Courier Service in Malaysia

Boxes in Courier Serivce Office
Boxes in Courier Serivce Office

E-commerce is definitely getting more attention than ever before.  Even in Malaysia, many Malaysian already accepting e-commerce and we are seeing increasing trend too!  In order to support the fast moving e-commerce trend, we are seeing an expansion of courier services in Malaysia.

DHL, Fedex and UPS are the popular courier service company which well known internationally. However, there are more choices now than ever before either you are looking for domestic market or ship international.  Due to my work nature, I have several working experience with many courier service provider in Malaysia.  Hope my experience will help you to select the appropriate courier service in Malaysia.

Domestic Market. Ship within Malaysia.

I try my best to name out as much as possible courier service which I came across, but I worry as I may miss out a lot too! Anyway, I will update this article from time to time in case I come across a new courier service company.

GDex. GDex is a Malaysia public listed company with wide network. Perhaps they also provide courier shipping to Singapore, Sabah and Sarawak. So far I satisfy with their service.



City Link.


POS Laju. This is the courier service expanded from POS Malaysia. They should have the widest networking in Malaysia which previously develops from POS Malaysia. I have used this courier service several time to ship small sample to Sarawak, however it takes more than a week to reach there. This is really quite upset me.



Ship International.

DHL. This is the famous international courier service company. Their price is also quite expensive among the 3.

Fedex. Our company has a Fedex account. We normally used it for international market. However recently they are collecting hefty charges from me for the collect shipment. We have lodged a report to their office for detail cost allocation.

UPS. I use UPS service to ship out my part to Russia. I used DHL before, but find out UPS may be the quickest way to get my part to deliver to my customer locate at Russia.

Ship to China.

SF Express.

SF is one of the famous courier services in China.  They have extended their courier service to Malaysia since awhile ago.  I will use SF courier service in case I have document or sample to ship to China. However their price is also international standard.

Location to Location Transfer Service.

Long Distance Bus Service.

Another common technique I normally use for super urgent kind of sample is to ship via long distance bus. Transnational Bus Service also provides the convenient for me to ship my sample to other location which their bus stops. Ask your counterpart over the other city to collect the sample directly from the bus terminal.

Short Distance Lorry Transport.

I know courier service is convenient.  By just filling up the delivery note and a phone call, the dispatch guy will come to your office with their loaded motorcycle.  However there are parts which not suitable for courier service, especially the part is bulky and heavier such as machining part or vehicle spare part. In this case, I will use those short distance lorry transport.

Between Ipoh and Teluk Intan.

I normally will call Lee Kai Choi to pick up my stuff and they will deliver to me the next day.

Between KL and Teluk Intan.

In short, I am seeing an expansion in courier service in Malaysia. Perhaps, we have more choices and way to ship our thing to other person.  This is very much depends on the destination and urgency.  Don’t limit ourselves to ship out our part to our customer.


Oil Palm Estate

Oil palm fruit bunch
Oil palm fruit bunch

Oil palm is one of the Malaysia important agriculture products.  The oil palm will be processed becomes crude palm oil.  Meanwhile the by-product such as waste water sludge, EFB fibre, mesocarp fibre are the raw material for many commodities, you could find out the details from our oil palm products article.

Recently I got the opportunity following a friend going to his oil palm estate.  His oil palm estate is a standard partition with about 4 ekar in area.  The time we visited his palm oil estate also the moment the Indonesia workers were harvesting, so I got the opportunity seeing more activities during my visit.

Location of Oil Palm Estate

Many lands in peninsular Malaysia have converted to oil palm estate.  Perak is not the state with the biggest oil palm estate however the people over here have many experiences about this agriculture product.

The oil palm estate I am visiting is located at Hilir Perak, about 10km before Bagan Datoh. We drive Hulux 4WD going to the estate, lucky we have this car because the estate road is quite bumpy which not favour for ordinary car.

During our journey, we pass by several junctions heading to Bagan Pasir, Sungai Belukang, famous fishing village in Hilir Perak.  I wish I could plan a trip to these fishing villages some day after my trip to Sungai Besar fishing village at Selangor.

That day was a sunny day and takes us about 50min from Teluk Intan before arriving to the oil palm estate.  What a hot day!

Oil Palm Estate

We can learn several criteria while walking in the oil palm estate, here are a few criteria:

Oil Palm Tree.  Every ekar of oil palm estate could plant around 55-60 trees of oil palm tree.  The tree is planted proper distance and order.  This is to ensure every oil palm tree is having sufficient space for growing.

Water way.  A high harvest oil palm estate is always comes with a proper water way layout. The waterway will regulate the excessive water and ensure the water be delivered to every tree evenly.

Fresh fruit bunch. Oil palm fresh fruit bunch grows around the oil palm tree.  A young fresh fruit is small and dark in colour. While the oil palm fresh fruit turn yellowish to orange colour, indicates the fresh fruit is mature and ready to harvest.

Factors Affecting Oil Palm Yield

Malaysia Rainfall Trend
Malaysia Rainfall Trend

An ekar of oil palm estate could harvest every 15-20 days. This implies there will be 3 harvesting on every 2 months.  In general, an ekar land of oil palm estate will deliver 1MT of oil palm fresh fruit bunch.  There are several factors affecting the harvesting yield:

Fertilizer. Oil palm is the crop requires sufficient fertilizer.  An experience planter will introduce difference kind of fertilizer at respective seasons, such as NPK fertilizer or organic compost fertilizer.  An experience planter will have his own management plan on putting appropriate fertilizer on the soil.

Raining Season. Oil palm tree have to take tremendous amount of water to ensure the profound harvesting.  Draught season will definitely hit the oil palm output but not necessary immediately. Year 2014, Malaysia is encountering a serious draught season from March till September, the oil palm harvesting yield was not affected during the period.  However since September, planter encounters a severe drop (50-70% drop in volume) on oil palm harvesting.  The low harvesting scenarios has last for almost 6 months.

Grass Removal. A neat oil palm plantation is a plantation with minimum raw grass.  The grass will makes the harvesting more harder.

Oil Palm Leaf Removal. During the trip, I saw a plantation with long leaf which looks ugly.  The leaf should have been removed after the rim of oil palm fresh fruit being removed.

The trip to oil palm estate is really interesting.  I only spend 1-2 hours in the estate, but I learn a lot of knowledge about oil palm and it fresh fruit.  I am looking forward for next trip.

I Love Chinese Tea

Chinese Tea
Chinese Tea

Chinese tea is getting famous here, however we do not have much choices for various Chinese Tea quality. I don’t consider myself as a tea maniac as I only drink a few small cups on and off. Even though I am not a tea maniac but I do love drinking Chinese Tea.

Why I Love Chinese Tea.

I don’t think I have to rely on Chinese Tea to make up a day until recently. There are several reasons why I love Chinese Tea.

Social Manner.

I have come across many incidents with Chinese boss, regardless in Malaysia or mainland China, they use to serve Chinese Tea through-out the conversation. One of the reason Chinese people love to serve Chinese tea during the conversation is because the conversation could be partition with small interval.

The host will terminate within a conversation while he prepare for next round of Chinese Tea drink, this is also the think we could sort of sit back and re-organize our thought for our next conversation. I think many western educate people not very use to this type of conversation as they always prefer fast food or instant kind of food.

I find with Chinese Tea served during the meeting, I could adapt the pace to discuss more in-depth within the conversation.

Tea Drinking Process.

Tea Leaf
Tea Leaf

Drinking Chinese Tea definitely is not a fast food kind of drink. Drinking is not the main action for Chinese tea, instead you should adjust yourselves for taste the Chinese Tea. In order to taste and differentiate the unique flavor of Chinese Tea, you have to make yourselves calm down.

There are several processes you have to go through before drinking or tasting a tea:

  1. Boil the water
  2. Rinse and prepare cup and pot
  3. Putting adequate amount of tea
  4. 1st rinse the tea for activation purpose
  5. Soak the tea within 30-60sec, make sure don’t over soak.
  6. Serve the tea.

I value a lot on above processes. It reminds me have to slow down my pace before I could have the opportunity to taste the Chinese tea.

Unique Tea Taste

There are several criteria in order to appreciate the uniqueness of Chinese Tea, this include:

  1. Observe the tea colour. Individual tea has it difference colour. Red tea comes in a crystal type of red colour which very nice to serve with transparent glass.
  2. Taste the Chinese Tea flavour. Try to extend the Chinese Tea drink stay in your mount so that you could taste the flavor.
  3. Smell the flavor left over in the cup.
  4. Feel the cup temperature especially drinking in the winter time.

Tea Table and Decoration

Apart the tea, you should always extend the appreciation at the tea table and fine decoration. A modern tea lover may have some fine decoration on their tea table, this making tea drinking process is more fun.

There are so many activities involved in a simple Chinese Tea drinking process, this is also part of the reason I love Chinese Tea.

2015 Chinese New Year Celebration

Chinese is celebrating Chinese New Year (CNY) regardless where you are, this include in Malaysia. Our family also conglomerates to my parent’s house this New Year, year 2015. Year of goat.

New Year Eve Activities2015 CNY Red packet

18-Feb-2015 is the new year eve, all family already gather at my parent’s house for celebration. A few activities today.

Praying the Ancestors. We cook a full table of delicious foods for paying. The praying is shows our appreciation and thank you for the ancestor.

Union Dinner. We have steam boat union dinner this year, perhaps as most of the years. However, we make a minor change on the union dinner. We migrate the union dinner location from parent’s house to brother’s house. Brother house equip with air condition which more favour for steam boat dinner. Indeed, it is a suitable place too!

Mother Birthday Celebration. This year we celebrate mother’s birthday as well. Youngest brother order a 2 pound red-valvet cake from Secret Recipe, we finished the whole cake without any left over. Meanwhile, we want to put this as a routine celebration for coming years.

 1st New Year Day

The first 2015 Chinese New Year day fall on 19-Feb-2015. Everybody have to greet others with “Happy New Year” and GongXiFaCai”.

Breakfast. Mother and all the house-wife will prepare long-life noodle for breakfast, it also be served with a boil egg. This resemble of longitivity. After the breakfast, we will drink sweet drink and “nian gao” to embrace prosperous fortune.

Lunch. We normally prepare “Poh Piah” for lunch but this year we make “Mee Rebus” as our lunch.

Dinner. This year we have dinner in TaZhong Restaurant together with relatives. A heavy dinner as usual and with a lot of foods left over.

2nd New Year Day

According to Chinese traditional, the 2nd day of New Year is the day we returned to wife’s family. In my memory, the 2nd day of New Year Day is the most exciting day for Chinese New Year celebration. This is the day we went out visiting the sibling, cousin.

Family Photos. In the morning, we gather for taking family group photo. The last group photos were taken on year 2011. After several years, the kids all growth up and with more members, parents are very happy on the group photos.

Lunch Gathering. We gather in uncle’s house for New Year greeting. We met the cousin family and kids have many red packet.

Dinner. This year, father purposely reserved a dinner in MinZhong Restaurant. The dinner is lighter than yesterday night as we only have 6 adults for dinner.

2015 New Year celebration faded since 3rd day of New Year, of course we still visiting friends on the same time, we also prepare on resume to normal.

This is the quick summary of year 2015 Chinese New Year, the year of Goat. I am putting up this so that we could recall the happy moment someday!

Bagan Pasir Fishing Village

I went to Bagan Pasir fishing village to visit a friend of my, perhaps he is our classmate 20 more years back while we were in secondary school. We were not met each other for so many years before the trip.

Something About Bagan Pasir

Bagan Pasir is not a famous fishing village as compare to Hutan Melintang, however it is one of the eight fishing village around Lower Perak area which you should remember.

Bagan Pasir has been developed pretty well this day. Many wooden roads in the village already changed to concrete road. However, the road insides the village is still very narrow. I definitely not recommend driving in the village, but rather park your vehicle outside of the village. Walking in the village is fun too!

Bagan Pasir Fishing Village
Bagan Pasir Fishing Village

Bagan Pasir village is smaller than Sungai Besar fishing village. It only has about 100 families in this fishing village. Fishery is a challenging industry; many local families already slowly migrate away from fishing. Most of the middle-age generation already moved away from Bagan Pasir, left only the old generation and young generation.

Where Bagan Pasir Located

Bagan Pasir is located between Hutan Melintang and Bagan Datoh. While I am driving along the way heading to Bagan Datoh, about at Parit 20, there is a 3 way T-junction and you have to turn left. About 3km of driving, you will come across a t-junction then make a right turn. You will see the road to Bagan Pasir at your left hand side.

Follow the road, about 2 km, you will come to a seafood restaurant. Park your vehicle there and you should measure this fishing village with your feet.

High light of Bagan Pasir Fishing Village

Fishing Boat at Bagan Pasir
Fishing Boat at Bagan Pasir

You may looks new to the villager, however the people in Bagan Pasir is very friendly. With a simple smile and hello, you could start talking with them. Take your time walking in the fishing village, do not worry about being cheated as people are so friendly.

Bagan Pasir has changes tremendously, many walking way already covered with cement or concrete. You still be able to see the houses at both side of the way are build with wood, at least the front portion. Bagan Pasir fishing village is branching out with only several walk ways, you could probably spend one hour just wondering in this fishing village. If you are lucky enough, you will come to a facing West platform with broad sea view. The platform is ended with a temple. You could enjoy the sunset at Malacca strait.

Bagan Pasir is definitely a place where I will slow down my pace. Forget about the busy city live and all the assignment, this is the place where you could feel comfortable walking around with almost no burden. I wish I am a painter so I could picture the deepest soul of this fishing village.

Sungai Besar Fishing Village

Sungai Besar is a Malay term means for “Big River” or “Big Port”, Chinese will name it as “Tuo Gang”. These is because Sungai Besar is having a comb kind of coaster geographic which able to accommodate many boats for parking.

Sungai Besar is located at Selangor state, it is one of the largest fishing villages around Selangor. Sungai Besar currently leaves with about 300 fishing families. Sungai Besar has developed a new township which introduces business activities other than fishing village.

I always pass by Sungai Besar while using the coaster way Route 5 to Klang. Until there was several incident that Malaysia government strengthens the fishing regulation, such as asking the fisher man to move further out before they can start the fishery process, and also restrict the fishing net should comply to certain dimension.  Those actions are classified as the actions for sustainable seafood guide.

I am not the fishery consultant; I am not qualifying for giving comments on the fishery affair. However I want to give reader a brief introductory about this fishing village.

Where Sungai Besar Locates.

Route to Sungai Besar
Route to Sungai Besar

Sungai Besar locates at west coast of Peninsular Malaysia. It is at Selagor state, about 2 hours travel distance heading north from Klang city via route 5.

Fishing activities is the main business activities in Sungai Besar, however it expands for more other business activities include agriculture and trading business. This shows the fishing village has upgraded for multi-income township.

Sungai Besar has about 300 families participate in fishing activities. Those families are surrounding the jetty area. The new township is at front area if you turn from the main road.   After a short distance of travelling you will see the fishing village.

Interesting Activities in Sungai Besar

Fishery Activities. Fishing is still the unique character for Sungai Besar even it has upgraded for more business activities. Walking along the pier, you will see the basic preparation for fishery process.

Fishing Boat Life Style
Fishing Boat Life Style

Fishing Boat. The jetty in Sungai Besar is branches into several sections, and the fishing boats are parked at both side of every jetty. Because of it curvy kind of geography contour, Sungai Besar is able to park many fishing boat which support it becomes an important fishing village.

Fisherman life style. Fishermen were so busy while the fishing boats return. During the leisure time, you will see worker is carrying out the repair job prepare for their next outing.

Fresh Seafood. You can have good opportunity getting fresh seafood in Sungai Besar. Make sure you spare sometime for having delicious seafood here.

Fishing Boat in Sungai Besar

Fishery Activities at Sungai Besar
Fishery Activities at Sungai Besar

You will see many fishing boat here. If you are paying close attention, the boat is categorized into Grade B and Grade C. These are to differentiate the size of the boat. The boat was assigned with dedicate fishing zone base on the grade level.

As I understand from a fisherman who allows me to step on his Grade C boat, he told me that his fishery zone is about 2 hours driving distance from the shore. Furthermore, his boat also has to equip with many equipments, such as:

  • Compass
  • Trunk radio
  • GPS
  • Sonar detector

Fisherman life is always challenging especially they have to operate in the middle of the sea. Many fishermen in Sungai Besar already recruited foreign worker for the helping them to carry out the fishery job.

Fishing Net Repair

In some occasion, you may have the chance seeing people sewing the fishing net. After some time of using, there may encounter some damage on the fishing net. They will repair the net by sewing it.

Even most of the fishermen know the sewing skill, however not all obtain a good and remarkable skill. In Sungai Besar fishing village, there are several ladies who are specialize in sewing. They are sewing faster than most of the fishermen.

If you look in details, you will find out the sewing job requires an unique sewing tool which pre-circle with the nylon rope.   I bet you will spend some time in seeing the sewing job which currently still needs to do manually.

As compare to other fishing village such as Pulau Betong at Penang, Sungai Besar is fishing village which you could plan a trip there, especially you are a photography maniac. I think you will find many remarkable spots which you could come back with fruitful result.

Online Microsoft Office

Even though I have already known the Microsoft office online version for long.  I have never tried it until just now.  I find it easy to use and handy.  Most importantly, apart from saving the file on the OneDrive;  the files can also be downloaded to the PC.  I believe this is a new feature implemented by Microsoft recently.

Attached are some screen shots for your viewing.

1) All apps gathered in a single window

2) Word online


3) Powerpoint Online


4) Excel Online


5) Saved files on the PC, can be open by Microsoft Office

Application Software

With OneDrive you can share the files with colleagues, co-workers, family members and friends.  I can find the reason for buying expensive PC version M$ office!!!

Penang Pulau Betong Fishing Village

Not surprise if you never comes across Pulau Betong in Penang Island. It is a fishing village locates

Pulau Betong Locates at South-West of Penang
Pulau Betong Locates at South-West of Penang

at south-west of Penang island. Similar as many other fishing villages, this is a small village with some “Sampan” boats.

I never been to this small fishing village until a friend of my was inviting me for having sea food dinner. Over all speaking, Pulau Betong is a decent kind of fishing village which you should not be too rushing. You should adopt yourselves for a totally difference kind of mode while reaching this fishing village.

How to go Pulau Betong

Route wise, you could have 2 choices if you are in Gelugor area.

Route to Pulau Betong
Route to Pulau Betong
  1. Via Batu Mau. You could drive heading to Batu Mau area then follow the road P6, you will pass by Teluk Kumbar township before connecting to route P239 before you reach the Betong village. You will see a Koleg Tinggi Mara and Small Genting town along the journey. There are a lot of construction along the journey which making your drive slow.
  2. Via Payah Terubong. Route P16 is a snaky kind of hilly road which you could start at Relau area. The road will lead you to Balik Pulau township, then you will bb connected to route P239 which eventually bring you to Pulau Betong.

Either roads are nice for a weekend driving. It is about 20-25km from Gelugor area to Pulau Betong village. Not really that far.

Attractive Activities at Pulau Betong

Pulau Betong Fishing Boat
Pulau Betong Fishing Boat

Not much “wow” kind of attraction in the small village, but you could feel ease just walking around the village and enjoy the mangrove kind of life-style.

There are several fishmonger stalls in the fishing market, you could make your sea food selection in case you love sea food. Don’t ask me whether the price if compare with town area, I really don’t have any idea.

Walking on the jetty sideway. You could spend like 10-20 minutes walking along the jetty side way especially after your meal, nothing special but just a relax walk after the meal.

Foods. There are 2 family kind of restaurant in the fishing village. The chef will cook the sea food which you just bought from the fishmonger. Apart from sea food, make sure you enjoy the nutshell drink too! Before I forget, the restaurant will close at 7:30pm.

Kem Bina Negara. There is a small road bring you up to this camping area. I don’t have any chance to explore this place, may see more next trip.

In general, Pulau Betong fishing village is just a small village. Compare with Sg. Besar or Hutan Melintng fishing village in Selangor and Perak, the Pulau Betong fishing village definitely is much smaller. However, you could see Chinese primary school, Chinese family here. It is not a bad idea going to this place in the morning session which you could enjoy a beautiful scene.

Remarkable Water Proof Pouch

I bought 2 water proof pouches the other day while I was shopping in an outdoor accessories shop. It is worth-while to write out some review after several attempt using on the waterproof pouch.

Water Proof Pouch
Water Proof Pouch

Why I need Water Proof Pouch

I am always going out and sometime I have to go to seaside. In some occasion, I will get myself wet. I need a water proof pouch or at least a water resistance pouch to protect my valuable belongings. This includes:

  1. Ensure the personal belongings away from getting wet.
  2. Protect hand phone and camera from water splashing.
  3. Avoid contamination at unexpected condition.
  4. Personal belongings could be grouped in a water proof bag.

In general, the water proof pouch is just helping me rest assure my valuable belongings is hassle free from getting wet at any circumstances. I am not the kind of people who want the waterproof pouch goes swimming or even diving with them.

There is a strap on the water proof pouch, it allows me to hang the bag on my neck and keep everything tight with me. This is just owe some.

My Application for the Water Proof Pouch

I was getting 2 waterproof pouches for my use:

  • Small pouch: This small pouch comes in 8cm * 12cm size. This is a card size pouch which suit for IC, driving license. The pouch only has a “zip-lock” kind of strip at one of the side, and the other 3 sides are securely seal. However the “zip-lock” strip may not be secure enough if you are expected for 100% water proof.
  • Large pouch: This large pouch come in 14cm * 20cm size. The large pouch is more robust as it has several features to avoid water getting in the pouch. The features includes:
    1. “Zip-lock” snap
    2. Folded-end.
    3. Extra plastic clip.

I am storing my hand phone, camera and purse in this pouch. The space is a little tight for these 3 items.

General Comments after Using the Pouch

Both waterproof pouches suit my application.  The yellow colour small pouch is mainly for keep my IC, license and cards away from water splash. I put this in my car.

Once I am going out for places with water splash or a lot of sweating, this is the secret weapon I am putting up.  However, one of the draw back about this pouch is getting harden after several months storage in the car. The edge starts cracking after I fold in my pocket.   Anyway, I already got the replacement water proof pouch in the e-commerce website instead of going to the shop.

I will be carrying the large water proof pouch while I am on outdoor activities such as hiking along the water fall or seaside.  I try my best to avoid water along the hiking but there may be miss step. With this waterproof pouch I am more confident for those personal belong still in good condition.  One at the time, I am replacing this big water proof pouch with a water proof bag.

Frankly speaking, the water proof bag is bigger and more space to store, but it just doesn’t suit my use.  Anyway, this big water proof pouch is still my first choice for outdoor hiking.

My trip to Johor Bahru, Singapore & Melacca in 2014

Recently I have a trip to Johor Bahru and Singapore for site visit and customer courtesy visit. What an amazing trip as I am not been to Singapore for several years.


I was taking a flight from Penang to JB via everyone can fly airline, Air Asia. It takes me about an hour to reach JB. This is the most convenient trip with reasonable fare, about RM125 per trip.

JB to Singapore, I was taking a taxi to JB CIQ building or City Link building. This is the place where the link between JB and Singapore. Just follow the instruction showing “Woodland”, and you will be going to the immigration.After the immigration, I was taking the yellow colour Causeway Link Bus, the fare will be RM3.40 from the immigration station to Singapore Queen Street station which near to Bugis MRT station.

Make sure you carry enough change for paying the bus fare. Meanwhile, please ask for bus ticket as you will need the bus ticket to pick up the bus after entering Singapore Immigration.In Singapore, I took SMRT and taxi depends on the location I was going. Quite a convenient trip as Singapore is having a good transportation network. The transport station network also covers in industry area.

On return, I went to JB bus terminal at Larkin. I bought an express bus ticket from JB to Melacca. This journey took me about 3.5 hour to reach Melacca.In Melacca, the express bus terminal located at Melacca Sentral.

Most of the bus travel from Melacca and stop at KL Tasek Selatan Terminal. This is not the place I want. However, I still be able to get a 12noon bus which stop at Pudu Raya. The journey takes about 2.5 hours due to slow traffic at KL.

Place to Stay

Johor Bahru

I was station in Tebrau CT Hotel. This is a budget kind of hotel located at Trebau which asking about RM118 per night. PVA Chamois TowelAEON is just located next to the hotel however not much food shops around. I will prefer staying in Mount Austin Area if I have to stay there.

The second hotel I was staying in JB is KSL Resort and Hotel. This hotel is asking about RM280 per night. You could find some restaurant nearby.


I was staying in Pasir Ris in Singapore and over speaking, staying in Singapore is much more expensive then in JB.


There were so many budget hotels in Melacca Raya area, and I just randomly pick one. The budget hotel only cost me RM62 per night. The hotel isn’t that great, and a friend recommended me to stay in Time Hotel for my next trip.

Things to Carry

I was carrying a shoulder bag of personal belonging for this trip.   Mostly are changing clothes.  Of course, I did carry my love PVA chamois towel. The PVA towel comes with a PP canister whereby I could place my tooth paste and tooth brush as well. What a remarkable towel which very suit for a traveler like me.

Apart from the PVA towel, I was actually wearing a sport shoe. Walking is unavoidable more while I am on the road. A sport shoe is making my travel much more convenient. In general, this is a remarkable trip.

I spent about 1 weeks for entire trip for visiting friends, customers in Johor Bahru, Singapore and Melacca. It is really remarkable and productive trip.