Sharing Bicycle Platform In Shenzhen

In China Shenzhen, sharing bicycle is getting popular.  Population in Shenzhen city currently is having another choice to fulfill transportation needs.  The city is well equipped with convenient public transport such as MRT, buses, taxi.  However there are some short distance blind spot within housing estate which people had to rely on walking. With the […]

Shenzhen city is a metropolitan city located in southern China. Shenzhen name after Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou as the biggest 4 city in China. She has more than 16million population leave, work, play and stay in this city. Shenzhen has spent 25 years developed from a small fishing village move to a metropolitan city. China government […]

SZ Airport to JingTian Station

Shenzhen already move to new airport about 2 years. This new airport is definitely bigger, passenger has to spend sometime to adapt for the change. One thing I want to high light is that Shenzhen  airport is no more directly link with the Shenzhen (SZ) MRT station. You have to catch a shuttle bus service […]

Shenzhen E-Commerce Exhibition

Shenzhen is the southern city at China with population more than 16million people. Hua Qiang Bei is the place in Shenzhen famous on electronic gadget, however it also famous tremendous challenge now a day! The challenge is coming from e-commerce! Shenzhen is having the geography advantages because they are located next to Hong Kong, a […]

Shenzhen to Guangzhou Express Bullet Train

Guangzhou is located about 150km away from Shenzhen.  There are 2 commonly select public transports available to travel between these 2 cities.  Namely by 1) express bus or 2) Express bullet railway train. Today, we are going to briefly explain travel from Shenzhen (SZ) to Guangzhou (GZ) by the express bullet railway train.  This is […]

What I see about Huaqiangbei 26-Oct-2013

As our previous article, we know Huaqiangbei at Shenzhen China is mean similar as Akihabara of Tokyo Japan.  Huaqiangbei is always very pack.  It has been a clouded location for many year, is there any changes after so many years?  Especially Huaqianbei street has been blocked for sub-way and under ground construction.  I am to […]