Oil Palm Products

Oil palm is one of the important agriculture plantations in Malaysia.  There are many oil palm products can be seen in the market.  Malaysia all the while is the major crude palm oil producer or exporter country before the neighbour country Indonesia over takes her status.

The reason Malaysia and Indonesia is expanding in palm oil sector is because there are many oil palm application being developed for the pass 30 years.  Coconut and rubber plantation were the 2 main agriculture plantation in Malaysia but has been out beat by oil palm estate.

Crude palm oil is used to be the main and only products for palm oil process.  Now, the palm oil process has expanded into more sectors.  If we are paying close attention, we should notice that product from palm oil has invaded in our ordinary life, such as EFB pellet in biomass sector, agriculture as organic fertilizer, landscaping and even household fibre mattress.

Many people may not aware the huge application and products variation which originated from oil

Tenera Oil Palm Species

Common Oil Palm Species

palm.  In this article, we would like to reveal what are the oil palm products for oil palm or it derivative.

Let us discover what are the few oil palm products in the market

1. Oil palm species.

Before we are dwelling into the products, I would like to share with you about oil palm specis. There are many variety species of oil palm tree.  Tenera and Pisifera are the 2 important oil palm species that give better palm oil extraction yield.  Most of the newly planting estate select from these species or it derivative for better growth and oil extraction.

The advantage for these 2 species is that the oil palm fruit comes with thick fresh fibre which rich content of palm oil.  The kernel is relatively smaller from the cross section image.

2. Main oil palm product – Crude Palm Oil

Crude palm oil is the major product from oil palm.  Crude palm oil is also the commodity can trade in market.  Currently CPO price is moving downward, many rumour saying this is because of Mr. Robert Kuok is shifting the base from Malaysia to Indonesia.  However we are not the insider to comments this but from the FBMPALMOIL chart, we can clearly see that the trend is moving downward.  For interested reader, you could read more technical analysis report for crude palm oil.

The crude palm oil shall goes through refinery process becomes the edible oil.  Perhaps palm oil is one of the most popular edible oil for the world.

3. Oil palm product contributing heat – Palm Kernel Shell

The hard and black in colour shell is a good source of contributing heat energy.  In Malaysia domestic market, the palm kernel shell is used for biomass burning to retrieve heat energy.

The Calorific value for Palm kernel shell is around 4500kcal/kg.  The calorific value is lower than coal but has enough to become a good source for biomass renewable energy.

4. Oil palm product with rich fibre – Palm fibre

Palm fibre from empty fruit bunch (EFB) used to be the discarded commodity from crude palm oil mill.  Not much application for the early stage.  Since past few years, the EFB has been salvaged and used for biomass burning as palm kernel shell.  The calorific value for EFB is much lower than palm kernel shell.

The EFB also goes through series process to retrieve fibre.  The long fiber will be used as fibre

EFB Pellet as Renewable Energy

EFB Pellet as Renewable Energy Source

mattress.  This oil palm mattress product has dominated huge market share in China.  This is the oil palm product that growth very fast for year 2010- 2012.

Another application for palm fibre is going through fermentation to become organic fertilizer or organic compost fertilizer.  The organic compost product can be used in almost all type of soil.

5. New oil palm product sector – EFB Pellet

EFB pellet is the new commodity from palm fiber, it also classified as oil palm products.  The short fiber which original unusable for fibre mattress will manufacture becomes EFB pellet.  The short fiber will be dry and compress becoming EFB pellet.  The EFB pellet can be made in 6mm or 8mm diameter, and 30mm in length.

EFB pellet could be used as a substitution of wood pellet or saw dust pellet.  We are seeing more industrial biomass boiler adapt EFB pellet as a burning resource.

Malaysia become EFB pellet manufacturer because the country is reached in EFB fibre.

The product from oil palm is enormous.  In this article, we only raise a few of oil palm products that commonly seen.  We believe more application of oil palm should have developed.  Not surprise to see more oil palm products in near future.

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