About Fever or Flu

My family was encountering severe flu on end Nov, it takes us several weeks for recovering. The flu starts from my daughter complaining sore throat which even cause her unable to swallow. The flu virus spread to all family members within a week. A doctor was visiting us during my son fall into high fever, […]

2015 Chinew New Year

2015 Chinese New Year Celebration

Chinese is celebrating Chinese New Year (CNY) regardless where you are, this include in Malaysia. Our family also conglomerates to my parent’s house this New Year, year 2015. Year of goat. New Year Eve Activities 18-Feb-2015 is the new year eve, all family already gather at my parent’s house for celebration. A few activities today. […]

Bai Tian Gong

Bai Tian Gong(拜天公) is one of the remarkable events for most of the Chinese religion during the Chinese New Year celebration.  According to Chinese Almanac, the Jade Emperor, Tian Gong, birthday is located on the 9th day of Chinese New Year.  The praying activity started on the mid-night of the 8th day. For Hokkian ethnic, […]

Chinese New Year Red Packet Summary

Today while I return home, I saw there ere some new red packets or red envelops on the table.  This is the red packet one of the bank officials gave to my father. In this article, I am not going to write about the red packet instead of showing the red packet I come across.  […]