6 Tips for Google Search

Google search is definitely the most popular search engine in the market.  You have to learn some Google search tips so that the search engine will pop up relevant info as you need.  Even though there are many other search engines in the market but Google still dominates the internet search industrial.  Google is having a very powerful search and I guess not many people are not using even 1% of its overall function.

Recently there is a book, The Joy of Search, subtitle A Google Insider’s Guide to Going beyond the BasicAuthor by Daniel Russell.  The author reveals how he makes use of Google search to go beyond the uncertainty he was facing in his life.

In this article, I am going to summarize the 6 basic Google search technique which will help you in your to use a search engine effectively.  For our readers who want more insider perspective, you are always welcome to flip through this book.

Basic Google Search Tips

  • Key in the keyword instead of a sentence

If you want to search Malaysia Population, you could just key in the keyword <Malaysia Population>


  • Operator: AND & OR

You can always insert the operator “And” or “Or” in the Google Search.  This is very helpful as the search result will be more specific.

If you want to search the comparison result between Malaysia and Japan population, you can always key in the keyword as <Malaysia And Japan Population>.

  • Exact match Keyword.

The search engine is so wise today as they will auto-correct the wrong type words or reflect part of the keyword instead of the entire keyword string.  Use the quotation mark at the beginning and the end of the keyword to tell this is the exact keyword you want.

For instance <“Malaysia highest building”>.

  • The hyphen mark

Hypen can also known as “deduct” in mathematic.  Means you want to take away some search result which not properly shown.

For instance you want to gain some application knowledge for PVA Sponge Roller for your cleaning process, you can always type in the exact phase as <”PVA Sponge roller application”>, furthermore, you want to exclude the info listed in Alibaba, in this case, the search phrase could look something like <”PVA sponge roller application” –alibaba>.  Now the search result is more precise.

  • Search within a website.

Some of the website can load up with info and searching a particular topic or old blog could be very challenging.  For instance you want to search the organic compost from the website of chbiotechnology.com, With the Google search operator Site: domain name, then we can limit the keyword search within the website.
For instance <site:www.chbiotechnology.com organic compost>

No matter who you are, as long as you are desperate for knowledge, you can always search in Google or other search engines such as Bing and Baidu.  Learn the above 6 Tips for Google Search, I promise it will help you be more joyful in search as what the book reveals.

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