Car Installed with Trunked Radio

After I was getting the WOKI H900S walkie talkie, I had putting more attention about walkie talkie and it accessories.  Once in awhile, I do come across some cars install with various kind of antenna, and make it a unique among the others.  This is the antenna used for trunked radio.

Today, I came across a WIRA car install with maybe 5, 6 or even 7 antenna at the back of his car.  I was astonished and surprised on the setup.  While I was stepping near the car, the car driver winds down his window and said hi to me.

Why Trunked Radio

The friendly Malay driver steps out from his car and having a short conversation with me.  He told me the antenna is for trunked radio communication system but not for walkie talkie system.  He is using Kenwood trunk radio system to communicate with his logistic fleet.

He agreed that most of the antenna is idle beside the one which he actually is using.  However, as most of the young man, putting up a bundle of antenna on his car make him looks outstanding among the others.

I was asking him why not he is using a walkie talkie as myself is using, and he just teased on me.  The trunked radio he currently using is having a wide coverage up to 50km, or even larger.  This is one of the main advantages for installing the trunk radio.

How to Install a Trunk Radio

I was buying a pair of WOKI 2 way radio and we could start communication within my family freely

Trunked Radio

Trunked Radio Antenna

without any other consideration.  The Malay driver reminds me that getting a trunked radio requires to obtain a license from Malaysia authority department.  This is because the frequency used by trunked radio is a control channel by the authority to ensure communication is out leak.

Our local police, fire fighting team are all using the trunked radio system, so that the authority need to ensure there are no cross line.

Where to install the Trunk Radio

The trunk radio antenna is installed at the local walkie talkie shop which also selling the trunk radio.  He also told me the shop also comes with comprehensive walkie talkie accessories and repair service.

I say thank you and good bye with the friendly Malay guy, before my leaving, I was snapping this bundle of trunked radio antenna to record I did came across the scene.

3 thoughts on “Car Installed with Trunked Radio

  1. Hi, yes that’s trunked radio. But not need obtain license from MCMC/SKMM. EXCEPT, Amateur RADIO (HAM RADIO) then you must take Radio Amateur Examination(RAE) to earn callsign 9W2 class B in West Malaysia. For Trunking part, is different with HAM RADIO. Trunk service is provided by company like Electcoms Berhad (PJ), MAL-TEL ( Taman Maluri, Cheras, KL) that is KENWOOD DEALER in MALAYSIA and some company have provide too. In Selangor and KL here.. mostly logistic use ELECTCOMS Service because their line is better than others like MAL-TEL. Trunk service, you NOT NEED APPLY ANY LICENSE !!! But you must register with company that provide you and montly pay fees for each unit radio. For e.g ELECTCOMS/MAL-TEL RM 60 per unit and per month.

    In the picture WIRA full with Trunk radio as I see here total 7 trunk radio (mobile radio). That’s is normal for them. I’ve seen before Hilux total got 16 trunked radio and not include handheld radio. This guy is he himself is escort JPJ ( meaning he report where is JPJ and announce through trunk radio to all lorry operator). The reason, they want to avoid get summon from JPJ. I’ve work this job as a escort JPJ before and some escort we have linked to each others. The main reason is to avoid lorry get summon/ force you to weight if loading. Nah see here,

    P/S: The news is not accurate. Because of reporter want to sell news and attract more reader’s so the news ‘many fake info been added’.

    Ham Radio Operator/ work as escort JPJ before.

  2. work as escort must have multitasking skills. If not easy job.. just like telemarketer …need to talk all the time. This job very2 challenging .. for you must able to listen few radios talking at the same time. We very less say repeat or unable to hear or please talk again. This job considered professional job which must have good eyes, hearing, memory, driving skills, multitasking, good response, speeding, radio jargon and must familiar with many places. the most scary things is need to speeding with jpj if they really drive in highway mostly we use 4wD to speed with them. IF not, you cannot chase jpj and they drive like crazy,mad guy and crash red light at traffic light.

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