Grow Moss on the Lava Stone

Natural Lava Stone Decoration

Natural Lava Stone Decoration

Let see how we grow moss on the lava stone.  As we aware, the black colour lava stone is a natural stone with coarser and porous surface.  So, the coarser surface becomes a good carrier for planting moss on the surface.

We commonly see people apply lava stone in their garden.  However there are a small sector of terrarium lover who needs to decorate the miniature terrain, hence the natural lava stone becomes their growing carrier.

Grow the miniature terrain by growing moss on the lava stone.

Why Lava Stone suit for Moss Growing?

Natural Lava Stone

Natural Lava Stone

Moss is a flowerless plant which leave on damp and shady location.  You are commonly see the moss around the base on tree with high moisture.  The moss is about several centimeter height and they absorb water and nutrient through the leave instead of plant vascular.

The moss could hook on the coarser lava stone surface.  The porous surface not only become the gripping spot for the root, but also the water storage for the little moss.  If you are in Malaysia, feel free to get the lava stone from the MM Garden shop at Shopee.

Grow Moss Procedure

There are many video clip showing us how to grow or plant a moss on the lava stone.  Here I am summarizing the basic steps to follow.

  1. Thoroughly clean the lava stone.  Wash away the mud and contaminant on the coarser surface.
  2. Remove the dirt or unwanted contaminant on the moss.  It is ok if the moss is breaking up into small piece.
  3. Spread the moss on the wet coarser stone surface.
  4. Soak the lava stone in a container, close the container lid if possible.  This is to ensure minimize water vapour exposure as well as increase the CO2 content in the container.
  5. Place the container at the shielded corner and spray water at least twice per day.  Just to moist the environment.

Growing the moss sound easy right, but the most challenge part is patient.  You are right, you need extreme patient before the moss really hook on the stone or rock surface.  Probably you will start see some changes in first 10 days.

Moss on Lava Rock or Potting Soil

Both are the common media if you want to set up a terrarium decoration.  Because growing the moss on the stone will even challenging, this is why we specially write up this article to share with you.

Even though you are growing some moss on an unique lava stone, with simple decoration and setup, it shall brings light to your environment.  Do no more waiting and start to grow moss on the lava stone.

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