Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Mini Bluetooth Speaker

I was in HuaQiangBei Shenzhen last month. During shopping, I come across a mini speaker shop which attracts my eye side. There are several design of mini speaker which I never seen in the market, very well design.

After staring for several minutes from the open window, I decided to go out and pick this mini speaker.

Mini Bluetooth Speaker Appearance

I select a green colour mini speaker with aluminium casing. It comes with about 50mm diameter and about 50mm height. The price is not expensive with all the function incorporated.

Basic Function for this Mini Speaker

This mini speaker comes with the below basic function:

1)      Blue tooth available. It gives you the flexibility to play the lovely music from your hand phone. Or you could connect this mini speaker with your computer too!

2)      TF card slot. The speaker also comes with a slot for TF card. Personally I love this TF card slot more than the Bluetooth function. I loaded a TF card into the speaker in order to play the music I want.

3)      Micro-phone availability. While your hand phone is connected to the speaker and enjoying the music, if there is an incoming call, the music will stop and converted to the incoming tune. Once you pick up the call, you can directly talk on the speaker for tele-communicate, it gives the convenience.

4)      USB slot. This is the old type of USB slot which provides 2 functions:

  1. 5V Charger input;
  2. AUX input in case you want to connect with a player. Unfortunately, I did not get the chance to test out this function.

Sound Quality for Mini Speaker

I am not an acoustic maniac who desperate for the perfect sound. I am kind off the person who just wants some music to accompany me while I am working on my job.

The quality of this mini speaker fit my use. It looks harmonize while sitting on my office desk next to my computer.

This speaker can last about 2-3 hours after a full charge. I think I am going to use this mini speaker for coming months maybe years before I spot another one.

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