Oil Palm Fresh Fruit

Oil palm is one of the major agriculture products in Malaysia. Many lands have been converted for planting oil palm tree because of it vast application. Every year, Malaysia is harvest 22million metric tons of oil palm fresh fruit.  Recently we notice a congestion in almost all palm oil mill around my living area, an I also find out the congestion has created a large inconvenient to the transport company, you can find out more on congestion trucking transport.

However the people who not staying around oil palm estate, they may know about oil palm tree but people getting confuse while more specific terms is used.

In this article, we are going to explain some details about oil palm so that you will know what it means while you coming across the terms.

Oil Palm Tree

Oil palm is a genesis plant which growth oil palm fruit. The fruit we name after as oil palm fresh fruit.

Oil Palm Fresh Fruit Bunch

照片1734The oil palm fresh fruit is coming in bunch type. A fresh fruit bunch (FFB) is growing from smaller to larger and the colour change from dark colour to brownish colour. The harvester only allows to harvest the fresh fruit while it mature.

A well growth fresh fruit bunch could weigh up to 40 to 50kg per bunch.

The photo shows a mature oil palm fresh fruit bunch.

Palm Kernel

Inside individual oil palm fresh fruit, there is a kernel, we name it as palm kernel. Kernel is a hard substance for a fruit.

Cross Section of Oil Palm Fresh Fruit

Cross Section of Oil Palm Fresh Fruit Bunch

Cross Section of Oil Palm Fresh Fruit Bunch

A cross section image is the best way to understand the oil palm terms and it relevant relation.

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