Used Kitchen Spray Cleaner

I bought a kitchen spray cleaner, Oil Clean Solution, from a Lazada shop several days ago.  It was developed for kitchen cleaning purpose especially for cleaning up the oil stain mark deposited on the gas stove and vacuum hood.

In short, the cleaning result is just remarkable.  With the Oil Clean Solution, just spray the cleaner on the surface, and then use a wet cloth to mop the surface.  The contaminant just removed.  With Oil Clean Solution, the cleaning job is so simple and effective.

My Kitchen Contaminant

Kitchen Spray CleanerMy kitchen is a standard renovated kitchen likes most people in Malaysia.  The kitchen wall is tiled for convenient cleaning.  Most of the Malaysian is having a similar design.  Even though the tile surface is supposed to be easy cleaning but somehow the oil smear get deposited after some time.

My wife likes cooking and she has worked very hard to prepare food for our family.  Even she is cleaning up the gas stove with a detergent solution, but there is a thin oil film cover the entire surface.  I know she has tried very to clean up the stove surface as much as she could but the oil film still exists.

Burner head is another challenge.  Some spill mark is covered part of the burner head, it makes the stove doesn’t look neat.

Another challenge is the kitchen counter.  Our kitchen counter is a tile surface.  The oil film does deposit on the surface especially those edge area connects with the wall.  The negligence at the far end corner makes the kitchen cleaning more challenging.

How I use the Kitchen Spray Cleaner

The EC Brand kitchen spray cleaner is pretty easy to use.  Just unlock the notch in every bottle, spray the solution toward any kitchen contaminant.  Even the cleaner is purposely developed for kitchen oil removing, but I do find out that the cleanser also can remove any kitchen stain mark or dirty spot effectively.

Spray the cleanser toward the contaminant.  Wait for a few seconds, and then wipe the contaminant area with a piece of cloth.  The solution can dissolve the vacuum hood net which had already covered with a thick oil film.  The result is just amazing.

Kitchen Oil Cleaner

Dirty Exhaust Fan BladeI have tried several kitchen cleaners to clean up my vacuum hood, and Oil Clean Solution from EC Specialty definitely the only one which is so effective.  I have talked with EC Specialty via Whatsapp and share with them about the contaminant image, they are rest assured their kitchen cleaner spray will do the job.

After my own testing, it works as what they reply.  I am really happy with the cleaning result. 

I have tested and experience this EC Brand kitchen spray cleaner.  Now is your turn to test it out by yourselves.

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