014 we have this KLIA 2.  KLIA 2 located nearer to KLIA whereby LCCT is further away from KLIA.

Interior Layout for KLIA 2 Airport

Larger in Area.  No doubt, KLIA 2 is much bigger than LCCT terminal. The terminal


comes in several level for departure, arrival and food level, it also has indoor car park which bring the biggest convenient to the passenger.

Food and other Stalls. There are more food stalls accommodate in KLIA 2. You can find almost all the famous franchise food stall in KLIA 2 such as Old Town, McDonald, KFC, Burger. There are also several souvenir shops, ice-cream shop around. If you want to try local food court type of dining experience, please go to level 2M. I have spent some time wondering at this place, hope you have the same experience too!

Banking service. Maybank is located at the entrance of departure hall. You are able to make your final bank transaction before the departure.

High-light for KLIA 2 Airport

  • KLIA2 Long Walk Way
    KLIA2 Long Walk Way

    Check in and luggage drop-in. You can check-in in the counter once it operate however the luggage drop in only available within 3 hours before the flight departure.  I have to spend an hour having my meal before deliver my luggage for check in.

  • Immigration check and security check. You will be surprised because you have to go through 2 times of “security” check!  After understanding with the authority, the immediate check point right after the immigration is the customs immigration check.  After you walking in the departure hall after the immigration, follow the P or Q wing.  Right before you enter the respective wing, you will go through a security check which fulfil international security standard.  Make sure you do not over carry or purchase any liquid type of substance in the duty free area.
  • Long Walking Distance.  KLIA 2 is definitely bigger than LCCT, and perhaps it needs more walking even compares to KLIA airport.  There is no railway shuttle service transferring passenger from immigration hall to the departure wing.  I take almost 30minute with decent walking speed before reaching in the departure hall.
  • Internet Connection.  You can have free but limited time internet connection while you are in KLIA2.  From my experience, I have to try several times before my computer is successfully connected to KLIA free internet.  Furthermore, the connection is less reliable whereby you have to re-connect after it was disconnected.
  • Duty free shop.  There are several duty free shops in the KLIA2 departure area.  Unfortunately there are many shops still under renovation.

Accommodation in KLIA 2 Airport

Capsule Hotel in KLIA 2
Capsule Hotel in KLIA 2

Every airport should equip with accommodation facilities for traveller convenient.  Traveller may not necessary looking for a comprehensive standard of hotel, they rather prefer a decent place where they could have a shower and short rest before their next flight depart.  KLIA 2 has many choices of accommodation under this condition.

There are several options for traveller in KLIA 2 could choose if they want to have decent and safe place for a rest.

  • Tune Hotel.  This budget hotel is located next to the KLIA 2 airport.  You could reach the departure counter by walking distance. Always book your room at Tune Hotel website.
  • The Capsule located in the basement of KLIA 2.  The Capsule is the latest setup in KLIA 2 offering traveller even 3-6hours rest.  With a minimum RM60, you could enjoy 3 hours rest in the clean and unique capsule, of course for a shower too.
  • Premium Lounge.  The Premium Lounge is at the level 2M.  The intermediate level between departure level and arrival level.  You have to pay RM68 per person.
  • Odyssey Thai Massage.  I even consider Thai massage could be another choice if you looking for a short rest.  This Thai massage centre locates at Level 2M, next to Premium Lounge.  However, the price list shows RM168 for a massage service.

In short, KLIA 2 is definitely larger and beautiful than LCCT.  I don’t really feel bore wondering in this new airport terminal.  Hope you like this KLIA 2 airport terminal as well.

Know More About Bagan Datoh

We have written several articles about fishing village especially in Lower Perak area, however we should not miss out Bagan Datoh. Even though Bagan Datoh is not the largest fishing village in Lower Perak area, however it is the furdest one in the region.

Besides fishing village, Bagan Datoh also gains extra exposure in Malaysia as this is also the home town for Malaysia Home Affair Minister, Datuk Ahmad Zahid. Even though with a minister coming out from this fishing village, there is not much information we could learn from this place.

If you happened to perform a search of “bagan datoh” from Google, you could see traveler or hotel website are occupying 2/3 of the top 30 search result. Not much information we could know from this village. Perak government has put in a major development plan for Bagan Datoh however the social exposure still far left behind.

I am not born in Bagan Datoh, but I am seeing an opportunity whereby I could consolidate some useful information about this place so everyone who wants to visit this place could always refer. Moreover, you are also welcome to write down some comments about this town after your visit.

How to Reach Bagan Datoh?

Route to Bagan Datoh
Route to Bagan Datoh

If you are coming out from Plus highway, you have to heading to Teluk Intan town. Bagan Datoh is about 40km away from Teluk Intan.

Even though Bagan Datoh is just a small village but the road is well build with double lane per side. The road is fairly good but with some small waviness. You may see some trucks which full with oil palm.

Along the journey to Bagan Datoh, you will encounter oil palm plantation and coconut plantation. Believe it or not, this area is the largest coconut plantation area in west Malaysia. You should not be too bore along the journey.

What Special about Bagan Datoh?

Bagan Datoh is a fishing village directly facing the Melacca strait however the fishing role in Bagan Datoh is diminished. The Perak government has latest development plan for Bagan Datoh such as:

  • Build up a bridge connecting Bagan Datoh with Lumut.
  • Setup an immigration spot for people travel between Malaysia to Indonesia Medan.
  • Tourist and Historical Centre.

Of course, the above plans will take several years in order to accomplish. As one of the frequent visitor to this area, I am looking forward for the development at this area.

Site Seeing in Bagan Datoh

I do not think there is any unique site seeing spot in Bagan Datoh, but this does not means you could omit this fishing village. There are several leisure activities you could consider.

  • Restaurant. There are several seafood restaurants in Bagan Datoh township, however do not expect those are very grant restaurant. One thing for sure, you can always enjoy fresh sea food with home cook attitude.
  • Leisure spot. The local society has working very hard introducing Bagan Datoh with some history events, personally this is still very small village which left with limited history remarks. Walking along the jetty could be a good choices to enjoy the relax sea breeze.
  • Fishing. There are many spots you could fish in Bagan Datoh. You could see many people fishing around the jetty area. Be careful your belonging and more importance don’t get over excited avoiding miss-step.

The jetty in Bagan Datoh is a newly build concrete structure. This is actually a good place to enjoy the breezing no matter day or evening. Many local residents in Bagan Datoh area is fishing on the jetty. This is a non-fencing jetty that you have to be cautious enough as you don’t want to be too excited finally end up in the river.

Bagan Datoh has only a small town ship. People over here is quite relax and slower in pace.

I don’t See Fishing Boat in Bagan Datoh

In Bagan Datoh, the fishing boat is mostly “sampan” or small boat. B grade or C grade fishing boats are all migrated to other fishing village such as Bagan Pasir or Hutan Melintang. I think this is due to Bagan Datoh has less fishery factory.

Economic Status for Bagan Datoh

Fishing is no more the main income stream for Bagan Datoh. Oil palm plantation, coconut plantation and agriculture have gained better position for this township.

Getting to Know Sanding Sponge

Set of Sanding Sponge
Sanding Sponge

I was looking for a sand paper the other day in a hardware shop.  I want to use the sand paper for removing some stain marks and corrosion marks on a metal column before applying metal paint. Now, we have more choices for stain removal.  I was introduced for a sanding sponge for surface stain removal.

The hardware shop owner told me the sand sponge is the latest product for surface stain removal.  The abrasive bonded on the sand sponge is more secure than sand paper and the size is also favour on holding.

I know the sanding sponge is slightly expensive than sand paper, but why not giving it a try. At least I could test the latest technology in the industry.

Feeling of Sanding Sponge

The sponge comes in quite handy size, about 95mm length by 45mm width.  They have 3 difference kinds of abrasive size, coarse, medium and fine abrasive.  I am selecting the coarser sanding sponge as I have to remove the corrosion mark on the metal column.

Sanding Sponge
Sanding Sponge

The coarse abrasive bonding is about 70grit (see abrasive grit conversion table), almost similar to the sand paper I am normally using.  I find some advantageous on using the sanding sponge:

  • Easier in handling the sponge during the stain removal process.
  • The abrasive is better or long lasting while removing.
  • More convenient while removing the edge or inner surface.
  • The sponge stiffness able to withstand polishing process.
  • The abrasive bonding on the sponge is very good, not easy to drop off.

More Study in Sanding Sponge

I do perform in depth understanding about sanding sponge after using one for myself.  I found that currently not many sellers in Amazon are selling sanding sponge besides 3MMaxwaytec Engineering in Malaysia is one of the sellers for sanding sponge.  They could be one of the sanding sponges OEM for Malaysia market.

There are many manufacturers of sand paper in the market, this could be one of the reason we may feel wide variant on sand paper product quality.  Whereby sanding sponge is new in the market and the product quality is bench marking with 3M.  This could be one of the reason I am seeing some advantageous on sanding sponge compare with sand paper.

Sanding sponge is a new product and it should not observe as a replacement for sand paper.  Common user will choose for sand paper instead of sanding sponge because of price driven.  I think sanding sponge should target for other application such as stainless steel surface polishing which more demanding on polish result.

Next time while you are looking for sand paper, make sure you consider to try a sanding sponge to experience the difference.