Handphone Wireless Charger

Wireless Charger Setup

Wireless Charger Setup

I am so lucky the other day while meeting with several friends who are working on the latest wireless charger project. Wireless charger already in the market for some time, however this charging device has not widely accepted by the user.  Anyway, I am putting up a short introduction on what I learn on handphone wireless charger.

Handphone Wireless Charger Setup

A standard wireless charger set comes into 2 devices:

  1. Transmission Device.The transmission device is a circuit install in a thin casing.  This device will connect with a power source, such as power bank or AC current source.
  2.  Receiving Device.The receiving device is also a circuity design which packed in a thin PP pad.  This receiving circuity device shall be installed or attached with the phone.Charging current transmission is via induction charging between the 2 wireless devices.


Installation for Hand phone Wireless Charger Device

  1. Transmission Device.         The transmission circuity already preinstall on the plastic casing, user does not require additional installation.
  2. Receiving Device.
    Wireless Charger - Receiving End

    Wireless Charger – Receiving End

    1. Iphone. Because of iphone design concept, user require to snap-in the iphone on a thin casing. This thin casing will will be pre-install with the Receiving Device.
    2. Samsung Note. User need to adhere the Receiving pad behind of the phone battery. And the pad connector is touching the pre-left connector on the phone. The operation is quite simple and straight forward, the whole process could be completed within a minute.

Incorporate Design on Transmission Device

We have several choices for us on selecting a transmission device. Perhaps this is where our purchase needs.

  1. Bare transmission device direct connect to wall plug.This bare transmission device could be installed in any casing which sufficient big enough to hold the entire circuit. User let the phone attach the transmission device and the phone will start charging.
  2. Transmission device attach on power bank.  Power bank is so common in current market. A power bank pre-attach with the transmission circuit could provide wireless charger option.
  3. Wireless Charger - Transmission End

    Wireless Charger – Transmission End

    Transmission device attach on car adapter.This is the most interesting part to buy a car hand-phone holder which pre-install with the transmission device. We can immediately enjoy the wireless charging while we are in the car.

I am so glad knowing that Mr. Chan has worked on the wireless charger to make our live more comfortable. I have seen several remarkable hand phone wireless charger proto-type design by them.I am very sure you should be able to choose the appropriate wireless charger suit your hand phone setup.

For interest party, you could find out the from the KooStuff  e-commerce shop.

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