Attend MARA Master Project Thesis Presentation

I was invited to attend a seminar speaking given by Mr. Ahmad Mazuki from MARA, the presentation was held in Uni-KL located in Melaka MICET campus.

Mr. Ahmad presentation is about his master thesis study for the title of Title: “Feasibility study of Palm empty fruit bunch as thermal insulation for Malaysian buildings”.  This is an interesting topic which I also believe the prospect is bright.

About of Uni-KL

Uni-KL is a Malaysia private university.  They have several campus in Malaysia.  The Uni-KL MICET was located at Melaka.  If you are using PLUS north-south highway, the school is only 3km away from Melaka Simpang Empat exist.

It is not a heavy traffic road side which I am able to locate the school sign board.  The road heading to the school is much more quite, very little traffic.  Only a car was following me after that I find out this was Mr. Ahmad, what a coincident that we reached the school almost the same time.

Involve in Mr. Ahmad Master Project

I know Mr. Ahmad during his research in Germany on year 2013, perhaps I am also supplying him a 20-ft container consists with long and short EFB fibre.  He was using these 2 fibre for his master thesis study for a) Fibre board product; b) Resilient board.

From the slide he was sharing, he only tested fibre bind with 5% PMDI resin.  The fibre board looks more rigid with density more than 700kg/m3.

The resilient board is a spongy type of board mixing with EFB fibre and PET.  This spongy type of resilient board is a good material as insulator.

Mr. Ahmad selected PMDI resin as the substitute to the common Formaldehye resin.  However Mr. Ahmad does has a plan to replace PMDI resin with bio-degradable resin develop by UKM Professor  Zakaria.

Future of Green House

A Breathable House

Green House Setup

Many discussions were carried out about building green house or greener house in Malaysia.  Many concepts or idea has been discussed how to improve our living environment.

There are several actions we could consider for making a breathable house, such as:

1)      Hot air should be exhausted away from house during the hot time.

2)      Cool air should be sucked into the house.

3)      Good thermal insulation to reduce radiant heat transfer.

More about the Meeting

I am having the pleasure to know Dr. Robert and Dr. Ong (Ms.) during the meeting.  Dr. Robert is focusing in green & energy efficient building whereby Dr. Ong is the section head for polymer.

Dr. Ong did enlighten me about the application for using Kenaf fibre and using palm ash as the impregnation purpose.

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  1. Hi Chuah, good to hear this blog. Good start! Lets green our planet. Will meet you soon. I am planning to visit germany again to get more technical details about factory lay out and machineries. Are you interested?

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