Durian Fruit

Durian Fruit in the Stall

Durian Fruit in the Stall

Durian fruit is one of the famous Asia fruit in Malaysia.  Durian comes in 2 seasons per year.  When durian season arrive, you can see many fruit stalls hanging with many durian fruit.  For most of the people, they aware the thorn looks of the durian fruit but hardly can differentiate all durian species in details.  Musang King is one of the famous durian species loves by most of the durian fruit lover.  In my memory, this species, Musang King, only becomes famous within this few years.

Durian Tree

Durian tree is a tall tree which could have 30 or even more years of life span.  A durian tree need about 8-10 years before it grown up to fruit.  However with the latest planting technology, new durian species could start fruiting after 5 years or even shorter.

Hanging Durian Fruit

There was a time while I was hiking up to Penang hill, I pass by a durian farm and notice that the individual durian is tighted with a string.  After checking with friend, they told me this must be a good durian species that the owner needs to insure the durian will not fall down to the ground and damage itself.

Where could find Durian Tree?

Durian is widely spread in Malaysia, you may also see the durian tree along the road side for certain villages.  Another place is at Penang island Metropolitan park.

Metropolitan park located at Sungai Ara area.  This is not a big park as big as Botanic garden, but it definitely a decent walk for family to spend leisure time.  You can see many fruit species in this park includes the durian species.

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