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PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment.  The PPE supplies are overlooked until the pandemic outbreak of COVID-19 hit us badly.  PPE supplies are so important because it is the fundamental protection for the frontline doctor to avoid from infected by virus transmission.  A well prepare hospital will provide sufficient PPE supplies to the doctor in order to safeguard the doctor.

We know doctors need the PPE supplies, how about the ordinary people like us in Malaysia especially during the COVID-19 outbreak, and do we need PPE supplies?  As ordinary people, we also have to get a certain level of PPE supplies to safeguard ourselves.

What is PPE Supplies?

There is a long list of supplies or commodities should classify as PPE supplies, individual risk nature may lead difference supplies.  Currently, Malaysia is facing the COVID-19 outbreak.  This virus is having the nature of 1) high infection rate;  2) long incubation period.

Under this circumstance, we definitely need to gear with basic PPE supplies to get ourselves prepare for the outbreak.

Mandatory PPE Supplies include:

  • Forehead Infrared Thermometer
  • 3-Ply disposable facemask
  • Hand Sanitizer

Extend PPE Supplies include:

  • Goggle for eyes protection
  • Face Shield Cover
  • N95 facemask
  • Hand glove

Why We Need the Mandatory PPE Supplies

The COVID-19 is having a long incubation period, some incidents may only appear the symptoms after 21 days.  Within the incubation period, the infector is able to spread the virus without people knowing it.  Under this circumstance, a person is advised to put on basic PPE as the countermeasure to self-protection.

Every day, we have to measure individual body temperature to identify if we are having a fever.   Wear the facemask is the basic requirement while going out, not the single-layer face mask but a 3-ply facemask.  Meanwhile, you have to carry along a hand sanitizer for hand cleaning while you feel to do so.

The PPE supplies will act as a barrier for keeping the virus away from you.   Further with a good personal hygiene practice and away from the clouded area, the infection possibility is reduced further.

Buy the Basic PPE Items

Many people still complaining about the high cost of PPE items, especially the facemask cost is set at RM2 per piece.  No doubt, the facemask cost raised several folds to compare to last year.  Even the price is much higher, but I am strongly recommending you prepare with the basic PPE supplies, such as face mask, hand sanitizer and thermometer.

In Malaysia, not many people are wearing a face mask or carry a hand sanitizer, however, this is quite common in Hong Kong.  Hong Kong is a clouded place and people have been trained to keep good personal hygiene to avoid low infection rate.  Apply a basic PPE equipment is definitely a must for personal health care.

Go and get the PPE commodities, you may appreciate once you need it.

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