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I seems a little slow in writing for pass month, but this doesn’t means I am going to drop my goal as what I define at the beginning of year 2014. Busy could be a common reason while they are unable to fulfil their promise, however this is not my style.

I am just away from writing for the blog for sometimes, during this time, I do focus on some study on Chinese literature. Perhaps I also spend time thinking about what is the next move for this blog and how to make it looks more professional.

PVA Towel

PVA Towel

Gadget Reviews

I came across several interesting gadget for the pass week, and after using, I am more qualified to share with you all a command about the gadget. These are a few gadgets which I am using now:

  • Fishing lure
  • Wireless battery charger
  • PVA towel

Social Incidents

Malaysia is a democratic country, everyone is free for speaking without criticises other ethic, I think it is fare to share my personal opinion about some social incidents or high light. From diligent discussion and dialog, we should be able to have better understanding on everybody’s needs, perspective and core of value.

  • GST program. Malaysia is implementing GST start from 1-April-2015. I am sharing with our reader here about my understanding on GST after attending the course on last May. This is to share value to the reader so that everybody could have some basic understanding about this GST as what I did.
  • KLIA2. KLIA 2 has been in corporate for several months and I am also using this flight terminal twice so far. I think it is the time for me to write up some observation from my personal experience.
    Road Sign @ KLIA 2

    Road Sign @ KLIA 2

  • Selangor Menteri Besar. This is one of the heat social incidents which getting many involvement. The incidents seems has resolved after Azmin be nominated as Selangor Menteri Besar, but what is the effect that affecting us and country?

Study Summary

This is one of the interesting parts for having a personal blog like this one. Indeed we learn every day.   With Google search and Youtube, it gives us the most flexibility in learning. Thank you for the knowledge sharing by people and I also be part of them sharing my knowledge.

Microsoft office should be the hottest office application and perhaps excel spread-sheet could be one of the application tools we use every day. Recently I used some of the basic function in excel such as pivot table and test to column function in helping my associate to complete her job in easier way. I want to share this in this blog too!

I have a lot more topics in writing. I still have the last quarter to go for fulfilling my writing target for this blog. Stay tune in clchuah blog and I need your input if any.

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