Aquarium Black Lava Stone

Aquarium Black Lava Stone

Aquarium Black Lava Stone

You must come across many lava stone in an aquarium tank.  The lava stone comes in black colour nature but with many porous on the body.  The unique pattern and the porous on the stone body bring the aquarium stand up.

I had acquired a large amount of black colour natural lava stone which very suitable for aquarium and miniature potting plant.  I am very happy to spare some of the lava stone here with our reader.

The Black Lava Stone brings uniqueness to my aquarium tank.

What Special About the Lava Stone

The lava stone is not the same as the ordinary gravel.  It comes in coarser and porous surface which give uniqueness appearance.  It is not only matter of pattern, but also the porous structure bring advantages for microbial living and storage.

By the way, some has used the small lava stone as the filter material.  The fish lover just put the small lava stone on the last cartridge of the filtration system.  The porous surface becomes the natural carrier for nitrifying bacteria.

The Stone Size

Since the lava stone comes in natural, so all the stone is very unique.  The coarser porous surface is very similar to the PVA foam cube which become a good source for microbial grow.

The lava stone which I acquired come in various size, I categorize into 3 groups:

  1. Large Size.  Any of the side larger than 80mm.  Some time we do name it as lava rock.
  2. Medium Size.  Any of the size in between 30 – 80mm.
  3. Ordinary Size.  The ordinary size of come not beyond 50mm.

The Advantages of Lava Stone

The advantages for getting a few lava stone for your aquarium is marvelous.

Good for Microbial Grow

The natural porous surface becomes the best location for nitrifying bacteria to attach.  This nitrifying bacteria will consume the nitrate content in the aquarium and make it more suitable for fish or shrimp.

Natural Lava Stone

Natural Lava Stone

Decorate Your Tank

You could decorate your aquarium tank with a few lava stone.  You could stack the stone become cave effect so that the fish could swim in between the cave.  Or just leave the stone as it.

The ornamental fish and shrimp always love to swim around the lava stone and there possibility for them to find some hidden food.

In general, there is no limitation for creativity.

Black lava stone is a must for fish ornament or potting plant.

In case you want to get some black lava stone, you are always welcome to leave us a message and check out what we have.


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