Opinion and Affect of Air Pollution

Air pollution always be a consistent agenda in government management.  I have layout some opinions of air pollution and see if we could have similar opinion and understanding about the affect of air pollution.
There was an article in the local newspaper yesterday, it stated from the data published by SDMC (Sime Darby Medical Centre). Compare from early stage, 95% of lung cancer mainly come from smoker, the lung cancer carrier has shifted to 50%of lung cancer carrier is a non-smoker.
This published number shock me as we can see that lung cancer carrier is getting more in this country and it has shifted from a skew population to ordinary population.

Reason of Lung Cancer

1) Smoking is inevitably the major factor.

We all known the direct impact of smoking but the smoke also harmful for the people staying around them while they smoke. Many people has asking how the smoke affect on our health. The reason is very straight forward, the smoke actually carry out a small particulate, and this particulate is a source of contamination to our health. In my opinion, smoker is polluted the air quality.

2) Air Pollution is another contributing factor

Air pollution is another main factor for causing lung cancer. The particulate floating in the air, will come into contact with individual lung via inhale. In my opinion, control air pollution and improve the air quality is the main objective for many countries’ government.

Measurement for Air Pollution and Air Quality

PM2.5 measurement is one of the measurement criteria for air quality. The PM2.5 basically taking the measure the amount of 2.5micron particulate persist in a cubic meter of air.  China is one of the recent Asia country measured and published the PM2.5 data’s government.  Even though we are not very certain about the accuracy of their reading but the China government’s gesture should earn respect from other country. Better still, we could have more countries monitor PM2.5 air quality and publish the air pollution result.
One of the new terms that very related to air pollution is “Beijing Cough”. Even though this is not a new terminology but has gained many discussion recently because the coughing population is increasing. Especially those visitors from Europe country, they will safour from cough while they reach Beijing and the symptom get away after they leave the country.

Counter Action for Air Pollution

There are many air pollution source that affecting air pollution, we only name a few here. There are many discussion and plan published by the government, such as planting more trees in the city, reduce car discharge by enforce higher petrol grade, control car travel on the road, eliminate coal burning for heating. These are all the causes that affected the air pollution however those counter measures that need government legislation in order to fully execute.
For personal like everyone of us, we need to build up the awareness about air pollution. We need to understand air pollution is affecting everyone life, including you and me. I have remind me the below:

1. Get an air purified for my house.

2. Reduce the unnecessary driving.

Try to go with public transport if possible, this is saving money too.

3. Say no to smoking.

4. Saying in electric usage.

Why I say Saving in Electric Usage?

You may shouting at me that electric is nothing to do with air pollution however in my opinion of air pollution, electric is playing an important role. If we think deeper, we know that most of the electric is converting from burning. Burning is causing particulate discharge to the air. If you can save electric energy starting from our daily life, you are contributing your part on affecting air pollution.

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