3 days Guangzhou Trip

This is my 3 days Guangzhou trip arrangement.

Day 1. Travel from Shenzhen to Guangzhou by latest China High Speed Train

Depart Station: Futian Station
Arriving Station: Guangzhou South Station
Time Lapse: <50min

Guangzhou Panyu Distric Changlong RuYue Hotel (如悦酒店 – 大石地铁站)

Visit Location:
1) Chime Long Circus

1) Guangzhou MRT Depart at Chime Long (长隆地铁站
2) Follow Exit E
3) Take the shuttle service to Chine Long Circus.

Day 2. Wondering in Guangzhou City

Same as Day 1, Guangzhou Panyu Distric Changlong RuYue Hotel (如悦酒店 – 大石地铁站
Place to visit:
1) Sun Yat Sun memorial hall
2) Yue Xiu Park (越秀公园), the 5 Goat Statue
3) Beijing Road for shopping

Day 3. Sun Flower Park

This is a beautiful Sun Flower Park and good for 3 hours

Place to Visit:
Sun Flower Park

Guangzhou South to Shenzhen Futian Station by High Speed Train.


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