Ipad Casing

This is the ipad casing I am selecting and highly rated after several weeks using.  There are many variety of ipad casing available in the market, especially while I step in Apple accessories case shop, the huge ipad casing design has confused me awhile before my hand land on this leather-lattice ipad casing. Please allow […]

Walkie Talkie Shop

I bought my H900S walkie talkie after recommended from a friend of mine.  Please see the walkie talkie review about this talkie here.  The WOKI Talk Company own the WOKI brand walkie talkie system.  They are not like other walkie talkie shop in the mall, but they rather stay low to support the outlet with […]

Walkie Talkie Accessories

My previous walkie talkie review is focused in general function of walkie talkie, however I would like to talk more about the walkie talkie accessorieswhich I learned from WOKI TALK.  Not all the walkie talkie shop comes with all these accessories but you can also buy these walkie talkie accessories via WOKI TALK official website […]