2015 Chinese New Year Celebration

Chinese is celebrating Chinese New Year (CNY) regardless where you are, this include in Malaysia. Our family also conglomerates to my parent’s house this New Year, year 2015. Year of goat.

New Year Eve Activities2015 CNY Red packet

18-Feb-2015 is the new year eve, all family already gather at my parent’s house for celebration. A few activities today.

Praying the Ancestors. We cook a full table of delicious foods for paying. The praying is shows our appreciation and thank you for the ancestor.

Union Dinner. We have steam boat union dinner this year, perhaps as most of the years. However, we make a minor change on the union dinner. We migrate the union dinner location from parent’s house to brother’s house. Brother house equip with air condition which more favour for steam boat dinner. Indeed, it is a suitable place too!

Mother Birthday Celebration. This year we celebrate mother’s birthday as well. Youngest brother order a 2 pound red-valvet cake from Secret Recipe, we finished the whole cake without any left over. Meanwhile, we want to put this as a routine celebration for coming years.

 1st New Year Day

The first 2015 Chinese New Year day fall on 19-Feb-2015. Everybody have to greet others with “Happy New Year” and GongXiFaCai”.

Breakfast. Mother and all the house-wife will prepare long-life noodle for breakfast, it also be served with a boil egg. This resemble of longitivity. After the breakfast, we will drink sweet drink and “nian gao” to embrace prosperous fortune.

Lunch. We normally prepare “Poh Piah” for lunch but this year we make “Mee Rebus” as our lunch.

Dinner. This year we have dinner in TaZhong Restaurant together with relatives. A heavy dinner as usual and with a lot of foods left over.

2nd New Year Day

According to Chinese traditional, the 2nd day of New Year is the day we returned to wife’s family. In my memory, the 2nd day of New Year Day is the most exciting day for Chinese New Year celebration. This is the day we went out visiting the sibling, cousin.

Family Photos. In the morning, we gather for taking family group photo. The last group photos were taken on year 2011. After several years, the kids all growth up and with more members, parents are very happy on the group photos.

Lunch Gathering. We gather in uncle’s house for New Year greeting. We met the cousin family and kids have many red packet.

Dinner. This year, father purposely reserved a dinner in MinZhong Restaurant. The dinner is lighter than yesterday night as we only have 6 adults for dinner.

2015 New Year celebration faded since 3rd day of New Year, of course we still visiting friends on the same time, we also prepare on resume to normal.

This is the quick summary of year 2015 Chinese New Year, the year of Goat. I am putting up this so that we could recall the happy moment someday!

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