Experience in KLIA 2 Airport

KLIA2 Sign Board

KLIA2 Sign Board

KLIA 2 already in commence since May 2014. This latest international gateway is to substitute the LCCT terminal which has been used for several years. No doubt KLIA 2 is contemparary in design and structure, infrastructure and overall modern concept. It is good to write down something about this new flight carrier so that we could experience some change along the time.

KLIA 2 infrastructure project is delay several before it finalize and in commence on year 2014. The project has been “upgraded” from its initial design.  For the past few years, we are seeing many developments progress in flight terminal, such as China Guangzhou & Shenzhen expand flight terminal, Hong Kong is one of the busiest airport in Asia also expanding to adopt more flight. I guess this is part of the reason Malaysia Airport Management Committee also want to catch up the terminal upgrade operation.

Even though KLIA 2 is so grand, but it mainly cope for AirAsia, the famous low cost flight carrier. Whereby KLIA still remain for others flight carrier, such as MAS, Cathay, SQ.




As mention earlier, KLIA 2 is to replace LCCT, before we talk about KLIA 2, let us review what about these 2 terminals.

LCCT stands for Low Cost Carrier Terminal. From the name itself, we could quickly label this terminal is build for function.

KLIA 2 stands for The Second Kuala Lumpur International Airport. The first KLIA is operating since year 1997 and in year 2014 we have this KLIA 2.  KLIA 2 located nearer to KLIA whereby LCCT is further away from KLIA.

Interior Layout for KLIA 2 Airport

Larger in Area.  No doubt, KLIA 2 is much bigger than LCCT terminal. The terminal



comes in several level for departure, arrival and food level, it also has indoor car park which bring the biggest convenient to the passenger.

Food and other Stalls. There are more food stalls accommodate in KLIA 2. You can find almost all the famous franchise food stall in KLIA 2 such as Old Town, McDonald, KFC, Burger. There are also several souvenir shops, ice-cream shop around. If you want to try local food court type of dining experience, please go to level 2M. I have spent some time wondering at this place, hope you have the same experience too!

Banking service. Maybank is located at the entrance of departure hall. You are able to make your final bank transaction before the departure.

High-light for KLIA 2 Airport

  • KLIA2 Long Walk Way

    KLIA2 Long Walk Way

    Check in and luggage drop-in. You can check-in in the counter once it operate however the luggage drop in only available within 3 hours before the flight departure.  I have to spend an hour having my meal before deliver my luggage for check in.

  • Immigration check and security check. You will be surprised because you have to go through 2 times of “security” check!  After understanding with the authority, the immediate check point right after the immigration is the customs immigration check.  After you walking in the departure hall after the immigration, follow the P or Q wing.  Right before you enter the respective wing, you will go through a security check which fulfil international security standard.  Make sure you do not over carry or purchase any liquid type of substance in the duty free area.
  • Long Walking Distance.  KLIA 2 is definitely bigger than LCCT, and perhaps it needs more walking even compares to KLIA airport.  There is no railway shuttle service transferring passenger from immigration hall to the departure wing.  I take almost 30minute with decent walking speed before reaching in the departure hall.
  • Internet Connection.  You can have free but limited time internet connection while you are in KLIA2.  From my experience, I have to try several times before my computer is successfully connected to KLIA free internet.  Furthermore, the connection is less reliable whereby you have to re-connect after it was disconnected.
  • Duty free shop.  There are several duty free shops in the KLIA2 departure area.  Unfortunately there are many shops still under renovation.

Accommodation in KLIA 2 Airport

Capsule Hotel in KLIA 2

Capsule Hotel in KLIA 2

Every airport should equip with accommodation facilities for traveller convenient.  Traveller may not necessary looking for a comprehensive standard of hotel, they rather prefer a decent place where they could have a shower and short rest before their next flight depart.  KLIA 2 has many choices of accommodation under this condition.

There are several options for traveller in KLIA 2 could choose if they want to have decent and safe place for a rest.

  • Tune Hotel.  This budget hotel is located next to the KLIA 2 airport.  You could reach the departure counter by walking distance. Always book your room at Tune Hotel website.
  • The Capsule located in the basement of KLIA 2.  The Capsule is the latest setup in KLIA 2 offering traveller even 3-6hours rest.  With a minimum RM60, you could enjoy 3 hours rest in the clean and unique capsule, of course for a shower too.
  • Premium Lounge.  The Premium Lounge is at the level 2M.  The intermediate level between departure level and arrival level.  You have to pay RM68 per person.
  • Odyssey Thai Massage.  I even consider Thai massage could be another choice if you looking for a short rest.  This Thai massage centre locates at Level 2M, next to Premium Lounge.  However, the price list shows RM168 for a massage service.

In short, KLIA 2 is definitely larger and beautiful than LCCT.  I don’t really feel bore wondering in this new airport terminal.  Hope you like this KLIA 2 airport terminal as well.

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