Malaysia Air Pollution in Year 2013

Beijing cough syndrome has faded from people eyes ball replaced with Malaysia air pollution.

Blue sky has replaced by haze.

Blue sky has replaced by haze.

incident.  Malaysia and Singapore are the two country engulfing for recent haze pollution, perhaps these two country have consistently facing the haze threaten for the past few years, but this year, 2013, the situation is getting worst.

Malaysia air pollution has caught my attention, especially I had published similar article early this year about the air pollution in China Beijing.  I think it would worth for me to write something even the haze has moving away, whose now if it will comes back.

Severity of Malaysia Air Pollution

照片1191In my memory, I did not recall Malaysia announce any emergency status for several state in Malaysia because of air pollution in the country.  With the immediate announcement from Malaysia Prime Minister Najib, it shows the country did established with proper system to protect the pupil in the country.

Johor, Melacca are 2 Malaysia states have failed air pollution index with most highest reading among the country.  Muar Johor did recorded history high with API (Air Pollution Index) = 700, whereby API larger than300 is classified as hazardous status.  211 schools has closed because of air pollution.  People are advise to stay indoor and reduce outdoor activity.

As my observation, many business or shop were facing the impact because of reduce movement in the town.

Causes of Air Pollution in Malaysia

Singapore has pointed at the early stage of haze invasion, this follow by Malaysia.  The sudden haze are observed because of increase burning hot spots at Riau province at Sumatra Indonesia.  From pass experience, the hot spots are the illegal burning at Indonesia to clear the forest in order preparing for planting oil palm.

Haze has became a chronic issue for these country stay next to Indonesia.  Many regulations has been tablet as guideline for the plantation country to follow, unfortunately these regulations are not fully comply.

Another reason is because month from June to September every year consider as dry season, and wild forest may caught fire due to some injecting incident.

Moving forward for Malaysia Air Pollution Incident

Malaysia has established a API monitoring and publishing mechanism, we can see the government published data in government website, please see Real time Malaysia Air Quality Index.

The air quality is improving after Indonesia government taking aggressive action fighting for elimating the fire hot spots.  Meanwhile, we also see Indonesia Precident Mr. Susilo Bambang bravely stand out to acknowledge and apology for causing the haze after some silly responses from Indonesia minister at early stage.  The minister should have learned from this lesson.

Malaysia Air Pollution is Coming Back?

If we flip our pass history and data, air pollution in Malaysia 2012, we could easily conclude that the country has similar “attack” by haze as we encounter this year.  The people awareness is one of the reason forcing Malaysia government taking serious approach to discuss the issue with Indonesia.  More importance, Singapore government also taking the lead in this incident so this is sometime like joint afford consistently pursue the issue to Indonesia government to take immediate action.

Setting up new guideline and agreement is not the priority action for stopping Malaysia air pollution, however we need executable procedure and method (technology) for converting wild forest to plantation.  I will keep my eyes open in this and share with you in coming days.

Unless we could see a breakthrough in converting forest to plantation, if not as what Murphy Law’s say, Malaysia air pollution may come back but with other form.


After a month of fresh and good weather, from 21/Jul/2013 Malaysia start encountering the haze attack again.  As we discuss in earlier paragraph, unless we ae seeing the a strong regulation and legistation from every country in the region, the air pollution concern shall be persisted for sometime.

Which part of Malaysia is Having High Air Pollution Index

The previous haze attacked or air pollution was started on last June, the haze was initially started at our neighbour country Singapore then came to Muar and Melacca before spreaded to peninsular Malaysia.  From the published API from Malaysia Environment Department, Melacca is still one of the early city encountering the attack by the haze.  However, Melacca will never be alone.  We are seeing Tanjung Malim at Perak state also facing the API more then 100.

Local news paper has shown pictures about the air pollution situation for some locations, such as Putra Jaya, Ipoh, and much more.  The news is really worrying everyone here.

Air pollution is getting worst?

From the API data published by the government, it is not as high as previous data.  But this should not be the reason we could over look this symptom.  The country population should pay more attention on air pollution and also showing our concern to government for fighting against on the air pollution.

Singapore had released a press release saying that the country could even help Indonesia to for putting down the fire hot spot.  However, we yet to see any positive reply from Indonesia.

Are We Taking Actions?

While we are talking about air pollution at this area, do we take action to protect ourselves from air pollution impact?

In many countries in Asia, such as Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, wearing face mask is becoming more common practice for people who expose to air pollution environment or on the road.  However, from my own observation in Malaysia, wearing face mask ratio seems far below the level.  Why our wearing fac mask ratio is far lower than other country?