Multi-Function Car Emergency Start Power

I came across this car emergency start power which I think worth to write a remark. I am very impressive with the

Car Emergency Power Starter

Car Emergency Power Starter

design and overall look of the power starter. Perhaps I think this is a mandatory power bank accessory for most users.

Smart phone becomes common gadget for people. However smart phone application and the Wifi function will drain the battery life much faster. Many people carry their smart phone together with power bank to support their phone usage.

Power bank with Car Emergency Starter Function

Most of the power bank in the market just providing power function, and this power bank comes with additional function besides providing the power for our smart phone. This power bank could jump start a dead battery car.

Provided the power bank left with more than 20% of battery power, you could use this power bank to jump start a car with less than 2500cc. This will give you an alternative while you are facing a dead battery emergency.

Specification of Car Emergency Start Power

Car Emergency Power Starter

Car Emergency Power Starter

  1. Product Dimension: 155*75*30mm (H)
  2. Output:
    1. Car boot port: 12V
    2. USB Port: 5V/2A
  3. Charge mode: CC/CV 15V/1A
  4. Capacity: 12000mAh
  5. Start up current: 200A
  6. Perk current: 400A
  7. Fully Charge Time: 3hours.
  8. Cycle Life: 3000 times
  9. Operating temperature: 0-85C

5 Basic Function of Car Emergency Start Power

This Car Emergency Start Power comes with 5 Basic Function which makes it a mandatory power supply for you.

  1. It provides a reliable car emergency start power for your 12V automobile.
  2. Able to charging up many electronic appliances such as tablet, smart phone and even lap top.
  3. Come with high illumination brightness of LED light as well as SOS signaling function.
  4. Safety Protection Design. The safety protection is incorporated in the product design.
  5. Complete kit. The car emergency start power comes with a complete kit suit for most application.
Car Emergency Power Starter

Car Emergency Power Starter

8 Basic Characteristic of Car Emergency Start Power

  1. Safety Measure. The battery is manufactured with the characteristic of no fire breaking out and no explosion during the jump start process.
  2. Light and Portable friendly. The patented battery design only occupied 1/5 of the volume comparing with a lead-acid battery. The overall weight is 500g
  3. More jump Start Capability. Able to continuously jump start a car up to 30 times while it is fully charge.
  4. Illumination. The Car Emergency Power set comes with a powerful LED light for illumination purpose. It also comes with a SOS signaling and flashing light for attention attraction.
  5. Mobile power supply. The decent size encourages us using in ordinary electronic charging.
  6. Large battery capacity. The Car emergency start power comes in 12000mAh battery capacity. The high capacity is favour charging up several times of electronic products.
  7. Ultra long rechargeable life span. The Car Emergency Start Power is able to withstand up to 3000 cycle of charging life.
  8. Working temperature resistance. This Car Emergency Start Power could work at wide working temperature range from 0C to 85C.

Who Needs Car Emergency Start Power.

  1. Outdoor sport lover such as camping, hiking.
  2. Self Driving traveler.
  3. Voyaging in the ocean.
  4. Ordinary electronic charging.

I already got a car emergency start power and always leave this device in my car. You can buy this Car Emergency Start Power here.

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