Front View Water Proof Pouch

Remarkable Water Proof Pouch

I bought 2 water proof pouches the other day while I was shopping in an outdoor accessories shop. It is worth-while to write out some review after several attempt using on the waterproof pouch. Why I need Water Proof Pouch I am always going out and sometime I have to go to seaside. In some […]

Hand phone Wireless Charger for iPhone 5/5S

We had talked about handphone wireless charger several weeks ago, now I had bought a hand phone wireless charger which newly launched in the market. I bought it from a reliable e-commerce website, This is an amazing set of wireless charger consist with 5 necessary components, with this set, you could charge your iphone […]

Mini Bluetooth Speaker

I was in HuaQiangBei Shenzhen last month. During shopping, I come across a mini speaker shop which attracts my eye side. There are several design of mini speaker which I never seen in the market, very well design. After staring for several minutes from the open window, I decided to go out and pick this […]

Handphone Wireless Charger

I am so lucky the other day while meeting with several friends who are working on the latest wireless charger project. Wireless charger already in the market for some time, however this charging device has not widely accepted by the user.  Anyway, I am putting up a short introduction on what I learn on handphone […]

Could Trunked Radio Be Replaced?

Motorola has quit from hand-phone industry however they are still the leader in trunked radio. On the other hand, Kenwood also another key trunked radio alternative. In Malaysia, WOKI is one of the Kenwood Trunked Radio Supplier. With the latest tele-communication and broader 3G/4G broadband coverage, hand-phone has evaluated to smartphone which incorporate with many […]

My PVA Towel

I was searching on the net and knowing about this PVA towel. What I learn that the PVA sponge is one kind of the sponge material with very good water absorption. The PVA sponge manufacturer expanded the application for using the foaming process making the PVA towel. Special About PVA Towel This PVA towel should […]

Multi-Function Car Emergency Start Power

I came across this car emergency start power which I think worth to write a remark. I am very impressive with the design and overall look of the power starter. Perhaps I think this is a mandatory power bank accessory for most users. Smart phone becomes common gadget for people. However smart phone application and […]