Are You Ready for Epidemic Outbreak?

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40 years back, when I was young, if you were asking what the major human threats were, the answer could be World War III, Nuclear war or even food shortage.  Nobody could imagine a small microorganism or virus could upside-down our life.

In the Year 2020, the world was shocked with Coronavirus, or name as COVID-19.  In the last article, what we learn from Coronavirus, we had summarized this decease and some effective measure taken by several Coronaviruscountries so far.  How about Malaysia, is the country prepared and ready to take this challenge?  In 12-Feb-2020, WHO has advises Malaysia to prepare for this virus.  This topic is beyond our control; hence we do not want to have too much discussion.

However, as an ordinary pupil in Malaysia, are you ready?

Some Guideline while facing Epidemic Outbreak

Hand Washing

The guidelines below are the general practices for any epidemic outbreak.

Keeping a good self-hygiene practice is always the first principle.  Good Self-hygiene behaviours are referring to:

  • Keep a clean working and staying environment.
  • Always wash your hand thoroughly with a detergent.
  • After touching foreign material, wash your hand thoroughly. If the condition not allows, you may use hand sanitizer.
  • Avoid touching your face, mouth, nose and eyes.
  • Wear a face mask if you are going to meet people or clouded space.

Above are related to self-hygiene, there are some more counter actions we could implement:

  • Not going to clouded place.
  • Keeping at least 1.5m space from people.
  • Minimize body contact with others.
  • Maintain good air ventilation.

How could we maintain a Clean Environment?

No matter how you maintain good personal hygiene, a human being is living in a closed area, such as working in the office, staying at home.  How we are going to maintain a clean environment?

In order to answer this question, we could start from 3 difference aspect:

  • Sanitize the air within a closed-area. We could use an Ozone machine for sanitizing the environment.  For instance, turn on an Ozone machine in an office, and let the O3 to circulate for 30min.  The O3 is a strong oxidant which able to kill the bacteria and virus within the air.  However, the pupil is recommended to away from the office while during sanitizing.
  • Perform thorough air exchange. Always recommend having fresh air ventilation.  The fresh air at outside considers clean air.  A thorough air exchange will provide better air quality in the office.  However, PM2.5 particle in the air considers another health threat; we recommend having new air exchange at 10 am every day.
  • In house cleaning. Mop the floor, table, chair and all appliances with sanitizer solution, such as Dettol or bleach solution.  We do recommend a sanitizer solution which showing effectiveness too.

Do Not Panic and Over React

In social media, we are reading much news about the epidemic, perhaps we are swum by the news which may make us panic and fear.  PM of Singapore, Lee Hsien Loong, has made in a public speech by saying that panic and fear can do more harm than Coronavirus.

In any epidemic outbreak, everybody has to take part in an individual role.  As a country citizen, we have to stick with the guideline given by the government and follow the guideline thoroughly.  Even a minor violation of guideline may ruin the entire epidemic outbreak control.

No matter how the situation, as a human being, the risk of an epidemic outbreak is increasing.  Always be prepared.


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