Penang Hiking Trail – Botanical Garden to Gate 47

 Penang is the island in Malaysia. There are several Penang hiking trails in this small island, especially the trek around Penang Hill hiking trail.  Today I am trying the trail from Botanical garden to Gate 47, it is somewhere 1/3 fot he journey to Penang hill.

Hiking in Penang Botanical Garden to Gate 47 is an enjoyable moment.  I explore this trail at the morning after a raining night.  It was a sunny morning but the road condition tells us it was a raining night.  The trail ahead to point 47 was shelter in the trees, it is a lovely hike besides walking all the stair case.

Tree along the trail

Tree along the trail

Where the hiking trail located?

This particular trail started at Penang Botanical garden, it located some where 1km away from the Botanical garden main entrance.  Keep to the left way after entry into the Botanical garden, the trail entrance is somewhere after the small bridge.

Do not look for any sign post for this trail because it does not has any.  Ask the local may be it can point the transient trail to point 47.


What I observe in the hiking trail?

The trail is all the stair case from the Botanical Garden to almost the 300m feet height Gate 47.  This really a torture hike as you never sees any ending while you are sweating and breathing heavily.

The good thing about this trail is shelter, the tree keep you away from the heavy sun light.  I am a person who loves tree, I really enjoy a lot walking in this hiking trail.

The stair case step also not very steep, as long as you keep your pace and listen to your inner

Penang Hiking Trail - Botanical Garden to Gate 47

Penang Hiking Trail – Botanical Garden to Gate 47

breathing and hearth beat, you should be reaching Gate 47 around 40 min.  Not too bad huh!

What to bring for hiking in this trail?

There is a small shelter kiosk in Gate 47, there are people serving cook water, coffee and biscuit in this kiosk as free of charge.  However, they do recommend you make some donation to the fund so that they could maintain the service for others.

You can take this trail with only bare hand, drinks are served, and toilet is available at the kiosk.  For those who want to continue their trekking and push their limit to Penang hill challenge, are advised to bring their own water, towel and maybe some snack in the back pack.

Hiking in this Penang trail is really an enjoyable moment.  Gate 47 trail or trek is not a highly populated trek but it is challenging.  You are hearing your heart beat, breathing and water fall sound.  You smell the taste of tree and enjoy the nature.

Leave me a comment if you have taken this trail and tell us more about this Penang hiking trail – Gate 47.

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