Grow Wheatgrass for Home Decoration

I manage to grow the wheatgrass in the pot from the leftover wheatgrass seeds which purchase from the combo set several weeks ago.  Wheatgrass not only grows in the tray but also any pot which we think suitable.



Several days ago, I sprouted some germinated seeds on a mini pot which I used to plant succulents, it grows pretty well.  Perhaps, the greeny and lush pot becomes a decoration spot to the home.

Green and leaf makes our home more lively.  Grow wheatgrass in the pot and it gives great return green lifestyle.

Grow Wheatgrass in Pot

The growing of wheatgrass in the pot is similar to grow in the sprouting tray.  Our reader could refer to my previous article how I plant wheatgrass in the balcony.

  1. Seed germination.  Make sure you soak the seeks for at least 8 hours.  Change water every 8 hours to ensure no proper germination.
  2. Sprouting.  It comes in 3 simple steps,
    • Fill the pot with nutrient planting soil.   With 15mm soil height should be enough to grow wheatgrass.
    • Place the germinated seeds on the planting soil.  Do not need to cover the germinated seed with planting soil.
    • Watering a small amount of water and cover with a cloth to ensure moisture growing environment.
  3. Watering.  Make sure watering wetting the soil to promote wheatgrass growth.  You could remove the cloth once the green leaf growth.

Where I Place the Wheatgrass Pot

The wheatgrass grows pretty well, 2 days later I start figuring where should I place the wheatgrass pot to decorate my home and office.

Placed in Office.

I grow 2 pots of wheatgrass, and I decided to decorate my workspace.  My desk is an isolated desk with no blockage.  I dare not to place the pot on the desk afraid I may accidentally falling on the ground.

I decided to place both the pots on a shelf near me.  Every time while I walk toward my seat, I could enjoy a short moment of greenery view.  By the way, I am also cover the top soil with some small natural lava stone, the black colour helps to stand out the entire plant.

Placed at Home.

All left crop needs to expose to sunlight in order to have better growth, this applies to wheatgrass too!  The sunlight could reach my wooden shoe rack.  This makes me decide to place the mini pot on the shoe rack.

The wheatgrass grows pretty well.  What I have to do is watering a small amount of water while I am coming back from the office.  Sometime my son will wet the pot too!

Improve Home Gardening


Wheatgrass Noddle

Wheatgrass Noddle

Home gardening doesn’t mean we have to plant harvesting crops but is rather a manner of the lifestyle.  I agree I am not the one with a green finger but it should not stop me from having a natural lifestyle.

With the help of modern agriculture technology, I could start my home gardening as little as planting wheatgrass.  The planting becomes very easy with the wheatgrass combo set.  The amount of time and afford to spend is returning with great family interaction.  The family members have an additional topic to talk during leisure time.

After planting for 2 weeks, we have to harvest the wheatgrass.  My daughter comes out an idea for using the wheatgrass juice to make a wheatgrass noddle for our dinner.

I am enjoying a great moment to grow the wheatgrass, how about you?


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