How to Differentiate D24 Durian and Musang King Durian

Musang King

Durian has becomes more popular fruit nowadays especially having more supporter from China.  Due to the increase of demand and the support from agriculture industry, more and more durian species has been marketed.

Musang King durian definitely is one of the most popular durian in Malaysia market.  The creamy feels, unique aroma and yellow colour flesh definitely is one of few best delicious durian species.  This species also gain high popularity from durian lover.

For time being, Musang King Species is the most highly rated durian species.  We believe with agriculture technology, other delicious durian species will definitely comes into our knowledge.

Since Musang King is so popular in the market, do you really know how to differentiate Musang King species from others?  Today, I am going to list down the key character for Musang King so that you could identify this species from D24 durian.

Which one is the Musang King durian?

Please take a look at this photo, could you tell me which one is the Musang King king durian?

Which on is Musang King
which one is Musang King durian?

Characteristics of the Musang King Durian

Significant Pantagon Pattern

We all know that the flesh of the Musang King durian is yellow, fleshy and has a uniquely rich aroma. These are the descriptions after the durian being tasted.  How could we distinguish the Musang King durian while the durian has not been opened?
You could identify 2 major characteristics for Musang King durian:
1. Durian shell pattern. Viewed from the bottom, the Musang King durian always comes with a pentagon pattern, this is because you could locate clear 6 shell pattern.  Compared with the D24 durian, the D24 durian’s has insignificant shell pattern.
2. The shape of the durian thorn. The base of the Durian thorn of Musang King is relatively large. It can also be said that its thorn is relatively large, while the thorn of D24 is dense and sharp.
You could always refer to both Musang King and D24 durian while reading through the characteristic.  It will definitely help you to understand better and faster.

Characteristics of Musang King Fruit

Durian Seed

While the Musang King durian is peeled off, the yellow thick flesh is presented to you. After tasted the Musang King durian, you could further examine the species:
3. Durian flesh and taste. I won’t explain much here. Everyone can distinguish D24 and Musang King Durian by their own taste buds.
4. Durian seeds. The seeds of Musang King are relatively small and flat.  Hence the flesh is thicker, whereby the seed of D24 durian is round and bigger.

The selection of Musang King King or D24 Durian

From my personal experience, both D24 and Musang King durian have their own flavour and aroma taste, Both are the species I like.  Although the reputation of D24 has gradually been replaced by the Musang King durian, but D24 durian is still a delicious variety. Perhaps a large portion of the durian products currently on the market are made from D24 durian flesh.
I personally suggest that you use an open mind to taste the durians from Malaysia regardless of it species. Every durian has its own taste and aroma

I love to know your experience about eating durian, and you are welcome to write down your experience in below column.

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