Penang Hiking Trail –Gate 47 to Gate 84

Kiosk at Gate 84

Kiosk at Gate 84

Gate 84 is one of the famous rest points for those who want to takes Penang Hill Challenge.  It is almost half of the journey way up to Penang hill if you are taking this Penang hiking trail


After about 40 minutes of tiring way up from Botanical Garden to Gate 47, now you should be resting at Kiosk at Gate 47.  This is a good and windy place for you to take a breath, have a cup of water or even coffee serve by the local kiosk person in-charge before you are heading to Gate 84.

Road to Gate 84

Road to Gate 84

Kiosk 47 is a shelter area serving with water and coffee.  Many visitors take a rest after the heavy work out.  This is also the rest station at middle of the station before to Gate 84.


Way to Gate 84 from Gate 47

Follow the path, very soon you will see the ordinary road, this is the road to Penang Hill.  Gate 84 altitude is higher than Gate 47, you should move upward.

For a ordinary mover, it takes about 20min decent walk up from Gate 47 to Gate 84.


Kiosk at Gate 84

There also a small kiosk at Gate 84, water, coffee and biscuit are served, but you always encourage contribute your donation in order to sustain the activities for others.

Kiosk at Gate 84 is also a windy spot that you could enjoy the breeze from the Penang hill.  The air is fresher feeling than the botanical garden.

Gate 84 to Penang Hill

Gate 84 is the rest point for those who want to explore Penang Hill hiking.  You may take additional 1 hour to reach the peak.


Plan your trip and enjoy your way to Gate 84 from Gate 47.

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