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We have written several articles about fishing village especially in Lower Perak area, however we should not miss out Bagan Datoh. Even though Bagan Datoh is not the largest fishing village in Lower Perak area, however it is the furdest one in the region.

Besides fishing village, Bagan Datoh also gains extra exposure in Malaysia as this is also the home town for Malaysia Home Affair Minister, Datuk Ahmad Zahid. Even though with a minister coming out from this fishing village, there is not much information we could learn from this place.

If you happened to perform a search of “bagan datoh” from Google, you could see traveler or hotel website are occupying 2/3 of the top 30 search result. Not much information we could know from this village. Perak government has put in a major development plan for Bagan Datoh however the social exposure still far left behind.

I am not born in Bagan Datoh, but I am seeing an opportunity whereby I could consolidate some useful information about this place so everyone who wants to visit this place could always refer. Moreover, you are also welcome to write down some comments about this town after your visit.

How to Reach Bagan Datoh?

Route to Bagan Datoh

Route to Bagan Datoh

If you are coming out from Plus highway, you have to heading to Teluk Intan town. Bagan Datoh is about 40km away from Teluk Intan.

Even though Bagan Datoh is just a small village but the road is well build with double lane per side. The road is fairly good but with some small waviness. You may see some trucks which full with oil palm.

Along the journey to Bagan Datoh, you will encounter oil palm plantation and coconut plantation. Believe it or not, this area is the largest coconut plantation area in west Malaysia. You should not be too bore along the journey.

What Special about Bagan Datoh?

Bagan Datoh is a fishing village directly facing the Melacca strait however the fishing role in Bagan Datoh is diminished. The Perak government has latest development plan for Bagan Datoh such as:

  • Build up a bridge connecting Bagan Datoh with Lumut.
  • Setup an immigration spot for people travel between Malaysia to Indonesia Medan.
  • Tourist and Historical Centre.

Of course, the above plans will take several years in order to accomplish. As one of the frequent visitor to this area, I am looking forward for the development at this area.

Site Seeing in Bagan Datoh

I do not think there is any unique site seeing spot in Bagan Datoh, but this does not means you could omit this fishing village. There are several leisure activities you could consider.

  • Restaurant. There are several seafood restaurants in Bagan Datoh township, however do not expect those are very grant restaurant. One thing for sure, you can always enjoy fresh sea food with home cook attitude.
  • Leisure spot. The local society has working very hard introducing Bagan Datoh with some history events, personally this is still very small village which left with limited history remarks. Walking along the jetty could be a good choices to enjoy the relax sea breeze.
  • Fishing. There are many spots you could fish in Bagan Datoh. You could see many people fishing around the jetty area. Be careful your belonging and more importance don’t get over excited avoiding miss-step.

The jetty in Bagan Datoh is a newly build concrete structure. This is actually a good place to enjoy the breezing no matter day or evening. Many local residents in Bagan Datoh area is fishing on the jetty. This is a non-fencing jetty that you have to be cautious enough as you don’t want to be too excited finally end up in the river.

Bagan Datoh has only a small town ship. People over here is quite relax and slower in pace.

I don’t See Fishing Boat in Bagan Datoh

In Bagan Datoh, the fishing boat is mostly “sampan” or small boat. B grade or C grade fishing boats are all migrated to other fishing village such as Bagan Pasir or Hutan Melintang. I think this is due to Bagan Datoh has less fishery factory.

Economic Status for Bagan Datoh

Fishing is no more the main income stream for Bagan Datoh. Oil palm plantation, coconut plantation and agriculture have gained better position for this township.

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