MD2 Pineapple Fruit

Pineapple is a delicious tropical fruit in Malaysia.  Pineapple has a broad world-wide market either in fruit or food.  Many people know Malaysia is famous in durian fruit, such as Musang King, D24 species, but pineapple also slowly picking up in the export market.  There is an article published in Star newspaper, it reveals Malaysia is exporting pineapple to China start from year 2018, and the trend is increasing.

General Introduction of Pineapple

Pineapple is an ellipse shape fruit with fruitlets, or eyes.  The rough surface is green in colour and will turn yellow-brown after the fruit ripe.  The fruit is rich in sugar content as well as tender texture.  Pineapple also a good source of nutrient such as Vitamin C, Manganese as well as dietary fiber.

Pineapple is a sweet fruit with minor sour taste.  A ripe pineapple will release a decent sweeten odor which cover a small space.  Pineapple is a fruit suitable plant in black soil, a soil with high humus.  Johor has the largest pineapple estate in Malaysia.  With the latest organic compost and soil management strategy, we are seeing more estate throughout in Malaysia is able to plant pineapple fruit.

Pineapple Species

There are many pineapple species in the market, here are a few famous species: Moris, Moris Gajah, Yankee, Gandol, Sarawak, N36 and MD2MD2 pineapple is the species with export capability.  As we aware, many pineapple planters have converted to MD2 species.

MD2 pineapple is having high demand in Middle East and Asia.  This species is having long shelf life and also able to withstand longer shipping time.  This will give planter better income.

Pineapple Products

The pineapple fruit is so delicious and entrepreneur has developed various pineapple productsDole is one of the famous pineapple product manufacturers.

We can see many pineapple products in the market, this include

  1. Canned fruit
  2. Juice
  3. Jam

Furthermore, individual also use pineapple as part of the ingredient in dish.  You can see pineapple widely used in cake and food too!

Planting a pineapple fruit takes 13months from seedling to harvest.  Having a large scale planting requires comprehensive knowledge and support.  We welcome our reader could write to us if you want to find out more about pineapple fruit and planting.

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