Kuching City Sight Seeing

Kuching is located in East Malaysia, it is the capital for Sarawak State, the largest state in Malaysia. The Borneo Island is a forest rich island, many landscapes are still covered with forestry, and this applies to Sarawak as well.

Kuching in Malay word means “Cat”, it is a Cat city. You could see several cat statue in the city.

I am having a short trip in Kuching City. I do not intend go to many places but to enjoy the tranquil moment along Kuching River and Waterfront.

Flights and Entrance to Kuching City

It takes 1hour and 45 minutes flight from KLIA2 to Kuching airport. I choose to fly with AirAsia instead of MAS for this trip.

For West Malaysia citizen, I need to show my personal IC for entering Kuching, not necessary to apply any travel permit entering. However, I only be allow to stay not more than 30days since the date of entrance.

Staying in Kuching City

There are many worth for money hotel in Kuching City. This trip, I stay in Grand Maqharita Hotel for this trip. This hotel formally known as Holiday Inn hotel and has been changed to this new name after bought over since several years ago. Grand Maqharita hotel is also the only hotel in Kuching located next to the Waterfront! This is the reason I want to book myself in this hotel.

I was so lucky having the opportunity stay in a river view room. The room is newly renovated and I could enjoy the panoramic scenic Kuching Waterfront view through my hotel room window. What an enjoyment moment.

Grand Maqharita hotel is located at Kuching city centre. It is very convenient as you can find 2 shopping malls, shops and restaurants are all within walking distance.

Kuching City Sight Seeing

Through-out my staying, I would say walking along the Kuching Waterfront is still the best part in this city. The Kuching Waterfront is a walk way along the river, it comes with total 1.7km length. The walking pedestrian is well organize, it suit for all age citizen from morning jogging to evening stroll. You will definitely discover and learn more about Kuching city.

Carpenter Street is a MUST go place in this city. I found an unique coffee shop at almost end of the Carpenter street, they have local Sarawak roasted coffee which attract me a lot.

Foods in Kuching City

MiSua with chicken soap


This trip, I have the chances to try several local foods, I will definitely enjoy the foods for my next trip.

  • Kolo Mee. Kolo mee is something resemble to WanTan Mee in Penang or west Malaysia. The famous Kolo mee shop is located in China Town in Kuching city. The shop is packed and you have to spend long hour waiting before you be served.
  • Heng Mee. This is white colour fat noodle rich in ingredient. I love the taste very much.
  • AngJiu MiSua. MiSua is a thin noodle and very tasty while it serves with pink to red colour chicken soap. Very delicious.

Uniqueness Wood Species

Iron Wood at Grand Maqharita Hotel

Iron Wood at Grand Maqharita Hotel

I do not expect I will spend so much time looking for wood decoration before my Kuching trip. In the reception lobby of Grand Maqharita hotel, the wall is decorated with simple art work from Iron Wood, local name it as Belian Wood.

The dark colour Iron Wood is hanging on the lobby hall for showing the uniqueness for this hotel. Iron Wood is high density and heavy kind of wood, it has a long lasting life span due to high dense of structure. It only grows in Borneo Island but not other places. The Iron wood has been widely used in construction during old days.

I visited several shops selling wood furniture in Kuching City, just want to explore more about wood choices. I came across many wood species which I find myself lack of knowledge, such as:

  • Iron Wood.
  • Teak Wood. Kayu Jati is the common name by local. The yellowish colour type of wood grow in and around Kuching.
  • Rain Tree. I was seeing a 6-feet diameter round table build from an unique rain tree wood. I really cannot imagine how big the tree.

Place I Miss out during this Kuching Sight Seeing Trip

So far, I didn’t mention the unique Kek Lapis. Yes, you are right, I miss the kek lapis. Kek Lapis is a Layer Cake which has dense taste and beautiful texture at cross section surface. There are shops selling Kek Lapis in many tourist spots, but I prefer the Dayang Kek Lapis located opposite of Waterfront. You need to take a small boat across the Kuching River.

I know there are many scenic and cultural spots I could and I should visit during my trip however I could only temporary put it for my next Kuching city trip. Kuching is definitely a nice city with moderate life style. By walking along the Waterfront at Kuching city has becomes the good reason for me to make my next visit to this state.

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