2018 Malaysia Cub Prix – Teluk Intan

The year 2018 Cub Prix Teluk Intan Ride is coming!  The whole town is talking about this event which held on 1-2/Sep.

Teluk Intan is just a small town, however, every year we welcome Malaysia Cub Prix.  This year the track is set at the stadium in front of the town council, Speedy Padang.  The track has been isolated and guarded so that motor knight could have peace of mind while showing us their talent.

Cub Prix Setup

Speedy Padang.  A grand podium with the beautiful sound system has been set up in the football court.  There are still many motor relevant counters in the stadium, such as Petronas, Yamaha, Maxxis, even Onexox too!  You can have a nice walk, a photography corner that makes you willing to spend time.

Motor Racing Track.  The track is set around the Speedy Padang.  A 8ft tall metal rack has set around the racing track of Speedy Padang, this is to ensure the safety of the motorist.  At the corner area, bumper and cushion also in place to minimize uncontrollable turning.

Viewing Stage.  A dedicate stage has been in place, it faces the roadside so that almost no blockage for viewing.  However, you have to pay RM30 in order to enter into this marvellous viewing stage.

Where to Pack My Car

As usual, we anticipate there will be many visitors in Teluk Intan for 2018 Cub Prix even.  Besides the local resident, many motorist teams, cub Prix lover or follower will also crowd in this small town.

Even though we foresee there will be a lot of visitors, you still have to get your vehicle park appropriately without causing additional burden on other road users.  There are several parking spaces you could consider:

  1. Bandar Baru Commercial District.
  2. Jalan Sekolah
  3. Jalan Ah Cheong
  4. Jalan Market

No matter how closely you park your car, I bet you have to walk for 5-10min in order reaching the track.  Be prepared walking under the hot sun!

Enjoy 2018 Cub Prix @ Teluk Intan

Many readers may not be a motorist fan but no harm to enjoy the moment.  Meanwhile, I also anticipate with the event, many people will know more about this small town and bring prosperous moment too!

Sit back and see how the motorist performance for these 2 days events.

Some photos about Cub Prix Event

Cub Prix Event fan

Cub Prix Event fan

Motorist in Cub Prix Event

Motorist in Cub Prix Event


Souvenir for 2018 Cub Prix

Souvenir for 2018 Cub Prix

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