How to Proactively Protect during COVID-19 Outbreak

Hand Cleaning

Hand Cleaning

The year 2020, worldwide has encountered tremendous challenge on the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.  The individual country has taken its counteraction base on individual available resources, this leads to a different result in term of infected count and death cases.  The counteraction has to be pragmatic and executable so that the infection count will be controlled and maintain.

For the individual, the choices are much lesser.  Many people have risen up several actions to keep themselves away from COVID-19, unfortunately, some of the action may not be practical all the time.  In this article, I am going to list out what are the fundamental principles we have to obey so that we could maintain a basic level of personal hygiene.

Are You Ready for Covid-19 Ourbreak?

Improve Personal Hygiene

Maintain good personal hygiene definitely the 1st principle.  Good personal hygiene could come from several aspects:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Leaving environmental.
  • Keep our hand clean
  • Balance mindset

I try to breakdown the area we have to look into instead of saying a generic term of personal hygiene.  Meanwhile, I do not recommend we implement all those fancy types of practice whereby we could not maintain those practices after the MCO section.  Just get the personal hygiene principle right so that we could step up to another level with a strong basis.

Wear Facemask When Necessary

Wearing facemask is the basic for self-protection especially during a pandemic outbreak.  Just disregard what the “authority” said about the need for a face mask.  What we have learned so far is that wearing a face mask is a MUST.

Which type of face mask is suitable for the respective situation?

  • N95 or equivalent facemask. Most comprehensive protection.
  • Surgical facemask (3-ply face mask). Suitable for general virus and bacteria protection.
  • FFP1 Facemask. Suitable for general virus and bacteria protection.
  • Active Carbon mask. Mainly for stop odour.
  • Cloth Mask. A general DIY mask with low filtration efficiency.
  • Sponge Mask. Fashionable with less protection.

In general, wear N95 or 3 ply facemask for hygiene protective purpose.

Hand Sanitizing

Remember, hand sanitizing definitely the rule of thumb for maintaining a good self-hygiene.

How often we have to clean our hand?  These are the guideline I set for myself.

  • After touching a foreign substance.
  • At the end of a work section and before starting a new work section.
  • Before touching your face, eyes, mouth and nose.
  • Before enjoying food.

With all this guideline in mind, I guess you could maintain good hand hygiene practice.

You are right, I am not talking about how to select appropriate hand sanitizer, let us keep it in another article.  Meanwhile, if you have any comments or practices for maintaining good personal hygiene, please do not hesitate to leave your comments here.  I am looking forward to your comments and discuss with you in the near future.

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