I Love Chinese Tea

Chinese Tea

Chinese Tea

Chinese tea is getting famous here, however we do not have much choices for various Chinese Tea quality. I don’t consider myself as a tea maniac as I only drink a few small cups on and off. Even though I am not a tea maniac but I do love drinking Chinese Tea.

Why I Love Chinese Tea.

I don’t think I have to rely on Chinese Tea to make up a day until recently. There are several reasons why I love Chinese Tea.

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I have come across many incidents with Chinese boss, regardless in Malaysia or mainland China, they use to serve Chinese Tea through-out the conversation. One of the reason Chinese people love to serve Chinese tea during the conversation is because the conversation could be partition with small interval.

The host will terminate within a conversation while he prepare for next round of Chinese Tea drink, this is also the think we could sort of sit back and re-organize our thought for our next conversation. I think many western educate people not very use to this type of conversation as they always prefer fast food or instant kind of food.

I find with Chinese Tea served during the meeting, I could adapt the pace to discuss more in-depth within the conversation.

Tea Drinking Process.

Tea Leaf

Tea Leaf

Drinking Chinese Tea definitely is not a fast food kind of drink. Drinking is not the main action for Chinese tea, instead you should adjust yourselves for taste the Chinese Tea. In order to taste and differentiate the unique flavor of Chinese Tea, you have to make yourselves calm down.

There are several processes you have to go through before drinking or tasting a tea:

  1. Boil the water
  2. Rinse and prepare cup and pot
  3. Putting adequate amount of tea
  4. 1st rinse the tea for activation purpose
  5. Soak the tea within 30-60sec, make sure don’t over soak.
  6. Serve the tea.

I value a lot on above processes. It reminds me have to slow down my pace before I could have the opportunity to taste the Chinese tea.

Unique Tea Taste

There are several criteria in order to appreciate the uniqueness of Chinese Tea, this include:

  1. Observe the tea colour. Individual tea has it difference colour. Red tea comes in a crystal type of red colour which very nice to serve with transparent glass.
  2. Taste the Chinese Tea flavour. Try to extend the Chinese Tea drink stay in your mount so that you could taste the flavor.
  3. Smell the flavor left over in the cup.
  4. Feel the cup temperature especially drinking in the winter time.

Tea Table and Decoration

Apart the tea, you should always extend the appreciation at the tea table and fine decoration. A modern tea lover may have some fine decoration on their tea table, this making tea drinking process is more fun.

There are so many activities involved in a simple Chinese Tea drinking process, this is also part of the reason I love Chinese Tea.

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