Grow Wheatgrass for Home Decoration

I manage to grow the wheatgrass in the pot from the leftover wheatgrass seeds which purchase from the combo set several weeks ago.  Wheatgrass not only grows in the tray but also any pot which we think suitable. Several days ago, I sprouted some germinated seeds on a mini pot which I used to plant […]

Tim Harford

About Statistic Mindset

Do you have a statistic mindset to deal with the daily activity?  Many have thought that statistic is a mathematics subject which to be learnt in the school, unfortunately, this should not be the case.  We need statistic mindset so that we could better interpret the daily activities especially come into certain social topics. In […]

Get Your PPE Supplies in Malaysia

PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment.  The PPE supplies are overlooked until the pandemic outbreak of COVID-19 hit us badly.  PPE supplies are so important because it is the fundamental protection for the frontline doctor to avoid from infected by virus transmission.  A well prepare hospital will provide sufficient PPE supplies to the doctor in […]