Bagan Pasir Fishing Village

I went to Bagan Pasir fishing village to visit a friend of my, perhaps he is our classmate 20 more years back while we were in secondary school. We were not met each other for so many years before the trip.

Something About Bagan Pasir

Bagan Pasir is not a famous fishing village as compare to Hutan Melintang, however it is one of the eight fishing village around Lower Perak area which you should remember.

Bagan Pasir has been developed pretty well this day. Many wooden roads in the village already changed to concrete road. However, the road insides the village is still very narrow. I definitely not recommend driving in the village, but rather park your vehicle outside of the village. Walking in the village is fun too!

Bagan Pasir Fishing Village

Bagan Pasir Fishing Village

Bagan Pasir village is smaller than Sungai Besar fishing village. It only has about 100 families in this fishing village. Fishery is a challenging industry; many local families already slowly migrate away from fishing. Most of the middle-age generation already moved away from Bagan Pasir, left only the old generation and young generation.

Where Bagan Pasir Located

Bagan Pasir is located between Hutan Melintang and Bagan Datoh. While I am driving along the way heading to Bagan Datoh, about at Parit 20, there is a 3 way T-junction and you have to turn left. About 3km of driving, you will come across a t-junction then make a right turn. You will see the road to Bagan Pasir at your left hand side.

Follow the road, about 2 km, you will come to a seafood restaurant. Park your vehicle there and you should measure this fishing village with your feet.

High light of Bagan Pasir Fishing Village

Fishing Boat at Bagan Pasir

Fishing Boat at Bagan Pasir

You may looks new to the villager, however the people in Bagan Pasir is very friendly. With a simple smile and hello, you could start talking with them. Take your time walking in the fishing village, do not worry about being cheated as people are so friendly.

Bagan Pasir has changes tremendously, many walking way already covered with cement or concrete. You still be able to see the houses at both side of the way are build with wood, at least the front portion. Bagan Pasir fishing village is branching out with only several walk ways, you could probably spend one hour just wondering in this fishing village. If you are lucky enough, you will come to a facing West platform with broad sea view. The platform is ended with a temple. You could enjoy the sunset at Malacca strait.

Bagan Pasir is definitely a place where I will slow down my pace. Forget about the busy city live and all the assignment, this is the place where you could feel comfortable walking around with almost no burden. I wish I am a painter so I could picture the deepest soul of this fishing village.

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