Courier Service in Malaysia

Boxes in Courier Serivce Office

Boxes in Courier Serivce Office

E-commerce is definitely getting more attention than ever before.  Even in Malaysia, many Malaysian already accepting e-commerce and we are seeing increasing trend too!  In order to support the fast moving e-commerce trend, we are seeing an expansion of courier services in Malaysia.

DHL, Fedex and UPS are the popular courier service company which well known internationally. However, there are more choices now than ever before either you are looking for domestic market or ship international.  Due to my work nature, I have several working experience with many courier service provider in Malaysia.  Hope my experience will help you to select the appropriate courier service in Malaysia.

Domestic Market. Ship within Malaysia.

I try my best to name out as much as possible courier service which I came across, but I worry as I may miss out a lot too! Anyway, I will update this article from time to time in case I come across a new courier service company.

GDex. GDex is a Malaysia public listed company with wide network. Perhaps they also provide courier shipping to Singapore, Sabah and Sarawak. So far I satisfy with their service.



City Link.


POS Laju. This is the courier service expanded from POS Malaysia. They should have the widest networking in Malaysia which previously develops from POS Malaysia. I have used this courier service several time to ship small sample to Sarawak, however it takes more than a week to reach there. This is really quite upset me.



Ship International.

DHL. This is the famous international courier service company. Their price is also quite expensive among the 3.

Fedex. Our company has a Fedex account. We normally used it for international market. However recently they are collecting hefty charges from me for the collect shipment. We have lodged a report to their office for detail cost allocation.

UPS. I use UPS service to ship out my part to Russia. I used DHL before, but find out UPS may be the quickest way to get my part to deliver to my customer locate at Russia.

Ship to China.

SF Express.

SF is one of the famous courier services in China.  They have extended their courier service to Malaysia since awhile ago.  I will use SF courier service in case I have document or sample to ship to China. However their price is also international standard.

Location to Location Transfer Service.

Long Distance Bus Service.

Another common technique I normally use for super urgent kind of sample is to ship via long distance bus. Transnational Bus Service also provides the convenient for me to ship my sample to other location which their bus stops. Ask your counterpart over the other city to collect the sample directly from the bus terminal.

Short Distance Lorry Transport.

I know courier service is convenient.  By just filling up the delivery note and a phone call, the dispatch guy will come to your office with their loaded motorcycle.  However there are parts which not suitable for courier service, especially the part is bulky and heavier such as machining part or vehicle spare part. In this case, I will use those short distance lorry transport.

Between Ipoh and Teluk Intan.

I normally will call Lee Kai Choi to pick up my stuff and they will deliver to me the next day.

Between KL and Teluk Intan.

In short, I am seeing an expansion in courier service in Malaysia. Perhaps, we have more choices and way to ship our thing to other person.  This is very much depends on the destination and urgency.  Don’t limit ourselves to ship out our part to our customer.


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