About Statistic Mindset

Do you have a statistic mindset to deal with the daily activity?  Many have thought that statistic is a mathematics subject which to be learnt in the school, unfortunately, this should not be the case.  We need statistic mindset so that we could better interpret the daily activities especially come into certain social topics.

In the year 2020, the world is facing the COVID19 pandemic challenge.  You will definitely understand the decease better via observing certain parameters such as fatality rate, infection rate, etc.

Do you own the capability to examine the issue with Statistic Mindset?

Statistic Mindset

Statistic Mindset

Misunderstanding About Statistic Mindset

Before we start the discussion about statistic mindset, I have to emphasize again that statistic mindset is not mathematic.  A statistic mindset is the ability to interpret a problem statement or given a solution.

20-century is a big data era, every company business has to be digitized.  The ability to interpret and analyze data become very important.  Many abnormality and bias could be easily identified if we have a sense of number.

I do agree with you that you have to own the basic mathematic knowledge if you want to drill more in-depth of the problem.  You do not require any Calculus or Linear Algebra knowledge before owning an ability about statistic mindset.

Some Guideline about Statistic Mindset

In general, there are some guideline you could always apply while coming across any given data.  This guideline will let you become an open mind and avoid jumping into conclusion.

  1. Perspective.  Ask yourselves if the data is presenting to you via Worm’s-eye perspective or Bird’s-eyes perspective.
  2. Data Input.  Ask yourselves about the data input criteria.  Any limitation for data input?
  3. Data Output.  What is the result say?  Does it have any limitation in order to interpret the output or result?
  4. Beware of Publication Bias.  Bias is always happening in many news we read, the truth could be the result after data massage.
  5. Data Sampling.  The recognition bias may happen if we do not know the data sampling process.
  6. Use the Diagram instead of Data.  A diagram is an intuitive tool for better understanding.
  7. Open-Mindset.  Always keep an open mindset for the conclusion we acquire from the data.  No matter how confident the data, there are always room for a revise.

Avoid the Pitfall

Remember the above guideline while you come across any data or news.  This guideline is gentle-independent and I believe you will be alerted for any result given.

Will Statistic Mindset Helps in my Career

Everybody knows we need data for making a decision, but what is the relation?  There are 4 steps before we come to any action:

Step 1. Data
Step 2. Information
Step 3. Conclusion
Step 4. Action

We need to acquire a statistic mindset in order to combine the data so that we could outline the action.

Model Mindset

In reality, we are forced to take action with limited data.  In this case, we have to rely on the behaviour model for action taken.  Build your own model mindset to improve further.

If you are a book interpreting the statistic mindset, here is the one.  How to Make the World Add Up by Tim Harford.

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