Penang Pekaka House for Sale

I came a cross a Penang House for sale at Pekaka Gelugor area, the middle end lot with area 照片14442600square-ft.   This is a double-story link house with 10ft width space with the neighbour.  If you think a house is just for swatching TV and sleeping, definitely you have missed a great portion in life.

To me, a house is a place to enjoy the transcient moment, it also a place for sharing.  This Penang house for sale which I came across is not a big house, but it has most of the function corner that everyone love.

The Garden of the Penang House

Penang Pekaka House for Sale

Penang Pekaka House for Sale

This house owner plant a green fence along the wall, and they also maintain the green grass to make the house aliveGreeny view is the selling and most attractive point for the house.

If you enjoy and appreciate green scenary, this is definitely one of the Penang house you do not want to miss.

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House Kitchen Backyard

Many people agreed kitchen is the place for the wife to enjoy cooking, but

Fishing pond

Fishing pond

do you ever think about an appropriate place to enrich the meal?  Ask yourselves when was the last time you have picnic?  The back yard for this house is the most decent place whereby you could have picnic everyday, if you want.

Imagine you could even have your breakfast and read today newspaper with the under the breezing wind.

Yam leaf corner

Yam leaf corner

Another Garden View for this Pekaka House

There is a newly planted corner in the house, the big yam leaf is very attractive.  The yam actually was planted in a vase which not grow very well.  After migrate to the ground and fertilizer with organic fertilizer, the plant tree just boom up.

Do you see the greenish leaf?

Internal Renovation for this On Sale Penang House

The wall in the hall and rooms are cover by beautiful wall paper, windows come with mosquito net.

Apart from there, the window for this house be covered with beautiful curtain.  All curtain are difference that shows the owner really appreciate their moment for staying in the house.

This defintitely a Penang house which currently for sale you do not want to miss.  Call Eugune 016 -4219349 for viewing.

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