Penang Pulau Betong Fishing Village

Not surprise if you never comes across Pulau Betong in Penang Island. It is a fishing village locates

Pulau Betong Locates at South-West of Penang

Pulau Betong Locates at South-West of Penang

at south-west of Penang island. Similar as many other fishing villages, this is a small village with some “Sampan” boats.

I never been to this small fishing village until a friend of my was inviting me for having sea food dinner. Over all speaking, Pulau Betong is a decent kind of fishing village which you should not be too rushing. You should adopt yourselves for a totally difference kind of mode while reaching this fishing village.

How to go Pulau Betong

Route wise, you could have 2 choices if you are in Gelugor area.

Route to Pulau Betong

Route to Pulau Betong

  1. Via Batu Mau. You could drive heading to Batu Mau area then follow the road P6, you will pass by Teluk Kumbar township before connecting to route P239 before you reach the Betong village. You will see a Koleg Tinggi Mara and Small Genting town along the journey. There are a lot of construction along the journey which making your drive slow.
  2. Via Payah Terubong. Route P16 is a snaky kind of hilly road which you could start at Relau area. The road will lead you to Balik Pulau township, then you will bb connected to route P239 which eventually bring you to Pulau Betong.

Either roads are nice for a weekend driving. It is about 20-25km from Gelugor area to Pulau Betong village. Not really that far.

Attractive Activities at Pulau Betong

Pulau Betong Fishing Boat

Pulau Betong Fishing Boat

Not much “wow” kind of attraction in the small village, but you could feel ease just walking around the village and enjoy the mangrove kind of life-style.

There are several fishmonger stalls in the fishing market, you could make your sea food selection in case you love sea food. Don’t ask me whether the price if compare with town area, I really don’t have any idea.

Walking on the jetty sideway. You could spend like 10-20 minutes walking along the jetty side way especially after your meal, nothing special but just a relax walk after the meal.

Foods. There are 2 family kind of restaurant in the fishing village. The chef will cook the sea food which you just bought from the fishmonger. Apart from sea food, make sure you enjoy the nutshell drink too! Before I forget, the restaurant will close at 7:30pm.

Kem Bina Negara. There is a small road bring you up to this camping area. I don’t have any chance to explore this place, may see more next trip.

In general, Pulau Betong fishing village is just a small village. Compare with Sg. Besar or Hutan Melintng fishing village in Selangor and Perak, the Pulau Betong fishing village definitely is much smaller. However, you could see Chinese primary school, Chinese family here. It is not a bad idea going to this place in the morning session which you could enjoy a beautiful scene.

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